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  1. yes, by how much I don't know, but you could try calling to confirm.
  2. I spoke to admissions yesterday and was told the class is over capacity at this time and they do not foresee making offers anytime soon.
  3. I was accepted to the dual program but I am still wait-listed for the single program. I've been wait-listed since February and haven't heard anything since...
  4. Does anyone know if there will be any movement on the waitlist any time soon?
  5. still on the waitlist
  6. I'm not sure, could be! No problem:)
  7. @CrimNation I applied to Uottawa but didn't get accepted.
  8. Accepted this morning! LSAT:156 CGPA: 3.69 OLSAS GPA:3.66 Masters degree
  9. Waitlisted April 17th OLSAS GPA: 3.66 LSAT: 156 Masters degree
  10. Rejected this evening. OLSAS GPA: 3.66 LSAT: 156 Masters degree
  11. Waitlisted February 15th LSAT: 156 CGPA: 3.69