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  1. I wonder who is up next???
  2. question is: if they have sent enough offers to fill the class, when is their deadline? If they were offered from the unumbered list, their deadline should have passed by now. These new offers we nkow their deadline is in August. Wondering if they are extending deadlines because of the email issue they are having. Chances are those folks have acceptances at other school or they would be a bit more vested and diligent in tracking their application. Anyways at original rank of 31 and subtracting 8 because of the new offers, I'm at 23. getting a little antsy on whether this will happen or not.
  3. Is it too early to start freaking out?
  4. It is safe to say our ranks have up gone up by at least 8. I would presume it is much more than that. Some movement is better than no movement!
  5. Congratulations. We have some movements folks!
  6. I think we are all higher in the ranking by now. Just don't know by how much.
  7. 31
  8. Well Good luck to all y'all (including me!) I really hope we all get in! Let's keep the hope alive!!!
  9. Just livin' that F5 life.
  10. This also confirms Marwaho's numbers -- find Ottawa and the total for last year 384 admitted.
  11. There are three main avenues leading to the common law JD degree: English Common Law Program: accepting approximately 310 entering students each year. French Common Law Program: accepting approximately 80 entering students each year. JD National Program: Offered separately by both the Common Law and Civil Law Sections, the National Program allows students from one Section to receive training and accreditation in the other Section in a unique, 8-month program designed to provide a complete bilingual and bijuridical education in the nation’s common law and civil law legal traditions. The National Program also accepts applicants with Canadian law degrees from other universities.
  12. I called, they told me within 10 business days there will be an update.
  13. I remember doing it every 10 seconds for my lsat score. Oh what a process!
  14. If there are 80 seats left, and we estimated 27 accepts from the unnumbered list, let's keep it round, so 30, then we really have 50 seats left for the numbered wait list. Of course I haven't discounted the number students who have provisional acceptances that may firm somewhere else. So at the minimum 50 + (the students that firm their acceptance at other schools) = the rank that may possibly be accepted Assumption: the students were competitive to get in to another school and therefore had a high ranking -- fairly accurate assumption I would say.
  15. The fact that there folks with provisional acceptances dropping out of the wait list on July 4th supports this forecast. I think 70 is a good number.