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  1. you have decent shots with Western, Queens, Ottawa and Dalhousie probably.
  2. My experience to study one course of criminology is just to result in low satisfication.. It's not very profound, interesting, insightful, or intellectual or comparable to my many law classes at all.. Criminology is just teach you how to become a good " police officers " mainly what would theoretically how to crack crime faster theoretically. or analyze " what's the possible crime out there" It's not really lead you directly to become a lawyer sometimes. I remember I study a few chapter of criminology books, " hotspots, Crime hotspots are areas on a map that have high crime intensity. It just teach crime usually happen in a few of stationary or fixed neighboring hood , that usually has much higher crime intensity. They just come up with measures as cameras, lighting, guards and alarms. Preservation of evidence in crime scene has vital importance and strong correlation to crack a criminal case. I didn't deny the important of collection evidence, But I would like to add is " nowadays we have lots of indirect evidence such as tones of security camera everywhere on street to trace suspect, in my country in Asia, we lots of recording security camera hanging on electric line pole on every streets " Police will utilize those and capture suspect much easily that way. Those security camera recorder dates, time , locations., and images...If crime scene has some evidence, it will converge toward the similar point. , World revolutionized or evolution-zed, It's no longer as un-susceptible , as it was in the past. Or Financial Crime Investigation, those suspect or criminal would rather sit in the jail for a decade rather than tell detective where they hide the money. When they have a parole and comes out, the whole world is their oyster. I think criminology help one to become a better police office or detective rather than become a lawyer. I strongly advice you to select law rather than criminology. Criminology is detour and one has to jump through the hoop, in addition, it's indeed very boring and not very correlated sometimes. It's boring to a point sometimes I don't even know what to say. Some of chapters are more common senses like you had read those from past newspaper already.. It direct one how to become normally functioning police or detective and teach them what's possible crime out there and what might the possibles ways to prevent it, rather than leading one to become a lawyer. After all it's all up to you. But at least I make a genuine effort to inform you not to study criminology if you have a chance to study law directly, I will say go for law without hesitation.
  3. If I were you, I would study LAW rather than Criminology..Even thought that may sound prompt ,but after all you are still in. If I were you, I would study LAW rather than Criminology, law is much more interesting, useful, practical than criminology in many aspect and occasions. I actually ever took a full year courses of criminology because I cannot register any upper year law classes at that time. I end up registering criminology classes in accident, but I thought this class would be as interesting as criminal law but in fact criminology is boring.. Law courses in contrast far more practical, interesting and profound. I think the criminology , talk about ( I just cannot remember it all ) I personally feel some aspect of this subject is really boring sometimes. Broken window theory crime prevention, it just talk about a car window is broken, if you don't fix that right now, more serious crime offence would take place. The site is unregulated and uncontrolled will attract more and more criminal activity. They eventually all come up or set up with a bunch of crime prevention theory , or how to efficiently cracked cases theory. If one choose to study criminology, one may study something about white collar crime. Sometimes it may talk technology crime, doctor mal-practices, How those doctor cooperate with pharmaceutical company to prescript or use certain drugs for mutual benefits in violation of law. A few topic like human trafficking may be interesting , it may tell how those people smuggling gang import people, and ship them across border at night with various transportation , but lots of criminology topics sound very boring to me , I feel some of its content are very common sense. mal-practice of doctor crimes, Hacker crime, one may get that those criminal activities by reading daily newspaper sometimes, one may get some of stuff from reading daily newspaper already or watch News on TV. I would still highly encourage law rather than criminology. Don't do criminology if you have the option. Unless you really really enjoy that program and want to study lengthy PHD in criminology, I would probably say law JD is far better option than master of criminology. It's marketable program, master of criminology is probably theoretical
  4. I just say from my perspective, I think people are more tolerate about gay, or homeless, since sexual orientation is innate things. Homeless part of reasons may be accountable for family financial status. People are probably or might be less tolerate about HIV . I don't know about HIV, I think I were you, I would disclose it, But I think it would probably hurt the admission chances, but I think not every law school probably you to require to disclose that in detail. It's eventually on based on you. But I think my country in Asia, has criminal codes that may punish people without disclosing when blood transfusion. Or I think my country has criminal may punish people have intimate relationship without carefully warning or informing others in advances., I think I derail this. I think if law school doesn't want admitted students with HIV, then it's ok. Just fuck it, But I think it may eventually you may have similar the struggle in the end, " should I tell employer in any field of jobs, about HIV, at cost of decreasing the chance of employments." "Should I tell company or firm that I have HIV " If Hiv is in later stage, those deteriorating skin condition and skin symptoms may shows. It may be easily suspect by surrounding people , they might find the shocking skin differences. Maybe they not necessarily know what's going on but they just sense some differences in skin. If it's law school, if it required, If I were you, I would probably tell those things. If it's employments, sometimes that's associated with survival or living, try to find job that require less or much less physical body contact with others, as long as it's not violating the law, I might say it's your choices or you call. But I think surrounding people would probably easily tell the differences between skin and it's hard to hide in the end because people nowadays will google.
