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  1. Questions regarding Law

    Certainly a 2.0 and a 140 will not get anyone admitted into most if not all Canadian law schools. Which is why I said that extensive extra-curriculars can at times make up for a lower LSAT and a lower GPA. I was by no means suggesting that low marks and a poor LSAT are irrelevant if the applicant has great ECs.
  2. Questions regarding Law

    I'd just like to address one thing. Although getting into medicine is hard, getting into law school is by no means a walk in the park. First off, success in high-school level courses is not an indication of how well you will do in university-level courses. I went into undergrad with a great high-school marks, only to be slapped by reality come exam season. Courses are heavier, and much more independent work is required of you. Don't be surprised if your average drops substantially in your first term. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine (did not do all that well in my first year), you'll have to work against the current to bump up those upper-year marks, especially if your're applying to schools which focus on your cumulative GPA as opposed to your performance throughout your last 2 years. This is only speaking of academics, which in my opinion is the lesser of the two evils when it comes to law school applications. The dreaded LSAT is considered one of the toughest standardized tests you will ever take (although that's not to say it isn't a learned skill). I've got friends in all professional fields, and most (although obviously a gross generalization) say the LSAT is the most feared, if not because it requires a diligence and attention to detail not easily replicated on other standardized tests like the DAT (dental) and the MCAT. Once you've defeated the academic dragon and have obtained a high enough average to be considered competitive by law schools, the LSAT is what typically deters a few aspiring law students from ever applying, so just be wary of this. This third portion is something I believe is important, but other law students and applicants may disagree. A well-rounded CV comprised of good work experience and diverse extra-curriculars (sports, volunteerism) is highly valued by admissions committees. Attaining competitive grades in undergrad is required, but doing so while also being actively involved in your community certainly boasts your application, and can at times (depending upon your level of extra-curricular commitment) make up for lower marks and a lower LSAT. But again, the extra-curricular claim is a double-edged sword. Volunteering ONCE at your local soup kitchen isn't going to make admissions committees think you're Mother-F******-Theresa. They look for long-standing commitments to both work and volunteerism. Medical school is competitive, nobody can deny that. But thinking you'd like to go to law school BECAUSE medical school is too competitive is inherently flawed. Both are equally rigorous ( in terms of the application process and throughout the entirety of the program). Best of luck.
  3. 0 credit

    I'm sorry but I can't get past the username and picture... LOL.
  4. I found myself in a similar predicament about two years ago. Applying in my fourth year, I wrote the LSAT unprepared and scored very poorly. Luckily, I had enough time to apply to graduate school. I finished my one-year MA and reapplied this year (while working). My advice to you would be to accept your graduate school offer and wait to hear from Law School. Worst case scenario, you do your Masters and reapply in the next cycle. I don't regret doing my MA at all, in fact, I believe it bolstered my application. I also took the time to study and rewrite the LSAT and have already been accepted to one of my top choices this year. If it's meant to be it will be. Stay focused and committed, and believe in yourself! Best of luck.
  5. Have been following these threads for close to 2 years, and I'm happy to finally post! Accepted this morning via e-mail. 7:26 AM. cGPA 3.35, L2 3.84, LSAT 157 159. MA Degree, extensive extracurriculars, tons of work and volunteer experience. Reference letters by two former professors, one of which is a UN delegate. Ontario resident. Best of luck to all of those still waiting! Remain steadfast in your goals, hard work pays off!
  6. Waitlisted at Western 2017

    I think that's simply means you can attach an addendum if applicable, and to label it as such.
  7. Waitlisted at Western 2017

    Yeah, not entirely sure how I feel about it.. I feel it unlikely that enough people will reject their Western offer to open spots, but I also assumed I'd receive a flat-out rejection. We shall see. Edit: Western has also seemingly shifted away from a "strong" LSAT focus (keyword being seemingly) - maybe this is the cycle for us waitlisters!
  8. Waitlisted at Western 2017

    Waitlisted this morning; cGPA: 3.3/ L2: 3.85/ LSAT: 157 MA: just finishing, grades haven't been updated, likely around a 3.8 Fingers crossed, best of luck to all those still waiting.
  9. Rejected 2017

    Rejected this morning - cGPA 3.3/L2 3.85 LSAT 157 MA (transcript not updated - just finishing, likely a 3.8) good ECs and softs not incredibly surprised, but upsetting nevertheless. Best of luck to all those still waiting.
  10. Chances? 3.3 cGPA; L2 3.73/3.93 LSAT 157

    Really appreciate everyone's thoughts. I'm well aware my stats are quite low, which is why I sought out a second opinion on the forum, but rewriting the lsat is a must for me. Thanks again, everyone!
  11. Chances? 3.3 cGPA; L2 3.73/3.93 LSAT 157

    Thanks for the input all!
  12. Chances? 3.3 cGPA; L2 3.73/3.93 LSAT 157

    Appreciate the reply! Still playing the waiting game
  13. Thinking I'm definitely out given that low cGPA, but am wondering the community's thoughts? Have good ECs and Softs; volunteered with the Learning Disabilities Association and a local church for 2 years, intramural athletics, worked throughout undergrad, bilingual in English and Portuguese, currently an MA student and PS heavily focused on social justice/immigration law/multiculturalism. Thanks all, and best of luck!
  14. Wondering if I should be hopeful at all given my low LSAT.. Good ECs and Softs - volunteered at the Learning Disabilities Association and Local Church for 2 years, worked all throughout undergrad, intramural athletics, good PS and LORs, and currently an MA student, not sure if I should hold my breath given the 157.. Thanks all, and best of luck!