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  1. I hate that this is our reality lol
  2. I guess it could be the case that those removed from the wait list either a) aren't a member on this forum; b) are members but don't read or post regularly; or c) did not want to post about their wait list rejection. Whatever the reality, I'm frustrated and discouraged. Not that I expect a positive (or any) outcome, but I may reach out to the school early next week and pry for some more information. If the fact of the matter is that I have no chance of admission, I'd rather remove myself from the list and get on with my life haha. I don't like writing posts like this, because it feels like I'm whining. Many people on this forum have been through this process (some have gone through it several times), and it seems as though the consistent advice is to try and be patient. I guess patience is a virtue that I find myself wanting. All the best to everyone still on the wait list. Thanks for all of your posts. Reading and posting on this site is incredibly cathartic.
  3. ...no way. So there were no offers made this week that we know of? That's bruuuuutal. Given the update of June 28, I was hopeful that some offers would go out this week. Indeed, previous updates on the Windsor website indicated that only those with a 'reasonable chance' of receiving an offer survived the last wait list culling. All of this gave me hope. The update of today has either extended the painful wait - until God knows when - or ended this year's admissions cycle with, what us poor wait listers can only assume is, a de facto rejection. If we have no real chance of receiving an offer, I really wish that the admissions team would just put us out of our misery.
  4. LOL I was big-headed enough to think the same thing. Initially, I overlooked the blurb about being on the wait list; when I saw "can't wait to meet you all soon", my heart skipped a beat. In my fervour to check my application status online, I mistyped "my.uwindsor.ca" like 5 times. When my status was still "Wait List", I re-read the email and noticed the blurb about wait list candidates. Sooooooo disappointing hahaha.
  5. Got the same email from Francine - still on the wait list...since March 10. This is killing me.
  6. First of all, congratulations on your acceptance to Ottawa! While not required, it is my understanding that an applicant with a 4 year (or honours) undergraduate degree is more likely to be offered admission to law school in Ontario than a candidate with a 3 year degree. Having said that, an honours degree is not generally required for admission to law school. You will do a lot of growing over the next few years; you will learn as much about yourself as the subject that you study. You will find that many of your current ambitions, preferences, and hobbies will be profoundly altered by the time you complete your degree. I can therefore offer very little advice with respect to your choice of program. I can only suggest that you research various career paths in each program and select the one that appeals most to you right now. Get good grades and enjoy the experience! All the best!
  7. In queue since Jan 25
  8. Rejected by email and on SOLUS just now. cGPA: 3.11 LSAT: 154 'Mature' applicant in the sense that I'm 28 and have worked full time for more than 5 years. Best of luck to those still waiting!
  9. Heavy involvement in a family business since 2003 with significant responsibilities throughout undergrad; full-time (career-level) job since 2013; ride to conquer cancer team leader, same part-time job since 2008; and youth hockey coach since 2008. Thanks for your well-wishes! I'd been retaking classes from undergrad for the better part of two years now trying to bring up my GPA, but apparently OLSAS counts both classes and doesn't replace them - should have done my research beforehand. I'm in my late 20's - I'm hoping that I get in somewhere this cycle, or I may have to move on . Edit: I realize that my EC's are nothing extraordinary, and my personal statement was nothing special. I regret not having invested the same time and focus that I did for schools like Windsor, Osgoode (LOL - don't even know why I applied), and Queens.
  10. Not surprised, but still unhappy to be starting this topic. Rejected this evening. OLSAS cGPA: 3.11 LSAT: 154 L2: 3.89 Best of luck to those still in the running!
  11. Congratulations on your graduate acceptances! All the best with your remaining applications!
  12. Went into queue on Jan 25. Your stats are better than mine. The waiting is rough, but that's all we can do. Best of luck!
  13. Last year's threads suggest that the first waitlisted offers were made between now and March 24. Good luck everyone!
  14. Rejected. No surprise. cGPA (OLSAS): 3.11 L2: 3.89 LSAT: 154