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  1. holy fuck that was 2009 loool
  2. wow that's deep! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Without a doubt, Osgoode is by far a better option for me. It is everything I want in a law school, clinics, atmosphere, programs, everything. However, I don't think going to U of A or Osgoode would change where I will work or how I will end up using my law degree, if that makes sense. At least, the difference would not be significant. I just don't know if its worth spending (at least) $50 000 a year at Osgoode, whereas for U of A, all I have to worry about is $15 000/year. I would also rather go to school without the added stress of being poor, and worrying about being even poorer after graduation - which is what Osgoode would do to me. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Thank you both so much!
  5. Hey! I plan to apply for law school for the 2018 cycle, and I'm just trying to understand how students are selected for the entrance scholarships. For Calgary, are students automatically considered for these scholarships? If so, then this means there is no separate application process? Also, does one have to accept their offer to UCalgary before being considered for any of the scholarships listed on the site (http://law.ucalgary.ca/jd/scholarships)? Any information regarding scholarships would be helpful. Thanks!