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  1. Accepted to Western 2018

    Just declined my offer for Queen's, good luck everyone!
  2. Open House

    I asked mum to sit this one out but when I went to Western I’d say at least half the students brought parents!
  3. Housing

    This was extremely helpful, THANK YOU!!
  4. Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship

    I'm curious, I have similar stats to you: did you already accept your offer to Western? I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get an email really soon.
  5. Exactly what @LegalArmada said...what if you find the bed uncomfortable, or there are noises you aren't used to? You may not be as particular as I am, but I find the night before tests I need to be in my usual environment.
  6. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Just saw my email. B2 3.95 LSAT 164
  7. Does anyone know if UBC sends out a snail mail offer package or if everything is electronic?
  8. York or Ryerson for Undergrad?

    As you mentioned, since you are not keen on the idea of commuting, I would realistically see how long it would take you to get to both schools and keep this in mind as well. They're both pretty good schools but I had many friends switch schools after one semester or one year because they didn't want to deal with commuting several hours in total per day.
  9. Got my email a couple hours ago! 85.5% with drops (self-calculated...85% when I emailed UBC my 12.0 scale cGPA), 164 LSAT
  10. Accepted to Western 2018

    Still waiting on the acceptance package in the mail, the letter in student centre is very basic and doesn’t mention any conditions.
  11. Accepted to Western 2018

    Just got my email a couple minutes ago! cGPA: 3.76 L2: 3.95 LSAT: 164
  12. Don't forget to look at the restrictions for what you can bring into the room (e.g. putting all your belongings in a ziploc bag, only being able to use wooden pencils....have several that are pre-sharpened and a couple blunt ones for bubbling in, leaving your phone in your car).
  13. Which schools look at B3/L2/CGPA?

    M BAD, really was just taking a stab at it lol
  14. Which schools look at B3/L2/CGPA?

    Queen's, Western, and I believe Osgoode are L2 (Queen's may now be B2) + CGPA. UofT is B3 + CGPA.
  15. How many programs are people applying to?

    How about UVic instead as a safety? Since you're already considering living in BC