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  1. LSAT July or September

    I've rarely see acceptances start that early. I think I saw UBC starting to let people in on, like, November 14, and McGill on the 28th, but all the Ontario schools started at the beginning of December. I wouldn't worry about it anyway.
  2. LSAT July or September

    I was debating between September 17 and December 17 and decided to take in September because I thought "well I might fuck it up and I will need to rewrite." And as it turns out, I did fuck it up, and I did need to rewrite, so thankfully I had December waiting for me. If I had written in December I wouldn't have gotten to rewrite - I mean I would still have had February but that would be so late in the cycle so as to be a serious disadvantage. Write in July. You might mess it up, like I did. And if you do, you can comfortably rewrite in September. If you write in September instead and mess it up, you will have to write in December just as final exams start to become a real hazard. Thankfully I was out of school this past December but I would not have wanted to deal with the LSAT while prepping for finals, and studying all throughout the semester.
  3. 1L Grades for NY jobs

    I found the same to be true for U of T. People even know about UBC, in the Midwest, although to a lesser degree. But everywhere else in Canada is a mystery to Americans.
  4. LSAT July or September

    July. If you screw up at least you have September to rewrite.
  5. Chances? CGPA 3.55/L2 3.86/LSAT 161

    U of T is out of the question. Osgoode is a possibility, but no higher than 50-60% chance. Queens/Western you're going to get in.
  6. 3.03 OLSAS GPA / 171 LSAT (second score)

    Toronto would be tough with a 3.4 B3, despite your amazing LSAT. But, not impossible. I would look into Queens, they are most interested in your Best 2 years.
  7. Chances? GPA 3.61/4.0 LSAT 165

    definitely in
  8. Question about B3

    They will consider your first 3 years if those are your only 3 fully completed years. As for considering your 4th year Fall grades, they just released this on their tumblr page (http://84queenspark.tumblr.com/): As per the earlier blog, the OLSAS instructions were to submit to OLSAS directly your official final grades for Fall 2017 courses. This additional academic information will be seen along with (but not included in) your UofT law admission GPA. Obviously a good performance on those Fall grades will add appeal to an academic record. It can also help us with deciding who may be wait listed, if we are not quite able to offer admission at the final round.
  9. Question re: Access Application

    There is literally no way you will ever get in to law school with a 1.7 cGPA.
  10. Probably by the end of this week.
  11. Not Another Chances Thread (3.47 B3 + 170 LSAT)

    Nice LSAT score! I fear that GPA is quite low for Toronto though, but I plugged your numbers into the calculator and it's giving me a 60-70% chance of admission for you. Who knows! I'd say you have a fair chance.
  12. U of T vs top US

  13. Accepted to Alberta 2018