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  1. Transferring to the U of A, experiences?

    I absolutely understand that and I do believe my reason for transfer is compelling. As of now I am fully prepared to return to Usask and expect that is what I will be doing. But if I get in, that would be great. I don’t think there’s a great understanding in general(here or possibly anywhere outside of the admissions committee) how the transfer process works and how competitive it really is. I do appreciate the insight though, and am hoping for the best.
  2. Transferring to the U of A, experiences?

    The minimum average you need to apply is a 65% or 2.0 average. If by "need" you mean B+ and up is the competitive average, I would guess that is quite unlikely. When I talked to the admissions officer in November, she said that there are 10-15 spots available every year and 25-30 applicants. And to be honest i would guess that her numbers for applicants are inflated. so more likely you get 20-25 applicants for 10-15 spots, worst case thats 40% odds. i find it difficult to believe that 4/10 of the people who applied had a B+ or better average, considering that is a small percentage of law students across canada. Also, the admissions officer didnt say this, but my understanding was that reason for return was also big in their acceptance, so im not sure how they would be able to balance that if they needed a B+ minimum.
  3. Transferring to the U of A, experiences?

    I’ve heard second week of June for the earliest date of offers. I had 2 C’s and 3 C+’s which is far from great but keep in mind that sask curves at a C+/B-
  4. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    I got into sask for the 2017-2018 cycle and i was informed of the waitlist at the end of may last year, I was accepted by mid-june. So this is incorrect.
  5. Low cGPA 3.1

    I'm really curious to find out when and where a correlation was made between lower LS grades and "marginality" in performance as an actual lawyer. Even better, has there been any causation that was found from that? Some people aren't interested in certain law subjects, and excel at others. Some are able to perform well in 3 hour exam scenarios, but are horrible litigators. Or on the opposite end, some aren't able to perform well in 3 hour exam scenarios, and are amazing litigators. The same can be said for solicitors. Some people aren't able to sell themselves so they can write a hell of a factum but can't bring in any clients. People's attitudes on here are so one dimensional, it's like you honestly believe that grades are the only determinant for success as a lawyer. They really aren't.
  6. Transfer 2018

    I'm applying to transfer from Usask to UofA and thought I would make a thread for transfer applicants. Post where you're transferring from, and where to, and then when you hear a decision! thanks
  7. How did you feel after you accepted?

    "It sounds cocky, but I worked hard, and I earned it. I knew it was coming...law schools would be stupid not to accept me, because I am awesome. Even copying that from your post made me cringe. It sounded cocky because it was cocky. This is also read in concert with a post where you said you had "very very high stats." If this "I deserve everything good I get in life" attitude managed to get you into law school, good for you. That said, you don't just "get into" a mindset like that, it was clearly pre-existing. I just hope you don't carry that attitude (or mindset) into law school because people aren't especially jumping at opportunities to be friends with cocky people.
  8. How did you feel after you accepted?

    This is the kind of dou...I mean person you're likely to find in law school with very few friends.
  9. High LSAT (173), abysmal gpa (2.0)

    UNB put me on the waitlist with a 3.2(after drops) and 165 so I think OP wouldn't fare well at UNB. Also, Uvic? Seriously? have you seen the caliber of applicants getting accepted there? Their drops aren't lenient enough for OP to get in. Unless theres an access claim I'm missing out on here. Manitoba though is possible like I said.
  10. High LSAT (173), abysmal gpa (2.0)

    As you've been told above, I don't see you being admitted anywhere in Canada even if your L2 is 2.5. You would need to get your L2 up to at least 3.0 I would think before being admitted. Even at TRU. Maybe even a 2.8 or 2.9 could be accepted possibly. Worth a shot to calculate your index score at Manitoba though. For u of a, even with a 2.5, you would be out based on their apparent index calculation.
  11. 10 reasons not to go to my school.

    Couldn't find a recent one done for Usask so I will do one. Don't get me wrong, I dont mind going to school here, but there are definitely some things to be aware of before attending. 1. Small The city is fairly small. Yes, that means commute times are short, but it also means there isn't a ton to see in Saskatoon. You dont drive around the city thinking wow its so beautiful and vibrant, what a live city. 2. Boring This is sort of related to the first point. There is very little to do in Saskatoon so a lot of people take up drinking. That is fine and all but in reality, day to day, you can't be drinking more than both weekend nights. So, there isn't much to do. There is a boardgame cafe and some decent restaurants but not much else. 3. Cold I know what you're thinking, every city is cold right? well, you haven't experienced a Saskatoon winter. The wind is so insanely chilling that you almost wish you went to school at an American non-ABA associated school in California. Yes, it really is that bad. 4. Curve The curve at usask is a B- curve. From my understanding, looking at other schools, this is low. That means that most of the students are getting B-, as opposed to students who get B's or B+'s as their curve. Obviously, your marks suffer for this reason. 5. Professors The professors here are great people, but not necessarily the greatest profs. They do try their best though and most are open to questions in office hours. 6. Law Building The law building is definitely old. It needs some repairs. For example, in one of our classes, there is a consistent whining noise throughout the class. It happens ALL the time, its very irritating. The lobby of the building isn't bad, but the classrooms need to be redone. 7. Library Our library is good, but is attached to the business building. That means that we have to share our space with the business students, and in reality there isn't a ton of space in the library as is. As finals approach, you'll find less and less available spots. Hey, I could only think of 7, but I do think its a fair assessment of why you should think twice before coming here.
  12. HELP! Won't graduate until the fall, now what?

    Not sure how Windsor specifically works but there's a girl in my program at usask that didn't finish undergrad until summer and she was fine, so I don't see why your situation would be any different. I'm fairly certain that they don't really care when you finish your degree or if you even finish it at all. Anyways, best of luck. Edit: She also attended convocation one weekend in October, so her situation was exactly the same minus the mistake.
  13. Do I Still Have A Chance?

    Just saw the last person who posted they got accepted last year off the waitlist had a 3.5 L2 and 159 LSAT so its possible I suppose. If OP gets in though it will be late in the cycle.
  14. Do I Still Have A Chance?

    out at Osgoode, Ottawa, and possibly Alberta depending on your other LSAT scores. Unlikely at Queens as well I would think. Windsor is probably your best shot right now.
  15. I’m very curious how this is possible, given that I was accepted last year with a 3.26 B2 and 165 Lsat. Was your B2 the same last year? Makes no sense to me. I got in in June, you shouldn’t have been rejected overall with those stats.