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  1. Waitlist/Waitlist Consideration 2017

    Waitlist moved up again - started at #6 a month ago and I'm currently at #3. Hopefully things will keep progressing at this pace!
  2. Accepted to UNB 2017

    Are you from NB or out of province?
  3. Waitlist/Waitlist Consideration 2017

    I also received the same email (#6 for NB). I'm assuming that they're just getting around to creating the New Brunswick waitlist. Based on previous years, the NB waitlist doesn't seem to have much movement. I'm guessing that we'll have a better idea following the June 25th deadline to accept their offer to remain on the waitlist. Fingers crossed!
  4. Accepted at Dal 2017

    Congrats! Did you receive an "under review" email prior to the acceptance? If so, how long before?
  5. Accepted at Dal 2017

    I can't say that I'm disappointed that all of these seats are opening up! I received the following email from Rose this past Thursday, March 23rd: "Please be advised that your application to the Schulich School of Law is complete and currently under review. All final decisions will be made by mid-June and letters confirming our decisions will be mailed out at that time." I'm wondering if anyone else has received something similar over the past few weeks and what the response has been (or lack thereof). I've noted that there were plenty of these earlier in the cycle, but no mention of anything recently. I applied just prior to the deadline; however, I requested that my application be viewed with "Special Consideration". I still qualify as a regular applicant but my stats aren't very impressive/competitive and I've been working in the field since graduation (both in government and private practice). I've been going a bit crazy since Thursday, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.