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  1. Access Category 2018

    Do we know if anyone has been accepted from the Access category yet?
  2. Waitlist or No decision?

    You never know - you may jump from Pending Review to Accepted!
  3. Wondering whether people think it's better to be waitlisted or still referred at this stage? I've been "referred to adcoms" for about a month now...
  4. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    Haha.. yeah, it was pretty unique. And access, BTW.
  5. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    Stats were pretty abysmal but had unique circumstances: LSAT 149, CGPA 2.7 and L2 3.3.
  6. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    Wait listed Feb 10 and rejected from wait list this afternoon. It's been a long road dotted with disappointment.
  7. Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    Also wait listed since February and going out of my mind!
  8. Accepted to Windsor Dual 2017

    Does anyone know the deadline to apply for Dual program?