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  1. Is it fun?

    nice word, love that
  2. Multiple LSATs

    I called their office and they told me very clearly that they look at all LSAT scores UNLESS one score is 5 or more points higher than any other score. Then they will only look at the highest score. Otherwise they evaluate them all. I don't know why they do this, but that's what I was told. I had a 155, 161, and 170, and I was admitted.
  3. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    Yeah. The trade-off seems to be a more survivable work-life balance and better chances at making partner.
  4. I'm going to sign the Scotia PSLOC next week, and the Scotia agent told me to bring in "Confirmation of Government Student loans received to date." However, I have never received student loans before and have been assessed for, but have not received yet, OSAP for law school. Is there a specific document I'm supposed to bring in to show her I don't have student loan history? Or do I just walk in and say I have nothing to show? Thanks!
  5. Yes, blind review is very, very important. It sucks, again, but it's a big game-changer.
  6. Then you can defer the exam til November, if you will have more time outside of summer. And just think, you'll hate to come home and study, but, it would be real shitty to have to do all this studying (but not enough of it), not get the score u want, and then have to rewrite yet again in November anyway, right?
  7. At least 2 PTs a week. You only really have 6 weeks left so that's only 12 PTs you'll get to. I presume you've done some before since you had an earlier write but I wouldn't do just 6 PTs from here til then, that's not nearly enough practice in my opinion. It'll suck but one Saturday and one Sunday is not a bad idea from now til' then.
  8. You should do more than that
  9. Another chances post.. 3.6/167 + life exp

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I have suffered a similar, but not nearly as traumatic, injury and I know how awful it is, it's really the worst. Just know that, in time, it does get better. You are in 100% at all schools in Ontario except UofT, for which you still have a good chance but it isn't a certain thing. I'd say 75+% chance at UofT. Don't rewrite though, it's unnecessary.
  10. Ontario school applicants

    Lmao I submitted all my stuff on the Nov 1 deadline, these gunners always impress me.
  11. OLSAS GPA 3.96, 161 LSAT UofT chances?

    20% chance as is. Get up to 165 90+% chance
  12. Don't do it. Don't even mention the LSAT scores. I didn't mention my 3 writes.
  13. Typical length of test

    There's no way that the test would take 7 hours. It lasts around 3.5 hours in total if I remember correctly. Maybe a bit longer if there are delays or whatever.