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  1. I went to Mac and it was received the next day!
  2. OLSAS cGPA???

    Does anyone know if OLSAS will post our calculated cGPA somewhere on our application eventually or it’s just up to us to self-calculate to know what GPA is being sent to schools?
  3. Hi, basically what the title says....if I wanted to submit my application say Monday so that I can get the ball rolling with getting my transcript and LSAT scores in ASAP and so I can get the fee payment over and done with, are my reference letters still able to be submitted after that (but before the Nov 1 deadline)? Or do I need to have them in first before I click submit? Thanks for the help!
  4. Tips to save characters on OLSAS

    Think about it this way...would you have ever submitted an essay in undergrad using & rather than and??
  5. OLSAS Academic Awards

    Just wondering if applicants normally include graduating with distinction (Summa Cum Laude) as an academic achievement for the OLSAS sketch.
  6. CHANCES? cGPA 3.76, L2 3.95, 164

    Thanks @LegalArmada and @3rdGenLawStudent, appreciate the feedback! Mostly just worried about my softs haha
  7. Applying to Queens, Western, possibly Osgoode & Ottawa. As title says, cGPA: 3.76 L2 (also B2): 3.95 LSAT 164 (not rewriting) ECs: very meh, had a few mentorship roles but had to work several jobs in undergrad (all student service related, biggest one being a Don) to pay for school
  8. Registration Costs and Advice?

    Nope you just pay the $200, but a warning: it will end up being almost $300 in CAD (ugh that exchange rate)
  9. which tests to buy?

    I mean I don't work for LSAC so I don't know haha....I would presume before September?
  10. which tests to buy?

    Because each book comes with 10 practice tests, so if you look at the numbers you just posted, they won't be making a new compilation until 72-81 is available
  11. Cold Diagnostic

    Honestly, don't stress too much about the essay. The topics are really well laid out for you to be able to write a comprehensive essay. It won't be your best writing, but is still a fairly easy write, and as long as you put some effort into it, there's nothing to sweat. Also the euphoria of finishing the actual LSAT questions powered me through the essay haha so I didn't really feel the exhaustion
  12. Cold Diagnostic

    Powerscore definitely helped me, I just wrote the LSAT today (haha already back on the forums)! My recommendation is buying it used, it will definitely save you some dollars since the most recent versions haven't had to many updates (I sat in a bookstore for a few hours to compare what I had read in my old edition...mostly all the same!). Definitely invest in buying official LSAT practice tests, this is super important...once you've learned all the skills from Powerscore, they're nothing if you still can't finish under the time pressure or have the endurance to go through the full exam. I spent about 5 months, spent an hour or two each day for the first 2-3 months going through all the methods in Powerscore. Didn't really start doing practice tests until I was mostly done. These study plans on Powerscore's websites REALLY helped me manage time, i.e. figuring out what goals I should be hitting each week. http://students.powerscore.com/self-study/index.cfm The last 2 months was just doing practice tests...I'd spend about 4 hours sitting down and powering through 6 sections to build endurance and then give myself a break for the rest of the day, and then next day do a blind review (super important!!) and then mark the test and review all the answers. Hope this helped, feel free to DM me if you have any questions!
  13. The June LSAT starts at 12:30! So I probably won't be waking up at 5 haha. That's why I'm debating if I try squeezing in two meals beforehand.
  14. I know, stupid question, but any advice from past June writers for a good eating schedule for the June LSAT? I know that it doesn't normally start until 1 PM and am dreading being that one person with the growling stomach that distracts everyone right before the break. My one-ish hour commute to my testing centre makes it all the more difficult to figure out when I would eat breakfast/lunch.
  15. Going along with everyone said, undergrad is really a learning opportunity for you to discover what learning styles work best for you and for you to grow as a person (as cheesy as that sounds, it's true). I went to Mac and did my undergrad in life science which by no means is an easy program, but when you're doing something you really enjoy, it's much easier to get good marks. In my first year, because of all the mandatory courses I had to take that I hated (physics, math haha) I got a pretty shitty GPA but by the time 3rd and 4th year came around, I really figured out which study methods worked best for me and which courses interested me the most and got my highest grades. After working for admissions, I can tell you that most schools do NOT look at your program for professional schools (i.e. law school, med school etc.), they actually block out which school AND program you came from when looking at your grades to keep it as unbiased as possible. BUT on the plus side, if you think about it this way: you may think it's "easier" to do well in social sciences, but a lot of those courses are more subjective than science, so it can actually be a lot harder to do well (especially for science students, who tend to be less developed writers) since a lot of your grades are based on things like essays as opposed to exams, labs, etc. So for me personally, I know I would never had achieved the grades I got if I was in social sciences/humanities. It's always good to keep an open-mind going into university and not have the mentality that some programs are "easier" than others. Chances are, most people in this forum have worked their asses off to get the grades they got, regardless of their program.