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  1. Rejected the other day. CGPA:2.8(one year speical cirmcunstances) L2/B3: 3.0 LSAT: 153, 156, 165(feb so not considered by Windsor) i was surprised I even got waitlisted honestly! Good luck to those waiting.
  2. What's was your LSAT score? My understanding is that it's a combination of both that Goes into scholarship consideration.
  3. What are your stats?
  4. That's out of both 4.0 and 4.3 actually, I didn't get a single A+ in my academic career haha(so far anyways).
  5. I already mentioned it's the case for borderline students. 3.7 154 with strong sask connections isn't super shocking to me, as they have strong sask connections. At the end of the day the reason their GPA and LSAT averages are relatively low is because they accept people with strong sask connections and lower stats. That said, there's nobody that's recovering absolutely appalling rejections like 3.9 170 because of students with lower stats and strong sask connections. Anyways if you wanna continue this conversation, PM me. I don't wanna clog the waitlist thread with these!
  6. I disagree, not sure that it's of "great importance" except for those with borderline stats. I'm wondering what kind of "solid stats" you've seen being rejected that wouldn't have been rejected at other schools. Besides the 3.5, 165 I saw from one person(which was an anomaly in my opinion).
  7. I thinik if you had 162-163 you would be in. Same with me, couple more lsat points. 3.7 160 isn't insanely competitive, but I think you'll probably get in. Sask loves 3.7 and 160 students for some reason.
  8. Just received the email from Doreen asking if I want to be considered for the waitlist. I said I would like to, as this is the last school I am waiting on for this cycle. Deadline was noon on June 2nd to request a place. Edit: the email did mention that receiving the email doesn't guarantee you a spot on the waitlist. However I'm hoping that starting this thread means I have a strong waitlist ranking and I will be added! B2 GPA: 3.26 LSAT: 165
  9. Rejected when I checked student centre today. CGPA: 2.8 B3/L2: 3.0-3.1 LSAT: 153, 156, 165 hoping to get into sask this year but if not then I'm gonna upgrade my GPA next year and go to Manitoba for 2018 in the worst case.
  10. Thanks! Honestly, this might be semantics at this point, but I'm pretty sure a 75.5 index score would get in off waitlist any year, considering their cutoff is usually 75.7ish. Regardless though I'm gonna be upgrading my GPA if I don't get in this year so I'm expecting my index to be over 76 next year, which is autoadmit. I'm waiting to hear from sask still, so that might happen if I'm lucky! Waitlist and then acceptance I mean.
  11. As I said, don't comment if you don't know the situation. U of M does not take February LSAT results, and I took the 165 LSAT in February. You sound like you're getting a little annoyed, are you not used to being proven wrong?
  12. Lol that chart is based off AGPA. My CGPA is 2.8, not my AGPA. Also, when taking away my lowest 25 credits and converting to Mantioba's scale, that makes my AGPA 3.42. As I said before, both of you seem to have issues admitting when you are wrong. I can send you a grade breakdown if you'd like, send me a PM, since you think I'm "spouting out lies." 3.25-3.49 and 165 have 2 applications and offers. I have no idea what lies you're talking about. Please take a second to admit when you're incorrect.
  13. What was the deadline to accept? Just to get an idea of when they might be sending out more acceptances/creating a waitlist.
  14. Accepted ---> competitive application, I'm sure you'll agree. So the GPA was competitive, even lacking your "175+" lsat that you thought was required. Anyways I'll just leave this here. As I said, you seem to have an issue admitting when you're wrong.
  15. Perhaps you should get your own chip off your shoulder, and admit when you were flat out wrong. The post I quoted you on was one where you said "no stats based school is likely to admit you." And "stats based schools are unlikely to be an option." Both of those statements are incorrect, as I proved above. Admittance is the same whether it's based off the waitlist or flat out acceptance. Therefore, since I would have been accepted at Manitoba this year if I hadn't taken the February LSAT, and you admitted Manitoba is a stats based school, your statements were wrong. Making broad statements like that make you look like a fool, but of course you won't admit that. Your long winded post doesn't acknowledge how both of those statements were absolutely incorrect. As I have stated before, best of luck to you in your law career. Seems like you don't know how to debate very well, and have issues admitting when you're wrong. Oh well, maybe you'll get over it.