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  1. Chances? [3.68, 159]

    You have a good shot, people with similar stats have been accepted. I spoke to admissions a few months back and they said they round your gpa to 2 decimal places when they are ranking you, although they would round that to a 3.7 for the applicant profile link to the applicant profile, it gives you an indication of your chances from the previous cycle https://www.ualberta.ca/law/admissions/juris-doctor/applicant-profile
  2. 1L or 2L recruit

    How hard is it to find summer positions in Edmonton?
  3. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    I haven't heard back at all, anyone else still waiting?
  4. chances

    They round your GPA up/down for the applicant chart but when they are ranking you based on the formula they keep it to 2 decimal places, that is what the admissions office told me a few months ago. If I were you I would aim for above 160, that would put you at a good spot! Good luck!
  5. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    For anyone that got a phone call yesterday, with no email or beartracks update, I called the admissions office and they said there is often a 48 hour delay from when you are accepted to when you get the email. By the end of tomorrow everyone accepted should have an email!
  6. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    Got a phone call about an hour ago! No email or update on beartracks. L2: 3.76 LSAT: 157