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  1. CHANCES (2.44 cGPA / 1.76 L2 / 3.08 B3 / 155)

    Sask B2....Lsat 165 or up
  2. This program, which is offered in French, combines the study of commerce and of common law, allowing individuals interested in management and future law professionals to thoroughly understand the issues and analyses involved in these two complimentary disciplines. The program allows students to complete the requirements of both programs in six years, equipping graduates with two separate degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (with or without “French Immersion” notation for Anglophone students) and the Juris Doctor (J.D.) designation. These degrees allow graduates to write provincial bar exams and practice law anywhere in Canada (except in Quebec). do you have "Mcgill law" in future for certain or in waiting? a bird in the hand (is better than two birds in the bush) ok, I just type what I feel, that's just my opinions. I really don't know what you will choose and it's all up to you or you call. But If I were you, I would probably go Ottawa . a bird in the hand (is better than two birds in the bush) What if you after 4 year of Undergraduate, you still end up in Ottawa.( . In that case, you just did it earlier., what if something happen, ) four year later, there are three possibility, 1 you make it to Mcgill. 2 You make it to other law schools. 3.what if it accidentally fails. Right now maybe you still do an Undergraduate, it's just that your UG major is Law. (It's safe shot, it got everything start ahead earlier. ) You may still apply Mcgill law as testing afterward you are done with that degree. You probably can apply both Mcgill law and Mcgill llm after you done with it. (if grade is well maintained)
  3. you can also apply UofS. I think you are just very close and right on border. UofS average is somewhere around 160 / 3.5 With your lsat, it can compensate a bit. You might be accepted off wait list in mid summer.
  4. University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    girlfriend and I have already made plans for accommodations, which includes bringing my dog up to Edmonton to live with us, and I have already been approved for student loans from the Gov. of Alberta. What's more is that my girlfriend probably won't come with me if I get into UVic meaning I will have no friends, no family, no real support group in Victoria UofA, so you can have both dog and girl friend.
  5. Duration to complete LLB/JD program

    http://www.oxfordseminars.ca/LSAT/lsat_profiles.php UNB and UofM allow your drop one of year worth poor grade credits.. UofS Queen selected based on Best 2 Year Western Last 2 years
  6. 3.17 cGPA, 170 LSAT Chances?

    I think someone similar get accepted to UBC. 3.2 +low 170. try UBC. UofM UofS. UNB.... you probably get accepted by UofS and UNBhave a few shots somewhere ..if you applied. Ontario, Try Queen , Western , Ottawa...... I think you have a few shots, just apply more broadly....
  7. Cambridge vs UofT

    My friend did law in HK. I know he did 2 years JD, one year Pcll ( Post after JD) , two year of article-ing to be licensed. (HK follow law school in UK, England is probably 2 year llb or 3 year llb + one year Legal practice course + 2 year of articling to become a lawyer... It's take lots of your times!!!! ) Cambridge degree probably work best in England. But Can you stay in UK all the time ? Do you have UK citizenship? Can u stay long in UK? Can you Endure long year of licensing. ? Can u always get work permit all the time in UK? What if your work permit discontinue If you got UK law degree, but does law similarly or highly similar to that of Canadian law? or partially similar? Or it's just slightly similar. If you want to come back to Canada, Your UK law is just not the same as Canadian law. UK constitution is just not the same as Canadian constitutions. Law usually has its territorial jurisdiction. and the content wise maybe sometimes is understandable but just not the same. I seriously suggest you not to go UK or Cambridge law ( I didn't mean it's bad law school. I know it's a good law program ) But I still urge you not to. Because when the moment you just want to come back to Canada and write NCA exams. I think law is just different in certain degree. You study something not quite related to an certain extent and will be put to test by a different legal system.....It's detour to jump through uneasy hoops....because it's completely indirect correlation and. It may take you quite a bit time to pass NCA because you are fully on your own for self-study. All you learn previously and legal knowledge is just not fully related at all. You should go UofT and do whatever U can with that degree.
  8. Mcgill. It has some courses, that's civil law!! I guess it might have some amount of similarity in content of law. . I think that program will help you pick up or transitional to civil law of middle east or something. If you want to go a country with civil law". I guess. Mcgill has both, civil and common law. It probably be able to help you in a certain form..
  9. Pick one+1. go whichever you would like to stay and study there...It's just a little bit hard to back and forth. ..It's harder to back and forth I guess since the system is slightly different. Legal System and Court Structure The UAE follows the civil law system, heavily influenced by the French and the Roman systems. A ... ( a site showed above. ) https://lexemiratidotnet.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/uae-civil-code-_english-translation_.pdf
  10. Ok, let's not even compared to science and art. In some engineering school, some school engineering students think particular engineering is harder than other regular stream or other stream of engineering program. One or two report they generally got higher mark than regular stream of ECE students by 10 to 20 percent more in exams , when meager with ECE in higher years. ok , even in science, there is saying physics major may be harder than subject of mathematics. Or even in same subjects of physics, there is just saying theory physics is harder other type of physics. So john hawking did theory physics more challenging so he chose to do that.. (most prestigious ivy school curved to A, an engineering focused mxt school curved to B, there is just no really bad student in either school. Ivy student spoke that he did right thing that he didn't go mxt because, 3.6 gpa has more chance to go on professional schools upon graduation) But at the same time I think art is definitely not an easy major and it's very hard to master major. Even at the point I think all of my llb professors, who probably just major in llb (probably something similar to an art program ) in early beginning of their early education , then go to some t14 US law school to further their study or mostly attend Germany (because it's nearly free education and law largely reference of German law ) to study their final degree and back , radiate scholarly spirit . Be a scholar and write many journals, teach with enthusiasm and excellence. so I reserved my comment on this.
  11. Transferring from L1 USA to L2 Ontario