  5. I think my country one of medical college just renamed one if it's program from Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It said one want to be geared with international standard and be recognized by school internationally and creating less confusion. I think in my country, some senior doctor said , they were entitled with M.B. , not M. D. Now those name changed to MD mostly for majority of schools. I think probably a few year ago, a medical school still give "M.B." , so if those applicants want to study abroad for advanced study, a few of them still feel anxious and wonder if they need to explain their program, what is " M.B " if they want to apply foreign medical education for further study, and sometimes system is slightly different from one's own. LLB? JD? J.B? I guess maybe it's just a name for a law degree. Don't read too much into the name. I think people might care about its functionality rather than name. My guess. Kiamia is funny.
  6. why don't you do what you like to do in the first place, rather than contract, corporate law, which cause you feel conflicted and powerless Why don't you go to do aboriginal law or environmental law if that's something shows you keen interest. You don't need to do what you are doing to be considered as actually working., It's ok to listen your inner self and do what you like. You will feel more productive , fulfilling and enjoyable to a certain degree.
  7. you can put unb or lakehead as other back-up schools and (you are likely to get into both schools ) and re-write your lsat if you want solid options for Ottawa or other school. If you can get a few more points of lsat, you will synchronously increase your probability for other Ontario schools as well.
  8. I check other Asian forum about applying JD law school. 1.I saw a girl posing on a blog, with gpa 3.2 of her LLB degree, got accepted into a few LLM in US, (# 28, 32, 58 , eventually choose ranking 32 based on location and tuition ) 2.Another girl , with gpa 3.98 English major and with lsat score of 170, got accepted in Upenn JD program from my country. 3.I saw other neighboring Asian country stats, Another guy gpa 3.5, with lsat score , got a few interview, and accepted into one or two law school in US law school. Another guy with engineering background of gpa 3.9 and lsat score of 175, got accepted into Yale and Harvard law school, and eventually choose Yale. (with scholarship , that is probably half of tuition reduction ) 4. The other guy with Lsat of 159 got accepted into Temple law in US, gpa unmentioned in his blog. If one know how to do properly in LSAT, I think US law school are probably more tolerate with foreign bachelor degree. I am not sure about if that also apply to Canadian law school because I haven't seen anyone report got accepted into Canadian law school with Asian bachelor degree when I just randomly browsed around internet. Will you be treated as international applicants or Canadian with foreign degree, if it's former, probably a few seats available only. If it's latter, probably like "lookingaround" have said. You might be able to study elsewhere. But you still have personal due diligence to make inquiry to those school if those foreign degree acceptable to Canadian law school before you really go, just in case anything can happen. Good luck.
  9. I think you are correct^^ http://forums.premed101.com/topic/31162-canadian-med-school-grading-systems-which-are-passfail/
  10. I saw a guy medical school " transcript " is written in percentage. But maybe that's in oriental or something. I saw he got a straight A in med school, ranging from 80 to 95. He was historical or national figure , but that guy probably left a century ago. I remember I saw another surgeon who was probably in mid life and his transcript were all written in percentage..That grade is more mediocre, but he later become successful writer and surgeon after graduating from med school Again,maybe that's oriental grading system and was graded differently in percentages. Percentage can help rank or place class ranking. Grade in med school will play one of major roles in applying which hospital or specialty to attend and its admission chance. The rest go on interview skills, and if some specialty are slightly more risk orientated or higher risked of mal-practices, which would result in less people applying. The chance of being admitted might increase proportionally. But I am not sure about Canada.
