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  1. Chances: 3.3 GPA and 153 LSAT

    You might get in through the PLSNP program. Your stats seem low even for "general" admission under the "indigenous" category. Best of luck!
  2. Chances - B2 GPA 3.4, LSAT 160

    I was almost put on the waitlist for Usask(ended up getting accepted just before the list's creation) in June with a 3.3 B2 and 165 LSAT. I'm also from Alberta, no connection to sask. the difference between 160 and 165 is 12 percentile points. So I'm just unsure why either of you think that OP would be likely to get in with those stats, given that I was accepted fairly late @HandsomeSocialist @GT911
  3. Chances - B2 GPA 3.4, LSAT 160

    I would rewrite the LSAT, unlikely you would be accepted with those stats and no connection.
  4. Notifying Schools

    Just select both if you're not certain, probably easier for you to email them and say your score in December is fine, rather than ask them to NOT wait for February and then they may reject on that basis!
  5. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    This topic reminded me how much-and why-I dislike people on this forum. In case you're wondering, when I say "people" I'm not referring to OP.
  6. Rejected from Windsor 2017

    My extra curriculars were nothing special but I did try to frame them in a Social Justice context. My PS was good I believe as I got into Saskatchewan so I would think it was alright
  7. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    You must've have a sask connection? Or perhaps access? No offence of course, just that both those numbers are under the median
  8. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    What are your stats like? For future applicants
  9. What are my chances of being accepted?

    Misread it. I was on vacation at the time, I'm gonna blame it on "vacation brain" but we also don't know the the sex/gender of OP, so (s)he is more appropriate
  10. What are my chances of being accepted?

    3.7 and 158 is right where the admissions averages are for UNB, so I'm not sure why you wouldn't already have been accepted. Regardless though I would prepare as if you are writing the September LSAT, it's really late in the acceptance game.
  11. Chances of Acceptance? cGPA 3.50/ L2 3.81/ LSAT 158, 156

    Western is the only L2 based school. With a 3.81, OP has a better shot there than they would at any of the other schools. 3.8 and 158 isn't unreasonable to get in off waitlist perhaps. Feel free to disagree with me though
  12. Chances of Acceptance? cGPA 3.50/ L2 3.81/ LSAT 158, 156

    I think you have a low chance at queens, oz, Ottawa, and u of t. Good shot at western, that's about it. I would definitely rewrite and see if you can get above 163, you'd have a much better shot.
  13. Reading Comprehension HELP

    -12 to -18 wasn't my range, it was more like -8 to -12. But for me I just practiced the mind mapping until I started getting it. I would give myself 35 minutes for the whole section, and then run down the clock. Once I was done passage one and the questions for it, I would stop the clock, mark the questions and see how I did on that section and try to learn from it. I would do that for every passage from 1-4. I can't actually tell you how I did on the RC portions since I wrote the February exam but I'm guessing I went -3 to -5 because I don't think my games went amazingly and I ended up with a 165. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll eventually get it. And stick with one strategy for consistency's sake
  14. Conserving Practice Tests

    Over how long of a period have you been studying for this exam? I studied for 2 months, used exams 1-78 and when I was writing PT 75 and used a section from PT 1 as my experimental, I didn't remember the questions or get them all right. So that's something to consider. On that note, I would go all in for September and not plan to write again in December
  15. Tips on increasing gpa? Help me!

    General trends tell you next to nothing about individuals. I would say im a government/service major(political science) and I scored a 165, 10 points higher than that table's average for my type of student. Choose an undergrad major which fits best, not what you think will help you do well on an exam. Studying techniques for the lsat and time spent and other things like that will help people score better on the LSAT.