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  1. I somehow like this analogy especially
  2. I think it's alright to have regret. No body can rewind clock and it's alright to make some mistakes. Sometimes I wish I could start law school really early rather than late. Sometimes I really wish my first bachelor degree is law rather than something else. My country offer first entry law program and I really enroll in my later life. Sometimes, I wish I should I have married my ex-girl friend at that time. I probably pop out a few kids and become dad already rather than study these law degrees...I try hard to fix relationship but It just not work out.. Nothing can not be undone. No one can rewind the clock. Sometimes, I wish I never ate too much greasy food because cholesterol might affect one's health in long run. , but guess whatever done is done.. One just can try to fix thing from now on and fix what you can fix from now and be careful of choices next time. That's it. Don't look back, Look forward,!
  3. Sorry , I just don't encourage to apply law school due to illness somehow. If you have serious illness and still apply law school, that's very brave and marvelous. But, why you apply law school in the first place. It might aggravate mental illness or speed up growth of cancer cell during the time of law school. Sorry I didn't know if those cell has being completely eradicated yet through therapy. So I don't know if that's still right thing that you want to pursue law..Do you apply law because you like law ? or the next prestigious thing you can think of beside med school? or just because maybe gpa is within reasonable range, you might just apply as well and hopefully land somewhere. ( every motive or incentive is acceptable., but it might have slightly degree difference. ,) Your gpa might sound reasonable to me if you apply really broadly across Canada.and do not necessarily have to stick with Oz. If you really like law, no matter which law school accept you, it's not probably not the major concern, you are likely to attend anyway (but I doubt you have any exposure to law before law school and develop that passion yet) Or you apply Oz because this particular school is just nearby your home. your parents can take care of you sometimes and you can keep accompany with family. (maybe that's more possible reason people apply Law school nearby home because of proximity reasons ) .I think applicants with this kind of condition to apply law school is really respectable. But I still don't encourage you to apply law school because of possible aggravation of health.
  4. I actually do not encourage OP to apply to med school because in the inn ital post , Op, you just mention you have depression. Why, I think Canada also have 24 hour straight rotation or shift, you probably need to take care of patients if they are physically ill or discomfort. You will be staying on call your nurse will inform you about patients physical discomfort. . Medical education probably need to cram mass of medical knowledge and compete with science geek is exhausting if one is not particularly good at sciences. It might be nightmare. I am afraid that your depression might get worse if classmates score astronomical grade and you are barely maintain in program or hardly pass. Even you can miraculously pass medical education, residency might be killer. It might make you depressed even more if that's 24 hour on call. You probably feel physically challenged, especially your director complain about whether patients are taking care of properly during the previous night. You need to have both strong physical and mental capacity to take both level of stress. Residency probably pay not as much to offset debt load, that will another level of financial stress when one is just out of med school...Residency can be 2-7 years depend on specialty pursued and invited.
  5. ..you really got sense of humor...what a funny girl..
  6. I have to agree with artsydork on this point. +1 I also think it's better to stay in Canada and redo undergraduate or score a really good lsat..Either way can help OP get into Canadian school. Some Law in United states probably look somewhat different from that of Canada. It also depend on which law school OP go to because law is really different among states. It's like when I read Canadian business law, I found that has higher similarity to that of my country, Sometimes I open Canadian business law online just for doing a report about comparative Corporate law. I might felt relieved. if Canadian law, such as Canada business law or labor law, I found it show some similarity concept to that of my country, and I could pick things up faster. But If I read criminal codes or civil procedure codes, and I found it has more difference from that of my country. I might understand some meaning of codes or some articles ,but Guess what I might feel pain in ass in the whole process. and take much more time for doing adaption and adjustment, trying to figuring what those statutes try to talk about. I am possibly not going back Canada. But I said this is because same thing would apply if raptor would like to go US. and want to return to Canada.., OP might feel the same kind of hurdles or obstacles. It also greatly depend on which state Raptor would like to go to and what states law he /she is assigned to learn, because each state law can be really different among themselves and can be also really different from that of Canada If raptor would like to return Canada. Besides US law school is expensive sometimes. I also think it might be slightly better to stay in Canada and redo undergraduate or score a good score of Lsat.. In addition NCA exam, one exam cost 6000? 5 exam cost 30k? I think it's better to boost up lsat score to good grade and re-apply Canadian law school if one can. (just my 2 cents)
  7. I didn't have good grade either, but I agree with Livinginamerica+1 I believe raptor can be lawyer somehow with correct method or correct way, or correct strategy, but he just cannot too select on school or law school momentarily....because of gpa constraint.....Whether school might or could or possibly be looked down or very limited job prospect is beyond my discussion here since limited gpa, selection usually just a few..It's very possibly going to be uphill battle since lots of law students are out there....But at least raptor might be possible to become one if he tries really hard or super hard with all possibles options. .But one shall not say something like people with good ,awesome, stellar grade....being unrighteous.....That's just not right either. ( I should have not said it, but somehow I said it out)
