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  1. Waitlisted 2017

    Yes! I was accepted on May 1st.
  2. Accepted to Windsor Dual 2017

    There's a reception? Only for Dual or single JD as well?
  3. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Accepted May 1st! Will likely be declining in favour of an Ontario school. LSAT: 153 (Highest) cGPA: 3.59 (different from previous post as I have just received my marks from this last semester), L2: 3.76, B2: 3.88 Wait-listed Strong EC's, social justice oriented PS, good ref's
  4. Rejected from McGill 2017

    I got the email at 8:01 pm that the admissions committee had come to a decision on my file and the decision was available via minerva! Thank you, same to you! I have provisionally accepted Windsor so I am not too torn up.
  5. I'm currently a student - Ask me anything

    Great thanks! Tried joining several days ago, however, no one has approved my request..
  6. Rejected from McGill 2017

    Rejected - not surprised. LSAT: 153, CGPA: 3.56, L2: 3.76, B2: 3.88, Strong EC's and good refs
  7. Waitlisted 2017

    Wait-listed as well! LSAT: 153, CGPA: 3.56, L2: 3.76, B2: 3.88, Very Strong EC's, Good refs
  8. I'm currently a student - Ask me anything

    Hi there! I was just wondering whether you have any insight as to whether a Facebook group for the class of 2020 will be made soon? I would love to be able to get in touch with other admitted students to discuss the prospect of living together, etc. Thanks!
  9. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Gotcha. Congrats!!
  10. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Were you emailed?
  11. Spring Marks

    Should I send my spring grades into OLSAS once I have received them? It will bring my cGPA up to 3.6 something.. I've been accepted to Windsor but still would like to be considered by other schools. Thoughts?
  12. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Accepted today! LSAT: 153 (Highest) CGPA: 3.56, L2: 3.76, B2: 3.88 Not Wait-listed Strong EC's, social justice oriented PS, good ref's Will be provisionally accepting
  13. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Congrats!! Were you on waitlist?
  14. In Queue 2017

    Nope.....same boat
  15. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Okay perfect, me neither. I was a little concerned, but apparently if it says "referred to admissions committee" or waitlisted, it means application is entirely complete.