  11. If I want a doctor, I want a good or better doctor, not just any doctor. I want a doctor, that patients has good feedback posing on the internet. I want a clinics " that has lots of like " buttons or I can sort out on internet with good rating. It's like going to see a movie, " you don't want to see a crap movie in general , you will do some modest research what you go to see sometimes " If it's trivial things like flu, it's probably be less concern, and probably any doctor will do sometimes. . If it's a more serious like surgery, I want a doctor, friendly, knowledgeable , communicable when I approached , raising my medical concern or medical needs, who can pay attention to my medical needs of clarification. I want a doctor at least modestly competent. If I have a choice, I in general want a better one or good one but not just any doctor...I will do some research or modest selections which may be beneficial for me. I think these type of selection would be generally applied when looking for lawyers if folk has legal issues or legal concern. Lawyer are friendly listeners, who are knowledgeable in legal matters, communicable., paying attention to their legal concern or legal need. Folk are probably more inclined to lawyer that shine the light into their situation or at least might have better, or , proper control of whole situation..deliver good insight on legal matter they are involved. if they can choose I think folks probably want their lawyer are good debater to ensure or secure better chance of winning, or one who can really guide them through those mess, knowing their situation and giving them descent confidences to face legal matters that they are involved in sometimes. I think folks want better one or even good one , but not just any random lawyer popping up.
  12. Taking all 100 level courses not necessarily easier gpa, in fact some of 100 level courses are filters. With the help or information from friends, people may know some of easier course lies. People may know some of easier courses lies, but the people generally don't know where the easy courses lies, that's the problems. If you do an easy program, but that's not quite marketable, and if you don't get accepted into professional school. That's bad for employments, and that's also the trade off. If you go into good management program of a good university, you might have slightly better chance to work in the bank or some other jobs may be opening up for you if you just don't get accepted into professional program. That's the trade off and see how you go to bet on those things. Unless you set your heart really early and would like to do law only, you should in general go to a good university and study a marketable program. That would be better idea. You don't weed out a good university and marketable program at first. How about this, I get an idea, you can enroll a good university for a good program, that's said management program, or whatever you like it. After you did that program, and you see your how you achieve in that particular program, if your gpa is on the breadline 3.3 for two year but not to 3.5 or 3.6, and if you really consider law school and set your heart on law, and want to make serious gpa boost, then that's defining moment if you re-consider all the possible options, even transferring out , to help you achieve higher gpa or dreams. But Transferring out may result in delay of graduation because some of credits probably are not equivalent and transferable. It has its downsides.
  13. I think in my country in Asia, we probably don't have residential transnational or real estate lawyer, but we have something named land or house registration agent. Their license is much easier to get compared to that of lawyer. I think they probably do the drafting to ensure ownership of purchased property is being successfully transferred to buyer and seller successfully received each portion of money respectively, the amount of dollar or installment probably divided by three or four times . I think they probably served as the similar function probably to ensure the successful transaction of real estates. Buyer receive the ownership of house, and seller get money. Perhaps I probably not doubt the rate they charged since I have no clue at it at all. But I think in my country, I know these type of land or house registration agent, their income level can fluctuate accordingly to number of cases they received. I know quite a bit of licensed agents have to work for others as employee with fixed pay, because cases are hard to get by for them, because the other agents may have expensive shops on the busy street to advertised well so that they can attract some district business. Some agents just cannot barely get any cases or business even being licensed because of no business, no connections, no shops, and no advertisements, There exist disparity of income level within the group itself. I think a few land or house registration agent, I saw some of them even know how to purchase foreclosure of house, make some investment, or leasing to people within maximum limited of statutory allowed range of interest rate to secured debtor make some good money. Disparity of income level is within the group. I might take universal income level with a grain of salt because I somehow believe there exists some income disparity or income inequality. Some people just in general do better business than the others for several reasons, just like some doctors are in general have more patients waiting in line than the other, performing more endoscopic surgery than the other.
  14. While you are completing your second degree. Meanwhile, you can try to apply U of Saskatchewan, that only needs two full year of undergraduate study only. And if you can possibly score 165 on lsat, you are very likely to be in good shape. You actually don't have to wait until you complete your second degree as a whole,and you can try to apply this incoming October.
  15. +1 That's what I want to say or what I think too.