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  1. Tuition increase

    Your numbers for UNB are out of date. They just increased tuition from $10k to $13k. I guess it just proves your point as to how every is increasing tuition.
  2. I just want to echo what some other people have said here, and encourage you to take the opportunity in front of you and get a law degree. You clearly have the intellectual aptitude to finish law school and even enter the profession. As others have noted, not all lawyers engage in a type of practice that requires them to be 'social butterflies' as someone else has said. In fact, not everyone with a law degree become a practicing lawyer. There are plenty of opportunities that a law degree will open up for you that don't involve the traditional practice of law. A law degree from a reputable university (which all Canadian law programs are) provides one of the best financial returns of any degree outside of an MD. In my opinion what it really comes down to is that you are almost certainly better off with a law degree than without with; even if you find that private practice does not work out for you. And for the record, one of my current law school classmates is almost certainly on the ASD, and he is actually one of the top students at our school. I cant imagine he will have any trouble finding a job after graduation, especially with the government would be probably be more inclined to hire you due to your disability, because the government is all about that good stuff.
  3. US Law School Ultimate Bar Pass Rate

    Thats why we fired him after that. We couldn't understand how he managed to screw up so hard. Its was remarkable, how badly he was able to botch a simple task. And from what I can remember there was not anything inherently wrong with that file or our request for an adjournment.
  4. US Law School Ultimate Bar Pass Rate

    The firm I work at once accidentally hired a Cooley grad. He offered to article for free because he couldn't find a paid articling placement and my principle had never heard of Cooley and its stellar reputation. Needless to say, my principle got rid of him after a month. Even having him work for free wasn't worth it. One time we sent him to court to get a simple adjournment and he came back with a $5000 cost judgement, against the firm personally.
  5. Removing Tort Law from First Year

    I don't know about McGill but at UNB we a first year legal writing and advocacy and one of the things we had to do was learn how to properly draft legal documents like factums, memos, case briefs, book of authorities etc. I know that not an extensive introduction to drafting legal documents, but now that I am back at my firm for the summer I feel like it was probably the most useful thing I learned in first year.
  6. Removing Tort Law from First Year

    Couldn't agree more. Those are the classes that literally teach you how how to sue people and how to properly draft the documents to sue people lol.
  7. 10 reasons not to go to my school.

    As someone who just finished my first year at UNB I would like to endorse this post, as everything stated in here is completely accurate. In particular I would like to emphasize #6, because since this post was made two years ago this has only gotten worse. The law faculty has a very big faculty turnover problem as no body new who they hires wants to stay here for very long. Your observation about the 'old guard' of professors who taught from the 70s to the 00's is remarkably accurate, theres only a few guys left from that old guard (McEvoy, Siebrasse and Bell have been here since the early 80's and they are the only ones left) and once those guys leave, the law faculty is truly screwed. The simple truth is that the profs they are able to attract to a small town in New Brunswick are not the best, and the good ones that do happen to wind up here leave after 3-4 years (Kislowitz this year for example). I think it has to do with the fact that any well qualified law professor would not want to come to a small town in a largely rural province. I think it also has to do with the fact that they don't pay as much as other law faculties, because NB as a province is in financial troubles, and the law faculty charges among the lowest tuition in the country. Anyways, The jist of what I am trying to say is that UNB has been going downhill fast during the last 10 years and from what I can see it is only going to get worst. My understanding is that the faculty ousted the last dean because he wanted to increase enrolment, presumably because they wanted to extra money to try and attract better faculty, and there doesn't seem to be anyone in this administration who is capable of turning this ship around. And its all truly a shame, you can tell that back in the day (as early as late 90's early 00's) UNB was truly a top notch law school. It was ranked 3rd in the country in a 1998 ranking and during that period the school routinely won national and international moot competitions. And it makes sense because they literally had the same people teaching the same courses for 30 years, and from what I seen thats left of the 'old guard' they were really good at it. Im gonna try and transfer out this summer, as I don't think UNB will be able to coast of whatever previous reputation it did have for much longer.
  8. I just posted this in another thread, but I noticed that it is a bit dated as the OP hasn't logged in in over a week. So i though a general post might be in order. I was wondering if any current or recent students comment on the general impression on this forum that in recent years U Ottawa Law has turned into an administrative shit show. My sister graduated from Ottawa Law over 10 years ago and she says that back then she did not get that impression, but multiple people over the last few years have expressed this sentiment. I am concerned because I am considering transferring back to an Ontario from an out of province law school and U Ottawa is one of, and quite possible my most likely, option. Also if anyone has any general comments on the law faculty that they would like to share, please do!
  9. Can you comment on the general impression on this forum that in recent years U Ottawa Law has turned into an administrative shit show. My sister graduated from there over 10 years ago and she says that back then she did not get that impression, but multiple people over the last few years have expressed this sentiment. I am concerned because I am considering transferring back to an ontario from an out of province law school and U Ottawa is one of, and quite possible my most likely, option.
  10. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Congratulations! I have no doubt that you deserve all those admission, although I think my point still stands, although it might not be an absolute rule that if your stats are to good they just rejected you. Its just that I have seen to many examples, both on this forum and in real life, of people with really good stats who get rejected by Windsor, months before getting rejected or admitted from more competitive schools. If you look through the rejected thread from this and previous years you will see that every year Windsor rejects multiple people with LSAT scores in the 170s, and they do it surprisingly early.
  11. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Sometimes I get the impression that its just a matter of whether the admission committee likes you, and if they think that you are the 'type of student' that they are looking for; and that other than that they just have certain minimum requirements as like a floor for admission, such as no LSAT below 150 and no one with a gpa below 2.7 for example. I mean how else can you explain it, the school refuses to post entrance stats and they say that their admission process is geared towards achieving social justice in the profession, whatever the hell that means.
  12. Rejected 2018

