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  1. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Thanks! Was anyone who interviewed with the Trade Law Bureau told a date about when they expect a decision to be made about first round of interviews? Just wondering how it will go with Ottawa firm decisions.
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from Cavalluzzo?
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Did you hear from Cavalluzzo as well?
  4. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Had anyone heard from the Trade Law Bureau (JLT) or Conlin Bedard yet?
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from IMAX also?
  6. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Still nothing on my end. Starting to get worried because it was due 2.5 weeks ago. But maybe government is just slow? Who knows...
  7. Dean's List and Class Rankings

    Thanks! Am I correct in understanding that Dean's List is awarded per semester? Or do you have to have the 7.5 average for the year?
  8. Dean's List and Class Rankings

    Does anyone know approximately what % of a class makes Dean's List in each year? Is 10% pretty accurate?
  9. Looking to trade a 1L thematic course with another 1L

    As far as I know, the school will not let you swap your spot in a class with another person if there is a waitlist. If you drop the class, it goes to whoever is first on the waitlist. The school's opinion is that it would be unfair to let people jump the waitlist just because they got someone to drop the class, whether by switching places, offering money, etc. That being said, I would check uoZone often because if the first person on the waitlist is registered in course at the same time as their waitlisted course (or I think also has a full course load), then the system will not automatically register them off the waitlist even when a spot becomes available. Instead, it ends up just sitting there as an open spot, so if you're further down the waitlist and happen to catch a spot become available, you are able to register and "jump the line" so to speak. I've been able to get into a fair amount of classes, despite being far down a waitlist, just by checking uoZone constantly.
  10. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Although it's not apart of the official OCI recruitment, has anyone heard from the Trade Law Bureau (JLT) in Ottawa for summer jobs? Applications were due January 15th, so I might be early on this.
  11. Articling Recruit vs 2L Recruit

    Hoping to piggy-back on this thread. Can anyone speak to what kinds of grades are competitive for the Toronto articling recruit?
  12. What firms are still hiring 2L summer students for 2018?

    Can anyone speak to companies in Toronto that seem to consistently hire 2L students outside of OCIs? Interested in firms as well of course, but seems like those positions have mostly been filled at this point. I saw OSC is hiring. Any banks or other companies that seem to hire 2L students every summer? I know it's only the end of November but can't help but feel a bit defeated about not having secured a job, and curious as to what other options are out there.
  13. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I have no idea if they've hired, but it's Friday Nov 24 and WF said they expected hiring to be done by next Friday, Dec 1st and Blaneys said interviews until Dec 1st, so I'd think if they were bringing people in for interviews next week, they would've been offered the interviews by this point. But that is entirely based on my own thoughts/assumptions.
  14. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I was hoping so but doesn't seem to be that way unfortunately
  15. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Anyone else heard from Blaneys or Weirfoulds?