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  1. Holistic Admissions... ?

    Are you me? 166 December LSAT, Low LSAT score the year before, unsure of how my international grades are converted, My GPA is a bit lower, and Legal volunteering experience. I had a 159 last year and was waitlisted March 15th, got rejected September 6th (first day of classes). Im hoping the 7 point improvement and extra law related volunteering will be the difference. Good luck to both of us. Im just waiting on my last reference who should be in this week.
  2. Chances for Admission: LSAT 156 GPA 3.74

    No one can really be sure. Maybe your ECs are really great and the references and personal statement were perfect. A lot also depends on who sees your application and what characteristics they look for. I had a higher LSAT and lower GPA last year and was waitlisted until September, got rejected on the first day of classes. Just be patient and hope for the best, some great advice I got was "don't check the lawstudents.ca forums every day." Good luck, for both of us.
  3. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    2 weeks left guys. Chances look slim but in my sister's class there were a couple people who received offers the day before class started. If we haven't received a rejection letter there's still a chance! Can someone please change their mind about school and reject their offer. I'd truly appreciate it.
  4. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Thanks for the first piece of good news in a long while! Hope everyone is holding up well. It's nice to know I'm not going crazy by myself.
  5. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Any news? Anyone get accepted recently? We seem to be in a deadzone.
  6. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    I think the positive outlook for this is that they are still waitlisting people. They could have easily said 'well we aren't going to accept anyone else, so lets just send out rejections'. I've heard that they try to keep the waitlist relatively small, so that the people on it actually have a chance to get in. They aren't serving up tons of false hope. Lets all hope for the best.
  7. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Much appreciated! Everyone who declines gives me more hope. Im going a little crazy thinking about what I will be doing in september.
  8. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Very surprised to be waitlisted today after almost 6 weeks. Just hoping for the best. 159 3.4 L2 One Amazing LoR (very close to prof), one alright. Worked hard on my statement of interest and focused on making it for Ucalgary. Unique ECs, went to world finals for a language competition. Studied abroad for 2 years. Some volunteering. Worked all through school.
  9. Responses

    Has anyone received a reply yet? It seems we have entered a dead period.
  10. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    I heard from a past student that theres 3 piles of applications. Weak, average, and strong. Strong has very few people and many decline UofC. Most people fall into Average and get picked out from there, often with 2 people looking at it. But my friend went there a long time ago. Sorry for my poor wording in the last post. I used strong in 2 senses. I mean he probably isnt in the strong pile, but your application can still be solid and you can be admitted.
  11. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    It means your application wasn't in the strongest group possible. Like the People who apply with very strong scores and ECs but are declining their UCalgary offer, they seem to be accepted quite early. It doesn't mean your application isn't strong, it just means you need to keep waiting and hope for the best. Maybe next week will be our week!
  12. Responses

    My sister found out her result on March 11th a few years back. She said lots of people from Ontario get accepted early but they decline and then spots open up for others. Let's hope tomorrow brings good fortune. Or next Friday, good fortune is more important than the timing.
  13. Responses

    Sooner rather than later. I was reading last year's posts, some people had to wait until April to find out. The average response time seems to be 3-6 weeks. It's been 4 for me and I'm starting to go mad checking 6 times a day.