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  1. Chances with a 163 LSAT and a 3.2-3.3 GPA?

    I got in with 3.26, 165. I saw someone get rejected in 2016 with 3.5, 163 no sask connection. So unfortunately it seems unlikely you would get in. I would say go to school for another year and bump the GPA, write the LSAT again if you really need to!
  2. Chances with 157 LSAT and 3.84 B2?

    90-95% chance you are in
  3. Chances? [3.88, 157]

    Almost 95% chance you’re in
  4. How SOL am I if I take the February LSAT?

    B2 3.26 LSAT: 153, 156(oct 2016), 165(feb 2017) no sask connection
  5. How SOL am I if I take the February LSAT?

    You Aren’t. I wrote in February of this year(with my only LSAT that was good enough but for acceptance) and heard back in June of this year. you’ll Be fine if you do well on the feb exam
  6. Any reason USask's GPA is a bit lower?

    On pure number of applicants, yes, usask has less applicants than other schools. So it might be easy to say there’s less demand and hence lower GPA but I would disagree. I believe the low GPA and LSAT averages is attributable to the focus on “sask connection” students. Looking at the stats of the applicants admitted at least from this site(assuming truthfulness and correct GPA calculations), notwithstanding a few outliers, the stats are competitive at many schools. However if you take a peek at the end of the cycles, and the stats that are getting in at that time with strong sask connections, it’s clear that the outliers at the end of the cycle bring the whole average down.
  7. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Just for the record, its well known that the purpose of these threads is to share GPA and LSAT results for current and future applicants to gauge their chances off of. What I meant was that simply posting a GPA or LSAT without the other thing doesn't help anyone gauge their chances. So, in this situation, Lawfulwaffle would've been better off not posting at all.
  8. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Lawfulwaffle did? Where?
  9. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    The thread is kinda useless to current and future applicants without your GPA
  10. Chances? (LSAT 162, L90 3.6)

    I’m pretty sure you’d be in! There were 2 acceptances in January with similar stats: 3.66 L3 and 159 LSAT and 3.61 L3 and 161 LSAT. Those were both in January last year. So I believe you’ll be in, early in the cycle!
  11. Chances this cycle? (3.8/4.33 cGPA, 3.94 L2, 154 LSAT)

    Just got more confident about their chances as I typed
  12. Chances this cycle? (3.8/4.33 cGPA, 3.94 L2, 154 LSAT)

    Pretty sure you are in. Somebody got in with a 3.9 Gpa and 148(36th percentile) lsat. Im certain you will be in.
  13. Chances: 3.3 GPA and 153 LSAT

    You might get in through the PLSNP program. Your stats seem low even for "general" admission under the "indigenous" category. Best of luck!
  14. Chances - B2 GPA 3.4, LSAT 160

    I was almost put on the waitlist for Usask(ended up getting accepted just before the list's creation) in June with a 3.3 B2 and 165 LSAT. I'm also from Alberta, no connection to sask. the difference between 160 and 165 is 12 percentile points. So I'm just unsure why either of you think that OP would be likely to get in with those stats, given that I was accepted fairly late @HandsomeSocialist @GT911
  15. Chances - B2 GPA 3.4, LSAT 160

    I would rewrite the LSAT, unlikely you would be accepted with those stats and no connection.