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  1. Accepted 2018

    Yeah I did
  2. Accepted 2018

    Hey, just got in this morning. LSAT: 164 AGPA: 3.68 Have until March 2nd to accept/decline.
  3. 3.5 and 158....

    Heyo, got a 164 in December! Am I safely in?
  4. 3.5 and 158....

    So I posted here last year asking about my chances with a 3.5 and 154, I was outright rejected without any wait list or supplementary review consideration. I'm taking additional courses this semester, so I'm expecting my GPA to be around 3.55 (adjusted btw). Also just got back a 158 on the September LSAT. Do I stand a chance as an Ontario resident? Really don't wanna waste money on applying, am pretty broke lmao.
  5. Chances with 3.5 and 154?

    Thanks a ton for the well thought out advice, I definitely have a lot to think about
  6. Chances with 3.5 and 154?

    Yeah, I can definitely get it up for next cycle - but here's to hoping for a miracle. Also, would you reccomend going back to school and taking more courses? Since GPA is weighted more heavily than LSAT. Thanks a lot for the wishes haha
  7. Chances with 3.5 and 154?

    Yeah regular category. Lol well here's to hoping I get extremely lucky, I'm pretty much just hoping they'll be impressed by my PS and letters of recommendation in supplementary review.
  8. Chances with 3.5 and 154?

    Why particularly for this cycle?
  9. Chances with 3.5 and 154?

    It's adjusted, so after a 25 percent drop
  10. My LSAT went terribly. Have a 3.5 AGPA with what I believe to be a very well written personal statement and solid recommendations. Do you guys think I have any shot at all? Don't have any ties to NB or Atlantic Canada