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  1. Information about Windsor's applicants and acceptances can be found on this page: The first round of offers went out on Thursday, March 23rd this year. The dual JD program receives only a quarter the number of applications relative to the single JD program at Windsor. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  2. Do you need the start and end dates for each term? Here are some links that may be useful: UDM Academic Calendar (2017-2018) Academic Calendar 4-11-17.pdf Windsor Academic Dates Do not forget that school begins earlier in the Fall for Detroit than it does for Windsor. Also, remember that Summer (Term III) classes are required at Detroit in the first year. Is this the information that you were asking for? Best, BlueberryTimbit
  3. In the past, I have been told that the class has been composed of approximately 70% Canadian students and 30% American students, excluding a few international students. It is my understanding that they are trying to increase the proportion of American students. I am an American student. I was admitted on the same day as april23jules (March 23rd), and I received my formal admission packet last Thursday (April 13th). I sent them my seat deposit last Friday! Canadian and American applicants are each evaluated by the same admissions committee. Tuition is the same for both Canadian and American students. It should be noted that the tuition is lower than most American schools, and it is higher than any other Canadian school. As a result, Canadian applicants may be more likely to be intimidated by the tuition. To the extent that the program has trouble attracting American students, it is likely due to UDM's status as a tier 4, unranked school (indicating a ranking below 150). Even though these rankings are assigned by US News & World Report (which is not a credible publication), they are taken very seriously in America. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  4. Yes, I received my packet last Thursday. I paid my seat deposit on Friday! Best, BlueberryTimbit
  5. You can apply to as many schools as you like through OLSAS, including both programs at Windsor. Admission to the two programs at Windsor is managed by separate committees. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  6. The deadline is April 15, but applications are considered on a rolling basis. Consequently, your chances of being admitted are much better if you apply earlier. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  7. If you have the GPA and LSAT score to get into Toronto, I have no doubt that you would get a substantial scholarship/bursary offer from both UDM and Windsor. If you are comparing the tuition of the dual JD program to a Canadian single JD program, your conclusions may be appropriate. If you see no benefit of having both JD's for your intended career path, I agree that you should be cautious making such an investment. The tuition is lower than a majority of American law schools. Regardless, if you all don't think the dual JD program is a good investment, I hope you all manage to find spots at other Canadian law schools. For those of us who are eager to attend, please allow us to use this thread to congratulate each other on our acceptances. Warm Regards, BlueberryTimbit
  8. For students entering Fall 2016, the tuition was $17,693 CAD for Windsor and $23,173 USD for Detroit. It appears that the amount paid to Windsor is identical to the domestic tuition for the Canadian JD program. Here is the link: Remember that you may qualify for scholarships/bursaries from either school. I will definitely be attending! Best, BlueberryTimbit
  9. I received my status checker credentials via email a few days after I applied (via LSAC). Since I applied via LSAC, I do not have access to the UWindsor system yet (as far as I'm aware). I assume it is reserved for applicants who use OLSAS. Good luck, BlueberryTimbit
  10. My status date on the UDM LSAC status checker was updated to March 23rd. I called Windsor today and was informed of my acceptance. I was told that I will be receiving an email from UDM soon. LSDAS cGPA: 3.47 LSAT: 156, 157 I believe that my letters of recommendation were very good. My extracurriculars were probably about average. I tailored my personal statement and personal profile for the dual JD program. I applied on Halloween of last year. I will be accepting; I'm so excited!
  11. Congratulations! Were you provided any details regarding a deadline to accept your offer?
  12. Thank you! Congratulations on your graduation, and good luck on your articling and bar admission!
  13. Hey, this is my first post! I've been watching these forums for a long time. I am an American student, and I hoping to be admitted to the dual JD program for this Fall. Here are my questions: I understand that the dual JD program's original purpose was to prepare lawyers for careers dealing with international transactions. I have been told that, in recent years, they have been trying to attract students that are interested in public interest-oriented careers (such as myself). Do you feel that having Canadian and American law degrees could be helpful to a career in public interest law? Does the school encourage tolerance and multiculturalism among the student body? Since it's in Canada, I have to ask: How many Tim Horton's locations are there on-campus in Windsor? Best, BlueberryTimbit (just trying to fit in!)