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  1. US Law School Ultimate Bar Pass Rate

    There is a lot of misinformation about UDM in this thread. People are bashing UDM using ABA-required statistics which do not categorize Canadian articling students as being sufficiently employed. Since UDM's enrollment is almost half Canadian, this puts UDM at a disadvantage in the statistics. If other Canadian law schools were assessed by the same criteria, they would fare poorly as well. Nonetheless, I do understand. I know you Canadians like to hate, but I hope you will all find a way to calm down. It gets pathetic at times. Full disclosure: I am a dual student, so I am biased... though I notice that everyone else on this thread considers themselves experts despite generally having limited exposure to the program. Warmest regards, BlueberryTimbit
  2. Windsor DUAL - Reference Letters Question

    JDtobe, If you are applying through OLSAS, your letters of recommendation should be submitted through OLSAS. Best, BlueberryTimbit P.S. Your avatar picture is adorable, too.
  3. Windsor DUAL - Reference Letters Question

    Chief, Your cat is adorable. Xoxo, BlueberryTimbit
  4. Thank you so much, Ryn. Please know that you have the single most adorable avatar photo on this forum. I asked the former director (Brian Miller) about much of this information back in July. He indicated that he did not have the information available. On numerous occasions, when I was dealing with American law school admissions offices, I found that the staff were typically incapable of even discussing information from ABA-required disclosures. I do hope UDM and Windsor are better. Regardless, maybe someone will have better luck asking Ms. Winbigler. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  5. Safety issues in Detroit for Dual students?

    In my experience, many people behave poorly in the city. Some people act like fools in neighborhoods where they do not live, which is very disrespectful. Some people walk around neighborhoods that they perceive as dangerous (usually based on racism/prejudice) like a pigeon that is intoxicated after smoking way too much crack. As a general rule, nobody is going to bother you if you mind your own business and respect everyone around you. You can also rest assured knowing that almost all victims of violent crime in Detroit are poor and African American. If you do not fall into these categories, it is unlikely that you will fall victim to a violent crime. That said, the law school is downtown. It is not in one of these neighborhoods that my BFF CanadianJD27 calls 'sketchy.' Y'all Canadians are too delicate! Love, BlueberryTimbit
  6. Tornadoes in Windsor

    Though they are uncommon, we have had serious tornadoes in the DC area before, including a very powerful one in La Plata, MD in 2002. There was also a noticeable earthquake with an epicenter near Culpepper, VA in 2011 that caused some damage in DC. Maryland was impacted by hurricanes Irene, Isabel, and Sandy (among others) in the past 10 years or so. I do not think that people should (or do) fear tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes when they move to DMV, and I do not believe that natural disasters are any more common in Windsor than they are here (cold weather will be, though!). Stop worrying so much! You're not going to die! Basements suck anyways. They are always dark, cold, and scary. Warm Regards, BlueberryTimbit
  7. Maybe they blackmailed (or lied to) the admissions committee, or maybe they did not trust you with their personal information. You should not broadcast people's business in this manner. People in previous threads have suggested that the admissions committee wants the more competitive students (the ones qualified for transfer) to remain in the program. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  8. Number of Canadians vs. Americans in Dual JD

    You seem to hold Canada's legal practice in low regard. As an American student who will be attending this Fall, I am very interested in the dual program. I considered and visited many American law schools, but none were as serious about social justice and community involvement as Windsor and UDM. Upon completing the program, I will also have the benefit of being able to practice law in Canada. I will have less debt than I would if I had chosen to attend any of the other schools that I had been accepted to. Plus, I love Detroit! Best, BlueberryTimbit
  9. Accepted to Windsor Dual 2017

    Yes, it seems that this has occurred for many people. If you received the email, you have been accepted. You may wish to call Ms. Mitchell on Monday to confirm. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  10. Number of Canadians vs. Americans in Dual JD

    Since my previous post, some people have suggested to me that there are almost no American students in the dual JD program. Unfortunately, the school does not seem to publish this information, so it is unclear if any of these claims can be verified. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  11. It is not possible to transfer from the dual JD program into the single JD program at Windsor unless you will be unable to continue in the dual JD program due to some unforeseen personal circumstance. If you believe that you may find yourself in such a circumstance, I would advise you to communicate with the school about this matter. It is possible to transfer from the dual JD program to another Canadian law school, but it may be unwise to enroll solely for this purpose. Many people on this forum have expressed their opinions on the value of the dual JD program. Some have discussed the efficacy of using the program for the purposes that you describe. I recommend that you refer to their input. If you wish to discuss this issue further, please know that this thread is for discussing acceptances. You may wish to post any further questions in an appropriate thread. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  12. Number of Canadians vs. Americans in Dual JD

    Information about Windsor's applicants and acceptances can be found on this page: http://www.lsac.org/jd/choosing-a-law-school/canadian/windsor The first round of offers went out on Thursday, March 23rd this year. The dual JD program receives only a quarter the number of applications relative to the single JD program at Windsor. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  13. Dual Start and End Dates

    Do you need the start and end dates for each term? Here are some links that may be useful: UDM Academic Calendar (2017-2018) http://www.law.udmercy.edu/students/pdfs/2017-2018 Academic Calendar 4-11-17.pdf Windsor Academic Dates http://www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/501/important-academic-dates-semester Do not forget that school begins earlier in the Fall for Detroit than it does for Windsor. Also, remember that Summer (Term III) classes are required at Detroit in the first year. Is this the information that you were asking for? Best, BlueberryTimbit
  14. Number of Canadians vs. Americans in Dual JD

    In the past, I have been told that the class has been composed of approximately 70% Canadian students and 30% American students, excluding a few international students. It is my understanding that they are trying to increase the proportion of American students. I am an American student. I was admitted on the same day as april23jules (March 23rd), and I received my formal admission packet last Thursday (April 13th). I sent them my seat deposit last Friday! Canadian and American applicants are each evaluated by the same admissions committee. Tuition is the same for both Canadian and American students. It should be noted that the tuition is lower than most American schools, and it is higher than any other Canadian school. As a result, Canadian applicants may be more likely to be intimidated by the tuition. To the extent that the program has trouble attracting American students, it is likely due to UDM's status as a tier 4, unranked school (indicating a ranking below 150). Even though these rankings are assigned by US News & World Report (which is not a credible publication), they are taken very seriously in America. Best, BlueberryTimbit
  15. Accepted to Windsor Dual 2017

    Yes, I received my packet last Thursday. I paid my seat deposit on Friday! Best, BlueberryTimbit