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  1. Admissions Anxiety

    I know this feeling all too well. I think it's best to remember that law schools receive literally thousands of applications, and each application has all its reference letters, personal essays, transcripts, LSAT scores, and (perhaps) LSAT essays read. Schools are also, for better or worse, carefully piecing their class together, being mindful of cultivating a class that incorporates different faces, races, genders, ideas, backgrounds, and aptitudes. Some people with lower scores will happen to wind up at the top of an adcomm team's pile, while someone with very impressive scores like yourself, may find their application toward the bottom of that same pile. I got in to Toronto on Friday but still haven't heard from Queens, Windsor, or Osgoode. The whole process is a massive black box and there's nothing we can really do except ride it out. I would say, though, that your stats are very, very impressive, and you are certainly going to get into very good law schools. Congrats on Western.
  2. Accepted to U of T 2018

    The call is basically a courtesy notification, it is always followed by an official email offer. And then a few days later your offer will appear in OLSAS in the Choices/Offers tab.
  3. American (Dual Citizen) Prospective Applicant

    Hmm...well there was a 3.7% jump between 2015 and 2016. Maybe the class of 2017 (not posted) had a similar jump and 11% went to NYC. Good find though.
  4. American (Dual Citizen) Prospective Applicant

    Where did you get that number?
  5. American (Dual Citizen) Prospective Applicant

    In Toronto's guidebook for 2018 it says 11% of their graduates complete their articling in New York City.
  6. American (Dual Citizen) Prospective Applicant

    Hello! 1. I'm a total noob but as far as I understand it, law in Canada is very regional - essentially you go where you want to practice. If you want to work in Vancouver, go to UBC. If you want to work in Toronto, go to a good school in Ontario. If you want to go do global NGO type things, go to McGill (and be sure to brush up on your French!). University of Toronto is quite prestigious in Canada and has an especially "portable", as you put it, degree - if you have no idea where in Canada you want to work then U of T is the best place for you to get anywhere that you want. Also, if you ever feel homesick, NYC firms OCI at U of T and approximately the top 10% of U of T students go do their articling (and work for some years) in the US. Also all Ontario JDs allow you to write the New York, California and Massachusetts bar exams straightaway. 2. Articling is a period of time after you graduate law school where you essentially act as an apprentice (see: padawan) in a law firm for 10 months, where you're essentially trained by veteran lawyers how to apply all that you've learned in law school to actual work. Here is a good explanation of it: https://www.lsuc.on.ca/articling/ 3. I don't see so many people talking about clerkships here as I do in the US, but people certainly go after them, especially Supreme Court clerkships (which McGill has a monopoly on). Gunners go for biglaw, usually in Toronto. Biglaw in Toronto is referred to by the street on which most of the top law/finance firms are situated on, Bay St.
  7. Sweaty Hands

    Just go for the fist bump
  8. Chances? [OLSAS: 3.58; B3 3.7; LSAT:165]

    I got in to Toronto on Friday as well and I haven't heard back from Osgoode either, lol! I suppose we are in the same boat.
  9. Where To Live in Toronto

    Encouraging people to become cyclists should be a bannable offense.
  10. Chances the little guy makes it in?

    Admitted applicant profile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view Looks like 10 people got in with a 3.7 GPA and a 157-158 LSAT, and about 15 people in total got in with scores equivalent to or lower than yours.
  11. Accepted to U of T 2018

    That was before they had LSAT scores from December released 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I think round 2 is in progress currently.
  12. Osgoode or U of T for public sector

    I very much agree with what @whereverjustice said above. That being said, a very social justice oriented family member of mine was accepted to U of T a few years ago, and left after her first semester because of how much she disliked it, reporting that she didn't like how "all anyone cared about was money." I don't know how valid her perspective is, but I thought I'd share. She transferred into a M. Ed. Program at Harvard and is now developing educational initiatives for children in the Philippines and she's loving it.
  13. Chances? [OLSAS: 3.58; B3 3.7; LSAT:165]

    Very good chance, I'd say 70-80% likelihood of admission, assuming your (very cool) work experience and background allowed you to write a compelling personal statement.
  14. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    What would you say are the main advantages of going to Queen's over Western? (if you know anything about Western).
  15. Should I Re-write/Chances?

    I think you have a better shot than some people here are suggesting. That being said, I do hope that you're rewriting in February.