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  1. I wish they didn't average LSAT scores...
  2. I almost always took 4 courses instead of the full 5, and took summer courses, and was admitted to U of T this past year with a 3.62/170 + solid extracurriculars/PS. I remember freaking out about this issue myself and made a thread about it a long time ago: I don't know if it was a) actually detrimental to me but I was able to 'overcome' it with my stats and PS or b) whether it didn't matter at all in the end. Most likely it probably matters a little bit but not enough to stress out over. You have good stats and a good shot of getting in. I wouldn't worry. See you next year.
  3. PT Score ≠ Real Exam Score That being said I think you have a decent shot at Ottawa. UVic, Queens, and Dal are still open to you but will not be as good of a chance. UBC is out of the question.
  4. I have no outstanding loans. Never took on debt before.
  5. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Surprised you weren't accepted much earlier. Congrats anyway
  6. No credit history. 150k.
  7. I literally was in the exact same situation as you - no credit history, no cosigner, and 5 mins ago I was just emailed by Scotiabank saying they'd approved my LOC for the full amount, with no cosigner. You'll be fine.
  8. Accepted to Queen's 2018

  9. Chances: OLSAS cGPA: 3.28, B3: 3.5

    U of T is holistic only insofar that PS is considered as 1/3 of your application, with the GPA and LSAT each being another 1/3. I would say you have very robust extracurriculars and can write a compelling personal statement. GPA is tough. 3.5 B3 isn't bad but it's seriously below the 3.8 median at U of T. You will have to use the LSAT to get a leg up. Ideally 170 at the very minimum to be remotely safe. And they do consider program difficulty. But the extent to which they do is a mystery.
  10. Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    You have a good L2. Do well next year and you'll have a fantastic L2. Queens and Western will be well within reach, and your cGPA isn't so poor as to disqualify you from Osgoode/Ottawa/UofT. LSAT will need to be massively improved. Aim for 160 and do as well next year as you did this past year and you'll be golden for Windsor/Western. 164+ will make you competitive for Osgoode.
  11. It is unlikely to affect you negatively. I almost always took 4 courses per semester instead of 5 and I was accepted widely.
  12. LSAT score needed....

    3.8/4.0 and 165 will get you 100% in everywhere, except maybe U of T, but even at U of T you have very high chances (just not 100%).
  13. Ask a U of T student!

    Ouh, I have another question. We all hear about U of T placing some students in NYC each year, but I've also heard it's possible to go to London, UK. I don't expect it's exactly easy, but does U of T regularly place students in London biglaw (Magic Circle) firms? Do they come for OCIs?
  14. Low GPA, high L2, odds?

    Lol I know it is annoying to hear "go write the LSAT and come back, stop telling us about your hypothetical scores" but it's true, the real exam is very jarring and not too similar to comfy practice tests. I was regularly scoring 171-174 and I wrote it and got a 161 due to nerves and lack of sleep. I rewrote and overcame that, but still, anything can happen, just be aware of that. But yes like @chaboywb says, hypothetical you will get in somewhere good. Western/Queens I think you are a lock for.
  15. Don't worry about it. Well, don't not worry about it, but suffice to say don't stress yourself out to the point at which you aren't being productive and aren't improving. Pushing yourself too hard will be catastrophic. I agree with @providence, you need at least a 160. It's 80th percentile, so it's a good score but it's by no means impossible to achieve. You have all of the time between now and December to write the LSAT. Most schools will accept application submissions without an LSAT score, and then will update your app with the LSAT score when it comes in. So if your deadline is November 1 to apply, as it is for all Ontario schools, you can submit without an LSAT score, and then write the LSAT in December, and it will complete your application. So, you have all of May, June, July, August, September, October, and November to study for the LSAT if need be. And you can write it more than once, so you can try in September and if you dislike your score you can rewrite in December (that's what I did). Because your diagnostic (cold) score is quite low to begin with I would highly recommend hiring a private tutor, I think that will get you a lot farther than any independent study or courses will.