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  1. Summer school at UDEM

    Hello , I was just wondering if there are any anglos on the forum that have experience with the UDEM summer school program . Im currently enrolled at U of O and ive grown accustomed to writing my exams in english , so i was wondering if UDEM would allow me to do so if i took one or more courses with them over the summer?. Do i need to gain some sort of permission from the school ? etc etc Thanks
  2. hello , well i plan on getting the JD in the hopes of landing a job in ontario. my question was aimed at gauging the chances that ill be able to land a job considering that i won't have participated in the recruitment process in the province of ontario. thanks
  3. Hello, Im in the process of completing my L.LL at the university of Ottawa and was wondering about challenges ill face after taking the additional year to complete the JD. will i miss out on a lot of well paying jobs ? is there a stigma attached to students taking this path and working in common law jurisdictions ? any advice or testimonials would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. UdeM application requirements

    Hello , im currently a U of O civil law student and i can attest to the fact that civil law schools dont really care about anything other than your grades. I got into Udem as well and all i had to submit were my transcripts. best of luck
  5. Honours Bachelor or Bachelor degree

    well if you eventual goal is to get into law school you'll need a Full bachelors from a recognized university. other than that , its really up to you to pick your path to law school . good luck
  6. uottawa , buying books

    Hello, i was at the orientation but can't seem to remember if we buy our books from the normal uni book store or a special one within the faculty. also , when do they issue the book list ? thanks
  7. how-to guides for civil law students

    hey , looks like a great resource! thanks again
  8. how-to guides for civil law students

    on a related note.. do outlining strategies for tests and exams differ between the two legal traditions ? I've seen a few skeletal outlines online and was wondering if they'd be relevant. their are also plenty of books claiming to have solid outlining strategies. i realize that I'm getting ahead of myself , but from what I've gleaned , it seems as though managing your notes is key in law school . thanks again
  9. how-to guides for civil law students

    thanks everyone !
  10. how-to guides for civil law students

    i just assume , given the somewhat significant differences between both common and civil law systems , that certain strategies that might be relevant to common law students wouldn't necessarily apply to civil law students. it has little to do with language as I'm actually an anglophone. i was just searching for a guide that targeted civil law specifically . do you know of any good books ? I'm open to all suggestions , i just figured that the stereotypical recommendations for 1L's may not be as relevant when studying civil law.
  11. hello , does anyone know of ant pre law school tools for civil law students? common law schools have books like "getting to yes" as well as other more specialized books that teach you how to summarize cases and diff test taking strategies. haven't had much luck fining anything thanks
  12. JD Common Law wanting to practice in Quebec..help?

    interesting that you mention going from common to civil , as i was considering a similar strategy but the other way around lol . my french comprehension skills are on par with the demands of the program ( according to the french placement test) , but nevertheless , the thought of studying in french as well as participating in french moot courts gives me the chills. in my case it was more of a practical decision that revolved around the beast that is the LSAT. after 2 unsuccessful sits i just had to sit myself down and ask myself if i really wanted to study in english bad enough to want to write the test 1 or 2 more times. finally i just decided to stick to the L.LL for the following reasons 1. ill probably want to practice in QC anyway being a native anglo Quebecer, 2.it didn't make much sense to sit around studying for an entrance exam that wasn't necessary 3. i can tack on the extra JD and maybe find some niche cross border work that would allow me to practice in Ontario afterwards, and finally , the L.LL will probably work wonders for my french skills. people across this forum will tell you its a bad idea, but I've seen a handful of success stories with some friends of mine who went from civil to common law jurisdictions and found a job after having done both degrees. these people found work in family law and business law , so you never no. in any case , ill be starting the L.LL in September ( hoping for the best).
  13. LA UDEM 2017

    i accepted ottawa a while back but i had gotten into UDM and laval as well
  14. LA UDEM 2017

    are any of you guys in at other schools?