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  1. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    I think it's about empty one's self and willing to embrace and learn from basis or fundamental building block and find a career that is productive and set myself back to zero or basement and learn everything from beginning. Construction job is respectable. I join ,supervise or assist coordination of a few very big projects before law at small interior design company and big commercial interior design company at various level of interior design company, just try to get my ex girl friend back ( She left me with a leaving message for self-growth, she was an interior designer ..I think very hard how to get her back although mission fails, what career I want join for self-growth and also can have higher possibility of get her back. Although later on this mission fails.) Within two year, I am starting from apprentice, then take two month of course of Computer assisted in drawing , springboard,switch to small interior design company and after its dissolution, then switch to big or major commercial interior design company. Boss pharaohs of interior design company are usually super rich because of high profit of bidding contract and built lots of crazy and fancy or cool shit such as museum ( I don't even though where they got those living like elephants, lion, lioness, exhibition of classic foreign expensive paintings ), hotel, fancy super store, imitation of some US landmarks in mini version. like San Francisco Golden Bridge.39 harbor and some American streets along with. ( Perhaps in the end, the final project is building his headquarter palace and perhaps his pyramid in smaller scale, just maybe ) But slave of interior design company are usually over-working and under pay and built those shit like speed competition under high pressure.. Sometimes some engineering project or design are just very complicated and challenging in nature without very clear guidance of architectural drawing. My undergraduate program has no relevancy to those major of interior design, architecture, or engineering, although chances are hard to come by due to barrier of major. I don't think BA can only only learn work serving star bucks only, or one may just an average BA major. A BA probably can learn it. Law student probably can learn more that. One just has be aware of some of career path , and where are chances and how to try to get those dots work. If some precious opportunity did comes and show up, quite a bit is learn-able sometimes , and one can probably learn more than that. The worse thing is , one doesn't know where the opportunity is or how to inter-connect all the dots ,make it work and how to get there.
  2. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    I sort of agreed both side, but I see no reason why Ryerson would shut down his proposal of law school. After all university is doing business and sale commodity of wanted dream. Of course it may slight adverse effect on long run.. Why care about lawyer over-saturated or over enrollment. From university perspective, its law school may move up the ladder up to middle ranking or may try to compete with UofOttawa within ten year due to its proximity and location to attract scholars and practitioners to lectures courses.If law school can sale its lecture triple prices more than that of its undergraduate program, school will try to open it. Furthermore, it can up-sell its JD+MBA program, JD public health, JD CS , and JD whatever. That's good business. In addition, it will move up to middle ranking within just a few year of its opening. Perhaps in the early begging, t just get more borderline applicants to fill spots in just early beginning. As time goes on, institution will attract better candidates for spots. For Ryerson perspective, either way , it's win win situation. It will always has students and never get weed out by force of natures. It not only generated revenue from law school itself , but it also has revenue generated from joint program or department of its own school. Why care the hell of out those going into markets. For some, it's about business ethics, but for other it's good business. Maybe it's motivation of university perspective.
  3. http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2016/pg527.html
  4. No co-sign, no hope?

    if Op financial is problem, can OP try to choose really cheap law school , prairie schools, unb, or uvic 9000 one that one can find and start from there. Do OP has grade for Mcgill?? try to move to residence or addressing location to province of Quebec for a period of time, become resident of Quebec, Op can try apply Mcgill. if Op has great gpa, tuition will shrink to 5000 per year. Don't ask a professor for co-sign,..unless they offer help automatically themselves, (which is highly unrealistic ) Even though I did see one happening for supervisor of his master students, students so poor, but teacher willing to endorse his expense abroad, teacher even say if I am disqualified for a co-sign, my wife will. I was still in shock after reading it from his dissertation (one page thank letter ), but I consider , yes, that's only happening mostly in movie or just lottery. It's not going to happen for almost all people in general. It's not that appropriate and leave bad impression for professors
  5. LLM Recommendations

    LLM probably need to select schools that if courses of L.S curriculum is able to offer particularly courses which conform to particularly to your area of interest, which also mean they may also have teacher to supervise you on particular field. It also need to check it out their mandatory courses, whether the school mandatory courses or structured courses really conform or meet one's own need. If one is interested in civil, business or labor law, this particular llm is focused more on ocean or marine law or space law or elsewhere law , then one maybe need to think twice. Or the courses flexibility or whether it offer has wide range of courses selection to conform needs. Tuition expense of the program School ranking at regions One can -reshuffle , re-arrange order or priority according to one's own need. (I agree with others that OP need to figure out why one need to study llm first , . OP need to figure out why you want to study this for a specific or some reasons, and then it's better to come up or identify area of interests )
  6. Peterson is true in a sense but t's kind of true, but it's also still kind of bullshit. can the enthusiasm , persistence, or chance along in one's life can constitutes not be measured by intellects alone, which can have different lead to different form of life. It certainly cannot. Intellects is a stronger interpretation in competition . I really not Peterson told me am I know those theory and probably know without even research . There are certainly some variables such as individual as built in characters, diligence, individually different familial resources, and uncontrolled able substance such as chance coming along way of life, or even sudden vital decision changed , which re-shape and lead to different life.. It certainly cannot. It certainly cannot. Intellects is a stronger interpretation in competition. It's one of all vital and important key, but not all of keys. Thus Peterson , you are right in some extent undoubtedly but you can test at all cases, you can save that for yourself
  7. legal research outside canada