  8. It looks like that your first bachelor degree just met Mocton minimum threshold of 2.8 gpa cut-off and I think you should apply!!!!!!! Who knows if you will get in or not unless you apply. Or find any undergraduate program and try to get 3.5 in first year and apply to Mocton. You don't even need to write LSAT , but you probably need to some level of proficiency in French. How about apply Mocton? Can you speak French? How about redo undergraduate in Caleton university interdisciplinary law program? That program might look at least like half of civil law school program but lack of some of upper year courses. At least you might get what law school look like, or general perceptions...If you do really well, apply law school afterward....If you don't really do that well still, at least you see what you would like to see....(jk) But you must remember to take a bunch of French language courses in school as your backup plan. Why If you cannot get 3.5 gpa overall this time, you can apply Mocton law afterward. You just have to try to excel in first year and seek for a transfer to other Canadian law school after completion of first year common law.. Just basically apply every law school in Canada after first year., If applicants grade is within mediocre range, there is still might be the possibility that one still get accepted. Why, because some law school might have slightly more people switching out and less people applying coming in. After all, there might be the possibility law school , might want someone to pay utility, professor bill, and want outside students to fill vacant spots . If you fail to apply to transfer out from Mocton , it's still awesome , you probably end up speaking French for three consistent academic year, and that's cost free. You get someone polish your French skill for free. ( It's probably french common school and less people apply. You extra-curriculum or volunteer might be better to write something more related to law to let committee feel that you really show some serious interests in law school and make yourself stand out a bit from other applicants. It might help and compensate gpa deficiency. If it didn't help , it certainly will not hurt. so that I urge you. Intern with you relative firm so that you have something more practical or hand on experience to write in your applications or something to answer in interviews in case any questions raised in interviews. my 3 cents ) Quote from NL709 Here is a link for the Faculté de Droit regulations: http://www.umoncton.ca/repertoire/1er_cycle/faculte_droit_reglements.htm If you have completed your undergraduate degree, you need a minimum GPA of 2.8 on a 4.3 scale to apply. You can also apply if you have one year of study left, but you need a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  9. I think , maybe you should not write your LSAT in September, you might need to write it again. You should apply Mcgill, and they usually only look at gpa solely if you don't write lsat. and see if you can get an early admission in December before you LSAT coming out! You might have a good shot with Mcgill with that GPA. . Then you write LSAT in December, and other law school might consider want to offer you a seat or not based on your performance of your gpa and lsat.. So you might or should have at least one school as your backup? If you score descent with lsat, you might have a couple of offers after. You might also search for law school that is particularly interest in strong gpa just in case you didn't prepare sufficiently with December lsat because of time constraint. (just my bias)
  10. To OP OP has to find out summary notes if you can. Quote BleeBlue As another opinion, I would say this depends on what works for you (in fact, that statement applies to the majority of studying and general success tips in law school). I relied heavily on CAN's, and in fact for many courses never opened a textbook. If you have a prof who hasn't changed their course in 5 years, and a set of CAN's that runs identical to the lecture, it can be a very efficient way of learning when you know the notes and briefs in your CAN's are accurate and you can really sit back and pay attention to the lecture, add in your own notes, etc... versus furiously typing and taking notes all class. My general strategy was to take a set of CAN's, and type notes in another colour throughout the document as the lectures progressed, and at the end of the semester consolidate and refine the notes until I had an outline I could use to study for exams. It helped tremendously by reducing the preparation I needed to do for class. I did very well in both 1L and 2L using this strategy. That being said, some profs are new and the CAN's aren't as helpful, some prof's change the course year to year, and some students just do better with their own notes - everyone is different. Take the first couple months of law school to figure out what works for you, just don't discount CAN's until you've figured out for sure how well they fit with your style of learning. I will say this though - rely on upper years. They've been there, done that. Law school is all about efficiency, so learn from those who have come before you
  11. I have a friend, who bomb all university science courses . but he went to those school (East European Med school ). He was only one who is among undergraduate friends who become doctor. Now he is in hospital doing residency, 36 hour straight stand by. In Asia,This type of residency happen 4 or 5 times per month in Asia. . I don't know if Canadian residency is more labor friendly or doctor friendly . in Asia Doctor are fleeing away from dangerous specialties, which has higher tendency of being sued through malpractices. New medical students in Asia swarm into specialty like dermatologist, ear and nose specialty, or internal medicine only prescription of drug.No danger is involved.. It's kind of sad ,but it's new trend and reality. Not many people have strong conviction of saving people unless one can be save first from being sued Even when my friend was in the moment of deciding possible specialty, I just highly suggest him to stay away from surgeon (this specialty is dire need of new blood) because malpractice is dangerous. It's just very likely his career will come into an end if he screw up a few times of surgical operations. The reasons he went to medical school abroad is because his grandpa is doctor, his Mon and Dad are also