    I guess he might go to similar caliber rather than cooley I felt I somehow I agree with ludo. Last time I saw a blog , a writer said she transfer from Brooklyn Law ( rank around 100, she was top 5% in her class, dean or office called her for scholarship, treated her differently or nicely and wanted to retain her ), eventually she just transfered out and left for Harvard law. Of course she no longer received top grade and experienced grade drop in Harvard, but not significantly drop . she probably ranked somewhere around top 25- 30% of her class, if i recalled it correctly. (if you feel you may have grade, you just apply, there is not much thing you can lose except for loss of application fees. Or every single Canadian U just reject you. , But compared to tuition of state, 50k, that's not worst thing can happen, , you just take guts to apply all and drop it all to their mailbox. Besides, you just don't only apply the school you just listed, and you apply much more broadly than just a few you just mentions to increase odds. ( new school , remote school, wherever school in Canada)
  12. I just cannot really comment on this, since I probably just one or two A on art program in the past. I just probably had no position of commenting on those things. But if people ask me which one is harder, I would probably still say. . My LLB . It in fact shall belong to category one of social science or , it look like social science or but it actually or truly just like another art program to me in term of its content and nature. I just tell my experiences that , i got two year, A average one year B average in my LLB. maybe my country law program is easier or something, it's all statue laws or grade is more lenient, but I just didn't think I could do this if I were in information system Engineering or electrical engineering. My llm due to extremely small population compared to entire university and other program , this llm program is like sub unit under category of humanity and social science program. It tried to enact its department of Law ...I seriously less care how it categorized. ...This program is just somehow more challenging than my llb , but grade inflated even more or with difficulty....It's sort of push me to my limit at same time I got really bored with it....., i got A average in first semester , but most of my unseen or rarely seen floor mates populated in this weird dormitory or graduate house are mostly Engineering or Optical Engineering on this floor. There is no way for me to get through a program like that, I would be long dead or discontinue half way regardless of whether they are just average Engineering program or average engineer. To be honest, I just could not do it. I just tell my subjective experiences. I seriously or just do not care which one is harder than the other. But if people ask me my personal experience, I would probably say science is slightly harder than art. Engineering is slightly harder than Science. Anyway maybe that's my bias.
  13. No Luck in Second Attempt

    you need to re-adjust your strategy and try to apply all law schools across Canada. You should get a few shots somewhere rather than feel discouraged. save more money this year and apply all schools next cycle. unb, tru, uofm, uofs, uofc, uofa, lakehead.,and all of it. You will probably be much happier with the returning result after u apply.
  14. Law and Religion essays

    US court dissent Jehovah witness regarding refusal of blood transfusion. (one shall not demand wrong medical service ) United States v. George, 239 F. Supp. 752 (D. Conn. 1965) South Africa Supreme court Judgment dissent Jehovah witness regarding refusal of blood transfusion. Neutral Citation: ES v AC (SA 57-2012) [2015] (24 June 2015) Japan http://itetsu.jp/main/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/7-7kato.pdf
  15. The Value of an LLM

    In Canada, You don't need LLM. JD is enough. ok!!! LLM is usually redundant !!ok! I personally also think that llm is just not very practical or useful program in general too. I just say my experience in Asia( since I am not very sure how that program work in Canada, Maybe I just knew that UBC LLMCL can convert foreign LLB and waive NCA only. ) , it's not uncommon or kind of natural for Asian people to move up to llm program since our law degree is first entry law degree, we can directly enter into law program right after high school. Because of competitive bars, some of us may unavoidably move up into program such as llm and anticipate to strengthen legal knowledge through this program. But I also have to admit functionality of llm is just not really less practical, useful in a sense in Asia, because each course will try to target down or hunt down, or lock a few topic and start to do intensive drill. It's only has in depth only a few specific issues, and it's not broadly cover. (That's quite a bit asia LLM student dislike because it just not conform with bar, the way it structure, along with time consuming , thesis, a backfire, we actually wish the program could be more like Cram School , broadly review, that sort or type of thing ) LLM is sort of like semi-independent study and research based to do intensive drills on certain topics or a few number of topic of each courses and do in-depth drilling on your own at large part and see dissertation, journal, by yourself. One of most critical graduation component is actually completion of courses, but to construct a thesis, and some students will fail to compile a book by nature. Some students think it's not worth their time and may just withdraw from program. . And I sort of start to understand why education system demand this, it just want to capture in case a few number of exceptional students , who may be in case very thoughtful, and can produce , leave some legal legacy to next generations. Thesis may teach one how to write, compile , structure something like a book, in a logical sequence. I certainly see the some value or minimal value of these program come into existence. After all it still needs a few people to be there . And only a very small fraction of these llm will go on academia, and remain in academia.