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  1. Articling Jobs 2018

    Thanks. I havent even received a confirmation of acceptance email. No reason to worry right?
  2. Articling Jobs 2018

    Did anyone get a written offer yet for a government articling position?
  3. Articling Jobs 2018

    I applied mostly to public sector (12 applications, would definitely recommend doing more), 2 interviews and 1 offer.
  4. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Anyone heard from SLASTO?
  5. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    It's ultimately your decision. Having gone through the formal articling recruit last summer, I would stick with the firm that was interested in you, unless you wouldn't accept an offer from them at all. It sounds like someone dropped out of the second firm's process and they slotted you in, so there are clearly other candidates higher than you on their list.
  6. No, but the deadline was only the 19th so there's still time.
  7. Anyone who interviewed at the WSIAT heard back yet?
  8. Articling Hunt '17-18 Support Group

    Thank you to everyone for your replies. I had some interviews since posting this topic, so I've been feeling a little more positive. My current strategy is to keep writing focused application packages, but I should probably do the cold call emails too.
  9. So... I don't know many people still looking for articles in real life, if you are then let me know I'm not alone lol. Thought it would be good to have a thread to discuss strategies/commiserate. (also, Do any graduated students know if posted positions will keep coming up at the current rate during May/June?)
  10. Sal Guzzo made calls a while ago (grapevine).