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  1. Hey JDee21 - it was 168.
  2. My cGPA was 3.2, with four F's and multiple withdrawals and done over WAY too many years. My L2 was 3.96. I got admitted mid January and was offered a scholarship. They are absolutely a numbers based school. Don't sweat your history too much.
  3. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    To the best of my knowledge, UAlberta is fairly consistently a stats based school. My assumption is that the 'admission index' varies year to year, but really it's only an indicator of who will get 'automatic admission' - or so the internet myths say. There are bound to be people above that admission index who decline UAlberta's offer - then they would start "lowering" the index, and admitting people with GPAs of 4.0/3.9 with LSATs of 151-154. Also, I should caution you that I'm just a 1L - I have no practical or behind the scenes knowledge of this. Additionally, by the time they start lowering the admission index, they may also be looking at other factors, like cover letters etc.
  4. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    I would say that you're in (you're above the index for acceptance), but probably not likely early in the cycle. index for acceptance: GPA *22.5 + LSAT if above 242, you're in. at least this was the case in previous years.
  5. Chances please! CGPA 3.82 LSAT 162

    Ah yeah you're golden
  6. Chances please! CGPA 3.82 LSAT 162

    Absolutely - if your cGPA is 3.82, but your L2 is 3.0, it will dramatically change things.
  7. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    I sent in my application on Nov 1 (or whenever it's due) and only wrote the Dec test, so they didn't receive my score until early January. I was accepted in mid January, so no delay for me! For the majority of people applying for Sept 2018, the case will be the same, since they have to wait for fall grades anyway, I believe.
  8. Accepted to USask 2017

    Accepted today! LSAT 168 cGPA 3.2, L2 3.86/4, Best 2 I have no idea as I took an odd number of classes each semester. Likely around 3.7-ish. Medium Sask connection (relatives are alumni of the Law School). Will likely be declining in favour of the U of A. Does anyone know if/when USask offers entrance awards? Good luck to all waiting to hear!