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  1. The posting for it will be up soon. I may or may not have a close friend who works for TD and mentioned it in a conversation.
  2. If you qualify for a infinite card with Scotia, Im pretty sure any TD sales person would be able to get you approved for one with them. The $120 fee is waived with the all inclusive account that you get for free with the psloc. There also a promo for the cashback infinite until June 3rd. So something to look into. Cj0KCQjwz7rXBRD9ARIsABfBl82MXonh3dO1Or3yXMD5vJe2enfLh7c2VXnxZvgmY_FcM2qAyug3vVoaAkb6EALw_wcB I got my app pre set up with them. But might shop around for a bit. Hows the scotia credit card? Might influence my decision haha.
  3. TD has a new promotion for 125k at Prime (started May 1st). You also get their all inclusive chequing account with no fees for the 3 years of school (free bank drafts, credit card annual fees waved, small safety deposit box). They are also throwing in an amazon speaker if that is something you care about. Not sure if I need a cosigner, because that would probably be a dealbreaker for me.
  4. Suits For Men

    I see lots of Toronto and Montreal advice here. Any prairie recommendations? Living in Calgary, heard great things about Supreme Men's wear and O'Connors. Any leads on affordable made to measure dress shirts? Recommendations for suits too? Indo Chino is very attractive for the price and my friend was reasonably happy with them. I'm probably gonna get my sizing right for my shoes then order them online to capitalize on sales. Any responses appreciated.
  5. Pros and Cons List of Calgary Law?

    Read this as "painful employment" I'm starting in September too, but when I'm volunteering at court I see lot's of SLA members running about. They all look happy with what they are doing and don't mind me badgering them with questions. Kind upper years is a definite pro for me.
  6. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Accepted today! Im a reapplicant who was waitlisted for 6 months last year. I received my rejection letter right after my Dad's funeral, so Im over the moon right now. LSAT 159 158 166 L2 Pretty bad. No idea how they calculated foreign courses. Low end of 3 ECs courthouse volunteering, international language competition, instant noodle instagram REFs Very close with both professors and have done tons of activites with one of them. Green circled Jan 22 no change until today.
  7. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    I was waitlisted forever last year but this application cycle I haven't received a reply at all. I think this is worse haha. Good luck everyone. I know the wait is maddening.
  8. Chances? (3.02, 3.3, 163)

    Is there an extra wave of admissions in April? Anyone get in around this time last year? I would hope the decision deadline would open up some spots and we might see some movement soon. Seems a little dead right now, just heartbreaking posts about how fun the open house was. I would appreciate any insight from current students or those who have received a response. Didnt want to start a new topic and Im going a little mad. I was waitlisted in around a month last year. And now its been just over 2.
  9. Chances? (3.02, 3.3, 163)

    Im in a similar boat. My GPA got all messed up from doing full time language studies in another country and using it as transfer credits. I don't think the UofC will listen to my pity story of accidentally enrolling in newspaper reading when it was above my level. I was waitlisted for 6 months last year and rejected on the frist day of classes. Was definitely carried by my ECs. Rewrote my LSAT and boosted it from 159 to 166. Sitting at a 3.3ish? Not sure how they are calculating my language courses. Just hoping for the best until I get a rejection letter.
  10. How Long Were You Green Circled?

    Oh sweet summer child. Its fairly random, but people with better stats seem to have a shorter turnaround. They will have a decision of Accepted, Waitlisted or Rejected by June (but they finish them by May). So anytime between now and then is fair game.
  11. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I could kiss you. Thanks for the extra 2 spots. Refreshing the forum usually brings sorrow when 7 people get accepted that day and Im still waiting.
  12. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Stats? Also how long were you green circled?
  13. If you took the LSAT unprepared you owe it to yourself to study and blow it out of the park. UofC average hovers around the 80th percentile, nothing impossible with a lot of hard work.
  14. Rejection Timeline?

    They waitlist candidates that they are impressed with but not able to give an offer to just yet. They most likely haven't sent 120 acceptances yet. They are saying "Hey, we like you. But we want to wait until the other applications are submitted before we decide." There are also many people who are accepted and choose to go somewhere else which can create a spot for someone on the waitlist. Last year someone got accepted August 1st. I was wait listed from March until September last year and only got a rejection letter on the first day of classes.