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  1. Accepted 2018

    FB group exists https://www.facebook.com/groups/387636588372423/ It's run by Devon Molloy another 0L for 2018. I'm turning down my offer as of today, hopefully the spot goes to someone who wants it! Best of luck to all of you!
  2. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Waitlisted today - haha, L2: 3.7 LSAT:162 Already accepted (early admission) to U of A and U of M... Not exactly upset that I was waitlisted as Calgary was a distant back-up this year.
  3. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Just a heads up, the facebook group has been created. www.facebook.com/groups/152331695420755
  4. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    To be allowed to post it on the forum I put a space between the www. and facebook. Please let me know if it continues to not work.
  5. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Hey everyone, I went ahead and created a facebook group for us. www. facebook.com/groups/152331695420755/
  6. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Me too!! L2: 3.6 LSAT:162
  7. Accepted 2018

    Just got the e-mail. 3.8 with a 162
  8. Accepted to Calgary 2017

    Were you just accepted?
  9. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    The dead zone appears to persist. In '16 some applicants were admitted around July 20th, here's hoping it's one of us included in the '17 role call. Cheers team!!
  10. Accepted to Calgary 2017

    Sorry about the deposit, did you get an offer for an Ontario school?
  11. Rejected 2017

    You're in, I wouldn't sweat getting a job later; do well in your classes and network to the best of your ability. You'll be fine.
  12. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Hi Malina, I've noticed the accepted to Calgary 2017 thread has been fairly dormant over the part 10 days. Is this because the offers currently out are equal to the number of spots available, and if so, when is the deadline for these candidates to accept / reject their offer?
  13. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    L2 3.52 LSAT of 162. Hopefully a strong personal statement, very strong LOR's, EC's focused on coaching and competitions, and 10+ years of professional work experience in sales. My circle went to complete sometime in early February.
  14. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Waitlisted today... The wait continues!
  15. Rejected 2017

    @dylanspecter, sorry to hear that, good luck with wherever else you've applied! Out of curiosity, how long were you waiting between green circle and rejection?