    Keep your chin up bro! Raise that LSAT by 5 points and you will get in next year. You have the cGPA, which is, arguably, the hardest part. You can't improve your cGPA but you can most definitely improve your LSAT score.
  13. Windsor Rejected 2018

    My bad, I didn't realize that was the case. But I think the point still stands that Windsor has some of, if not the, lowest entrance stats of any law school in the country, baring maybe the TRU and Lakehead which have both recently opened. And calling Windsors admission process haphazard is an understatement. Windsors admission process is truly a black box, there is absolutely no way to gauge your chances of being admitted.
  14. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Just going through this thread has confirmed something that I suspected last year. If your stats are too good, especially if you have a high LSAT, Windsor will reject you right off the bat, and I am guessing its because they assume that those people will get in somewhere else and not end up enrolling. I applied to 10 different law schools across Canada last year with respectable stats (164 Lsat and 3.4 OLSAS cgpa with a higher l2) and Windsor rejected me in January. This was shocking to me at the time because I was well above Windsor's posted entrance statistics (155 lsat and 3.2~ cgpa) and Windsor rejected me months before any other school did, and in facts months before my final grades for the year came in during April. Looking through this thread and seeing how many people with stats that would likely get them admitted to other law schools with far more competitive entrance requirements has confirmed my long standing suspicion they just don't admit people who they think will not end up enrolling. Although maybe its just that they are looking for something other than grades and they are trying to advance some social justice bs.
  15. Yea I figured Ottawa was probably my best bet because I hear they have a relatively high attrition rate after first year, and my Criminal Law prof who gave me a reference told me Ottawa would probably be my safest bet. And yes the deadline to file the applications, without supporting documents, is next week. I have contacted the schools and they don't give very helpful informations. For example this was the response I got from Western last month when I asked about grade requirements for transfer "We don’t outline specific law school grade requirements, as this can change based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool applying for transfer in a given cycle." Queens says you generally need a B but that they give preference to out of province law students trying to come back to their home province, so I hope that bodes well for me. And yea I kinda figured that Osgoode was out of reach now, I did have a B+ average after first term but after getting a few exams back this week it has regressed closer to a 3.0(B), although I hope my compassionate grounds can push me over the edge. And although I understand that the grade requirements while vary depending on available spots and the quality of people applying, I was hoping to get some more specific information. And I know there is not a-lot of info on this forum for transfer applicants, and most of the posts I do find people just end of private messaging each-other with info so it does not get posted in the public forum, which is why I made this post. I know that Western factors in compassionate grounds however my compassionate grounds don't really apply to Western because im not from London. Im from Toronto and my family, and the reasons I need to be back, are also there which is why Osgoode is the only school where my compassionate grounds would even apply.