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  1. LA UDEM 2017

    le courriel dit ceci À partir du 15 juin, le rang du dernier candidat admis sera mis à jour à cette adresse : http://admission.umontreal.ca/admission/apres-la-demande/vous-avez-recu-une-reponse/ (sous la section Offre d'inscription sur une liste d'attente). mais elle n'as pas encore ete mise a jours
  2. GPA 3.2 Civil law...where are my chances..?

    I applied with 51 credits, 3.55 gpa and Im waitlisted # 65, Im in political science at Concordia as well. Maybe this can give you an idea
  3. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    I can't either
  4. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    i checked an in 2015, the last person to get admitted university on the list was number 55 august 31st https://admission.umontreal.ca/fileadmin/fichiers/documents/liste_attente/Liste_d_attente__2015-08-31_.pdf
  5. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    quelles sont tes stats moi c'est 3.55 51 credits
  6. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    Je suis admise sur la liste d'attente 65/73 je viens d avoir la réponse
  7. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    Yeah to me it makes sense to me too @Willygee, and I dont think it has to do with the TFI i got a dispense a month ago, guess we will see. Soon hopefully.
  8. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    Oh well that might be true but I'm a Concordia student
  9. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    Do you guys think no news so far is good or bad news? I'm optimistically assuming that it means waitlisted or admitted because why would it take this long to get refused, they started refusing people in March. Any opinions?
  10. UQAM 2017

    I just got my refusal letter for Uqam, I have to admit im surprised, The last candidate to get preselected the past two years had the exact same cumulative gpa as me, 3.55. I have 51 credits Goodluck to everyone
  11. UQAM 2017

    That's a specific time and date haha! Hope you're rigth goodluck to you too!
  12. UQAM 2017

    My status just changed from "Decision en attente" to "à venir" , finally
  13. UdeM Fall 2017 - Admission Application

    Un des mes bons amis a ete tranferer de uqam a udem apres un ans , il avait un 4.2 de moyenne. Ils on credités environ 1/2 de ses cours. Ceci est arriver en 2015
  14. UQAM 2017

    you should call the school to get more informaiton, or email