    US ( I use casemine because mainly it's free , but it probably has slightly less cases) https://www.casemine.com/home UK https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-courts-and-tribunals-service
  8. I am certainly not a smart person. I am in contrast very average being. When a judge asked us what we want to do respectively after school. I I reply to him I may considering apply a ph.d program. I told him a few schools I would apply. I apply it because I am considering myself average being, not smart ones. Some rich people are from any walk of files, they probably has basic education and can thrive in life. l suck at math, I found my law school experience in East, does not require "Math" at all, one possess certain amount of reading literacy, and read it couple of times one can grasp those partially judicial literary writing. The comprehension of law textbooks in East that I experience ( we don't have lsat ), doesn't require a great comprehension at all, it just require certain level of reading literacy. Law school itself and its content is never like difficult math, Linear Algebra, Calculus, or engineering math. No it's not that at all. Smart students probably listen to teacher, they get it right away, slightly average student, you go back home reading a couple of time of textbooks, you got it !!Eventually. Smart one probably can do school and synchronously take care of family or do a part time or full time job at the same time. Average one, you just concentrate one matter or one aspect alone. People eventually all go through process of that. Smart one can take more heavy loading of class or read mass quantity of reading and probably score high in difficult law exam. Average one just read a fair amount of reading , select lenient or reasonable teacher, and enjoy walk at park. Don't intimidate by school or law school. It's just another form or extension of school. You will have your field, smart people probably choose most lucrative field or competitive field. You have your niches. I can see the passage without confidence, you just need to have faith in oneself and by the way that Link is kind of true in an or some extent, but it's truly a B,achelor of S.cience lecturer and his ideology may oversimplify things.
  9. Chances with low LSAT score in Canada

    150 probably more accord to lower Lsat. Perhaps OP can try lakehead, its median lsat medium is around 156. But a few or a small fraction got accepted with low 150. But it's never a guaranteed shot, and OP still better with re-write to increase overall chances.
  10. Oz,27k...queen,20k,....Ottawa 17k...uvic,9k...you say you are open to coast...public interest any school will do.
  11. MA, in general is not quite practical and useful. ( I type wrong)
  12. The reason that I warn you against of picking MA is that MA, in general is quite practical and useful. Even MA leading to ph.d is very time consuming. Some of my teachers take 5 years in average to complete their Ph.d program. A few even take 10 years to complete it. Not only the program itself is very time consuming, but also maintenance of steady research output, journals, or even publications throughout one's career can be difficult for some ph.d holders. If you select law instead of MA, your career path is clearer.
  13. I personally think you'd be crazy to pay 30k more to attend U of C over U of A.+1 You can also write UofA entrance scholarship 25k recipient on resume by going UofA. You are already in the province, how about people from out of provinces, why bother incur extra debt by going almost identical ranking or equal level of schools.
  14. I would say or might say MA is not that practical and useful in a sense. I am currently do master . The stuff we study is theoretical sometimes or sort of research based. Master students take turn presentation in class. Sometimes we study certain amount of electronic version of other master' dissertations beforehand, and it's sort of like literature reviews. Scholar writing and their journal and their discovery and finding. But it might be inevitable to enhance some writing techniques or citation of sources. The material is more in depth but it also limited to a few specific issues that we research on or revolve around. Sometimes, I look some of my classmates' research, some of their finding are literally understandable and some of them, without their power point detailed explanation, I have no clue what they research about because they have put into certain amount of preparation, effort, that is already far off shore. you can go to study law rather than do a master program. I will say law is more beneficial and practical comparatively, creating direct benefits. Master, you take a detour, inefficient, impractical way
  15. Uvic or Osgoode

    Uvic, if your family live there and if you love to stick around with your family sometimes , you can disregard name for a second. Uvic is better choice it's much easier to go back to give a helping hand from Uvic than out of provinces in any cases. "I am living in Vancouver now, and my family lives here. And I love to practice here and live here for my life. "