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  1. Way to contribute nothing to nobody, cheers to that. bottoms up. Salute.
  2. Chill.. the LSAT tests skills which are taught.. if you haven't learned them then it makes sense that you won't do well. Most improvement is done on games. You mentioned logical reasoning you did poorly; I assure you that you could easily get to 20/25 average within 3 months of good studying. The first 9-12 questions are layups with only a stretch of 7-8 being the most difficult. Guess correctly and get 2/8 and still end up with a sufficient score.
  3. It happens to the best of us. I've also seen people with identical stats hear from the schools I've applied to and left wondering what distinguished them from me and the rest of the same stats. Just stay patient - and I mean actually patient, not just saying that you're being patient. To be clear, patience is enduring without reaching a negative state. Once you become negative, you're no longer patient. How patient? Until September to be safe.
  4. Yeah, this is my second time around so I'm definitely more aware of the nature of the game, but working full-time, doing some hobbies, or even going out more is definitely good to kill the time. You'll know by September for sure. It's also pretty expensive, but 2k, give or take, isn''t much relative to the tuition you hope to be paying. If it ends up being a career for you, it's not that much.. pretty sure licensing expenses are more and those are renewed annually.
  5. I never asked them that question, but I believe it would despite them saying otherwise. I don't think we'll get it anytime soon either, and even if we did, Ottawa has the most brutal waitlist, which I'd rather avoid altogether.
  6. Damn, qualified it with extremely too
  7. In queue since Jan 04
  8. Surprised to see so few rejections last year they were all sent out May 05
  9. I'll defer to someone more experienced, but I will say that Ottawa is known for their environmental law program and there are certainly jobs. I'd predict that there will be an increase in jobs in this area in the future.
  10. This can't be true; I don't have any stats to support this nor do I care enough to research it, but it's not right.
  11. damn disingenuous cloth
  12. They responded before then last year
  13. I guess the only option is to keep shopping banks. I'm pretty sure TD does require one though. You could take a year off to improve your credit but that's obviously brutal. Maybe contact financial aid annd ask them for a loan/more bursary or whatever option they can offer. Good luck
  14. OSAP has a cap; I believe it's $15,000 a year, so no it wouldn't cover. Do you really not have anyone that would be a cosigner or are you too embarassed/independent/whatever the adjective is to ask?