doctors. He grow up from a doctor family basically . Most of friends in undergraduate program grade better than him but never become doctor. But he is only one through abroad doctor program, and he return Asia and become doctor after that. He is actually my best friends, we all bombed science courses in university altogether. I was in terrible shape too so I really and highly suggest you stop taking "science related courses" since you are just not good fit. You should take art courses instead and you seem like a good fit with art program. But which subject post you should declare, you should ask yourself inner self what discipline interest you the most at the same time that is more marketable. If you still really like science and feel like doing that, I know a very good program, radiation therapy, a joint program ,or ultrasound program, it's very cool program. One of my friend said "he could treat cancer patient after doctor told him amount of dose" You might feel accomplished you try to eradicate some of patients' cancer cells!! That's awesome program.. No malpractice, yeah, maybe ...if you radiate too much than they can bear...try to radiate slightly less. http://michener.ca/academic-programs/programs/ As for law school, maybe I know the reason why I come to law school. Maybe you should ask yourself this very question to yourself too? why law? Ask 5 times why? Because I study law school in Asia. I have no idea what's difference between law school in East and West so I cannot really comment on that.. But it seem to me that law school in West , they have curved system or their reading in school is vast amount so that my experience in law school may not be a true reflection either.. But as for legal jobs, I sometimes watch my friend FB, I found a few of them need to stay up very late for legal work, one guy even stay up till next day morning or twilight for legal work. He is doing security law or something. Maybe that's seasonally or temporarily. The other guy is doing patent and he need to draft and pleading for license grant by ministry of intellectual property. He stay up very late and often too. I think it depend on how much work one is assigned and one's duty. I think you have to talk with more law students or lawyer what it would be like.
  12. I love this line in particular.
  13. I actually reiterate what I might said in the much early post. But I still feel I need to say this clearly to OP. The other things is about finding law courses that grant " take home essay " to be as fulfillment or substitute of exams.. Take that type of classes more if possible. You exam hour will be extend from 2 hour to actually two weeks. You have plenty of time dropping a bit of information everyday rather than trying to finish in speedy writing in 2 hours. Take home essay information usually look more fruitful or abundant that way. You can incorporate lots of scholars opinions to reinforces your ideas that way or sounding precedents to reinforce your ideas, or you can even google to find some online analysis of particular topics. If you still cannot find any information, you can find master of law students who did particular research on that topic and quote their finding to reinforces your ideas as supporting claim. But sometimes it's unlikely happen if you have actual exam which only last for two hours. One just have to squeeze out whatever one study previously into that two hour exam. Exam questions sometimes may have the possibility or the chances tests questions one did not study thoroughly or prepare properly or have abundant knowledge in that specific regard. If one doesn't quite fully master or fruitfully understand that question , one sometimes might just try to write something, that might sound relevant but often it's not, to fill in space of blank rather than write something productive or constructive. But "take home essay" , you can fully access to law library, dissertation, scholar journal or opinion online, sounding precedents or judgment, or even Almighty google , you might find someone who have done systemic and analytical approach to that particular law matters already. Your access to information is abundant and fruitful and you can get professional help or expertise that way. One just have glances through vast information before one start. It's hard to write something silly that way. You can drop in every little information daily to reinforce your ideas and edit numerous times as you like until you are really satisfied and done with that piece of work. If you find dorm too noisy, rent an apartment with two other law students. It's quiet that way. Cut down your distraction. just really hope OP do better next time.
  14. I actually agree with everyone's saying. But I still want to say " try to find easier law courses if possible" " if there are two or three professors teaching the same law courses, such as civil procedure or something or criminal procedure. You just try to dig out the easier one or one who might grade slightly more generously or leniently,. or you can try to find one who teach more shallow level rather than going too deep. Sometimes you just have to avoid famous professor dominating in the certain field of law. You might learn more, learn well, or learn better . But sometimes some of them might give you slightly harder time or strict marking scheme . Try to find an easier prof so that you can successfully boost your gpa. Sort out those information out from upperclassman. In the end, you will find subtle small increment in your gpa in that year, you probably and more likely to bump one letter grade at least in each courses. You will pretty much land on C level safely without any significant changes just only by simply course selection or professor selections . If you push yourself really hard like no tomorrow, living like hermit , I am sure you at least probably get one or two or a few B- . . It's doable and you just have committed yourself to study your exam far earlier than your peer or than before. .Shut down all distraction or interference , and.find more study mates.would give academic help and help you stay focus on school...... if you take less useful law courses ,such as law and sociology, you might accidentally get grade bump too. catch some bird courses if you can ! I really hope OP can come back next time saying he is at least doing ok in school.
  15. They just care if you do well .Taking lower year courses are not parental divorce, bone cancer, beloved departure, bankruptcy and or failure of extreme sport . I just didn't see anything screwed.