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  1. Hello to everyone travelling to Thunder Bay for first year 2017 class. I am a Thunder Bay resident and I'm excited to say I'll be joining all of you in September! I just wanted to put out an offer of assistance for people moving here, if you want advice finding a place (good areas of town, amenities to look for etc.), if you need recommendations for local spots to eat, play, shop, and even if you need a place to stay for a few days while waiting to move into your apartment / house (you could crash in my guest room). And I'm happy to just be a friend and go out for coffee and strategize about the upcoming year. Feel free to contact me! Also, for anyone who is looking for accomodation, I will likely be renting out a house starting in August / September located a few blocks from the law school for professional and serious students. So that is an option to think about too. Welcome to T Bay! - William