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  1. 3.11, 163 ‘mature’ in the sense that I’m 29 years old and run my own business. I’ve also repeated courses from undergrad to improve my CGPA. Calculated with this is mind, my CGPA is ~3.57 with an L2 of ~3.75.
  2. Waitlisted 2018

    Waitlisted April 30. 3.11 CGPA, 163 LSAT 29 years old. Significant entrepreneurial experience.
  3. Mine hasn’t. It’s making me nervous, because my February score is definitely a stronger part of my application.
  4. Pending Review

  5. Pending Review

    @WindsorHopeful I’m also still pending. I was wait-listed on March 10 last cycle and had already been ‘Referred to Admissions Comittee’ by now. If there is something missing from your file, they’ll email you directly and let you know. Our status’ should update in the next few weeks. I know now it’s rough. Hang in there, and hopefully we’ll meet in September!
  6. Thankfully, there are some protections in place for what people can do with my personal information. A social insurance number, by the way, would not be essential to an individual who possesses all of the outlined information and who have nefarious intent. The biggest question, I think, is whether this leak impacts my (our) chances at admission to the law school. I can’t directly imagine how it would, but my email asking for such confirmation has conspicuously gone without a reply.
  7. If past rejection threads are any indication, I don’t think that we will start to see any rejections until April next year. Good luck everyone!
  8. In Queue 2018

    There are probably many applicants that have not gone into queue yet. If last year’s cycle is any indication, many applicants will not be in queue until well into the new year. The wait is rough, but it’s what we’re signing up for - or trying to lol!
  9. OLSAS School Submission Questions

    I hear you! I’m an above-average age applicant as well. For this question, I chose to focus on one specific activity - like recreational ice hockey. The other questions barely allowed enough space to describe my extracirriculars in a list haha. All the best!
  10. OLSAS School Submission Questions

    I wouldn’t leave any questions unanswered. The reality is that you have some sort of extracurricular experience. By virtue of the very limited answer space, these questions provide admissions committees with a narrow understanding of our ‘soft’ qualifications to study law. Not answering a question would only serve to further narrow that understanding. In this sense, I can’t imagine a scenario where leaving a required question blank would be a boon to your application. Use the space! Good luck this cycle!
  11. Application Feedback

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to reply! My stats are: 3.11 OLSAS CGPA and 154 LSAT. The GPA, however, is specious in the sense that it includes both grades from many courses that I have retaken. My self-calculated CGPA omitting the original grades in retaken courses is 3.58. Regardless of calculation criteria, my L2 is 3.89. Thanks again!
  12. I was rejected off of the wait list earlier this week. I called the school to try and get some feedback on my application. I want to know - or at least have enough information to infer - what changes the adcomm would like to see in my application in order to make it more competitive for this coming cycle. I was told that if there were any comments on my file, the Associate Dean would get back to me. Is there anybody in a similar position that has had better luck 'extracting' some comments from the school?
  13. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    I hate that this is our reality lol
  14. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    I guess it could be the case that those removed from the wait list either a) aren't a member on this forum; b) are members but don't read or post regularly; or c) did not want to post about their wait list rejection. Whatever the reality, I'm frustrated and discouraged. Not that I expect a positive (or any) outcome, but I may reach out to the school early next week and pry for some more information. If the fact of the matter is that I have no chance of admission, I'd rather remove myself from the list and get on with my life haha. I don't like writing posts like this, because it feels like I'm whining. Many people on this forum have been through this process (some have gone through it several times), and it seems as though the consistent advice is to try and be patient. I guess patience is a virtue that I find myself wanting. All the best to everyone still on the wait list. Thanks for all of your posts. Reading and posting on this site is incredibly cathartic.