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  1. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    Physical mail. The letter mailed to my home address (my parents' house)
  2. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    @SeniorLopez247 I got my letter congratulating me on Dean's list in the mail yesterday. GPA was 3.77
  3. Concerned Law Student

    I figured, that makes more sense. Thanks for confirming!
  4. Concerned Law Student

    Could it be designed for 3Ls who already have articles lined up, who just need a degree but don't need to maintain certain grades?
  5. Concerned Law Student

    OP may want to consider looking into firms with cycles in the winter, when they'll have their 2L Fall grades. If you have Cs/Ds in 1L, but have Bs in 2L, you'd have a legitimate 'I struggled, but have worked to find a better strategy' story to tell. I'm pretty sure non-TO markets (Ottawa [non-IP], London, Hamilton) have recruitment cycles in January
  6. Applying in 3rd year worth it?

    I would chime in that I met a couple people (literally a couple, i.e. 2) who has completed 3 year General Arts degrees. So they only did a 3 year degree, but they had the piece of paper, in the end. I, like erinl2, would always advocate for finishing a degree. You never know what your life will become, what will happen in law, not to mention a non-insignificant number of JDs who go on to work in non-law capacities. A undergrad degree is valuable. Not to mention, from a practical standpoint, why sink 3 years of money and time into something and not finish it?
  7. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    New updated: after speaking with someone in the careers office (on an unrelated topic), she indicated Dean's List notifications were, to her knowledge,not going to be sent until later this month, or maybe into June. And if you are notified about any awards, those don't go on your transcript until the Fall, so she says to add awards to your resume if you're applying to jobs with a summer deadline.
  8. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    I would recommend everyone check SOLUS then, this is about the time in a cycle when they might send out a mass number of rejections, and it typically appears in SOLUS before any emails are sent. Also check you email spam folder - when I got rejected from Oz last year it went to my spam, even though everything else had gone to my inbox
  9. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    That might be how they’re doing things this year. I know they saw an increase in applications, so they may not have needed to wait until July to form a wait list
  10. Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    July 3rd is the date all provisionals go firm, and applications to other school get withdrawal automatically if you’re in at least 1 place (in Ontario). So if you’re provisional at Western, for example, and on July 3rd still have no response from a Queens, you automatically go firm at western and your application is withdrawn from Queens. So in the month of June they’ll send out a few offers, try to ensure a full class. But as of July 3rd, they’ll know exactly how many spots are full, and how many applicants they have left who have not received other law acceptances. They may be left with a very few places, and they can send offers or accordingly
  11. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    No notification about Dean’s list, but I did hear about a course prize, and was told any scholarship decisions for returning students would be made in July. Ive heard that deans list for returners doesn’t happen until mid-June, but that’s from one anecdote
  12. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    I’m pretty sure Queens averages your LSAT when they order the files, so 166 is a great score but if they had others that were much lower, it would mean their application was lower down. But you got in, congrats!
  13. Chances with Low CGPA

    Your LSAT is right at the median, and your L2 is great. Maybe not early in the cycle, but I think you have a good chance!
  14. Need some clarification on admission process

    It really depends on your LSAT at this point. Your GPA does not disqualify you; I had an 3.6 overall when I applied, brought up to a 3.7 by the end of 4th year. My L2 was 3.92. I had a bad first year. Schools overlooked this for a solid L2 and an upward trend. For comparisons, my LSAT was a 159. I was admitted to Queens and Western, waitlisted and eventually admitted to Ottawa, rejected from a Osgoode. So I would aim (as all students should) for a score of 160+ for a solid shot. I’d also recommend applying widely and realistically. I knew I had no shot at some schools didn’t waste an application fee to confirm the inevitable (*cough* U of T). But with a solid LSAT you have a solid chance at several Ontario law schools.
  15. Tutor List

    No clue, waiting to hear the same thing. Have you heard any news on Dean's list?