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  1. I would join the Facebook group! There's a lot of information about the small groups.
  2. I received an email!
  3. Rejected this morning! LSAT 160 and cGPA 3.4. So happy to finally have some closure, can confidently plan my life now.
  4. If either of you are in the accepted group on Facebook I believe information has been posted there!
  5. Don't even get me started on Osgoode..................... But in all seriousness, the best school I dealt with this year was Calgary. They look at your application and decide in two weeks if they want to accept, reject, or waitlist you. It's nice because you have an answer pretty quickly.
  6. So when I provisionally accepted it had "provisionally accepted" listed on uozone. Once I had paid my deposit it changed to "accepted".
  7. I'm not sure, all I asked was if we were going to be receiving a package in the mail and was then told everything would be online. I'm going to assume that means all registration info will be emailed after deposits are made.
  8. Just downloaded Padmapper onto my phone - would definitely recommend! It keeps track of your price range and will alert you when things are posted in areas you're interested in.
  9. I'm not too sure, I just know I received that response but then later was accepted so all hope is not lost!
  10. For everyone that's been accepted, I went on a tour of the law facilities today and was told we won't be receiving a paper package this year - everything will be online.
  11. My stats are posted a bit further up, but 160 LSAT and my L2 was around 3.7 (on a 4.0 scale, I went to Mac so our grading scale is a bit different). I'm also completing my masters in neuroscience.
  12. I received this email back in December when I first applied and was accepted earlier in April, there's still hope!
  13. Accepted yesterday afternoon! LSAT - 160 cGPA - 3.4 (on a 4.0 scale). L2 - around 3.7 (undergrad was at McMaster which uses the 12 point scale, so I'm somewhere between 3.7-3.9) I believe on the Dal scale my L2 was around 4.0. Master's GPA - 4.0 (on a 4.0 scale). I'm currently completing my Master's in Neuroscience. I have extensive research experience, have presented at international conferences, and I've worked throughout my education. I had strong references: one was a lawyer who works at the hospital where I research and the other was my graduate supervisor who is a clinical psychologist. I've provisionally accepted Ottawa so I will not be accepting this offer, but exciting either way!
  14. Will Ottawa send an official acceptance package (via mail) once you have accepted the offer?
  15. For me it's because I don't think it's fair to potentially receive a spot or even take time away from other applicants that are genuinely interested in attending a particular school that I am not. If i have no interesting in going to the school why would I keep my application open?