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  1. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    To be fair, you are assuming that no one would ever CHOOSE to work at a small firm in North York that specializes in Family Law. I understand why you would make that assumption, but its not necessarily true.
  2. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    She wasn't actually.
  3. Course Load

    You have to research at every schools admission practices in depth to get the answer to your question. I know for example that U Saskatchewan calculates your GPA based on your best two years, but unless you have taken 24 credits that wont count as a year, and if you don't have two fulls years they will just take your cGPA. Every schools calculates GPA differently. For some schools it might not affect your changes of admission all that much, but for other schools it might seriously handicap your gpa calculation if not necessarily your admission chances. Generally speaking, admission committees like to see that you can handle a full course load and get good grades because its a good indicator that you can handle law school.
  4. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    Ya I did not agree with her drooling over U of T grads in the first place or knocking down her opinion all the schools grads because of one guy. But what do I know, she's the one who started a successful practice from scratch.
  5. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    My principle always held U of T law graduates to be a cut above the students from every other law school in Canada, even Osgoode. Rightfully or nor, the experience with this guy made her reevaluate that assessment, and she no longer singles out U of T grads for interviews of of the pile of resumes, at least thats what she told me.
  6. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    The firm that I work at is in North York. its a small firm that mainly specializes in family law practice, although we do a lot of general practice work. My principle decided to hire a 3rd year lawyer in his place instead of another articling student because she just have birth and she doesn't feel like training another articling student right now.
  7. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    He did complain a lot for the week that he was here, and the response to all his complaints was that this is the job and he better get use to it. He himself even admitted that he had a very rosey and unrealistic image of what practicing law was like, and the fact that he did not do any summer internships during law school just exacerbated his misconceptions and made articling an even bigger shock for him. I guess his mentality was to just cut his losses asap and that he wasn't willing to struggle today for the hope of a better future. And its a shame really, he was an extremely intelligent and capable person, he just did not want to accept the lifestyle and work-life balance of a private practice lawyer, and he admitted it. The whole ordeal with this guy was highly usual and he single handedly brought down my employers opinion of U of T's Law Faculty, as my principle lawyer never thought she would have such a bad articling experience with a U of T grad.
  8. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    If it makes you feel better, my firm just had our articling student quit after a week. He cited pretty much the same stuff you did, that the workload was overwhelming, too stressful and that the practice of law was not at all what he imagined it was when he was in law school. So you are definitely not alone. I spoke to him quite a bit, he plans on pursuing a non-law career path, likely somewhere in the public service. I understand the feeling that you have made a huge mistake going to law school now that you see you don't want to practice, but know that you're law degree will always be an asset throughout your career, even if you don't practice law.
  9. The strongest aspect of 7SAGE's offerings, in my opinion, is their Logic Games explanations, at least that is what I got the most value out of. Logic Games is the most learnable of the LSAT 3 sections, and the guy from 7SAGE is extremely thorough and methodical about the way he approaches the games.
  10. So I failed...

    Ahh, I love how ruthlessly pragmatic and to the point some practitioners are. Sometimes I wish everybody would think like a lawyer, then I realize it would actually be a terrible place.
  11. Administrative Law: Course vs Module

    Problem is that I didn't take State and Citizen because i'm a 2L transfer.
  12. Im going to bump this, because I really want to know if anyone has taken this course.
  13. Administrative Law: Course vs Module

    How did you do the module? Did you have to ask the school or is it just some link online? I can't seem to find anything.
  14. Osgoode's degree requirements state that administrative law is a requirement to graduate, however you do not have to take a graded for-credit course. It states that you can either take the course or do the non-graded online module that does not count for any credits, and that either of these satisfies the degree requirement. I am already enrolled in the Admin course for this upcoming year however, I am considering dropping it as there are more interesting courses I would rather take, which also fit better into my schedule. So I wanted to ask, has anyone taken the Admin law module? What was your experience, was it easy or hard? How long does it take? Can it be done any time of the year? Im having trouble finding Info about this not for credit module on Osgoode's website, so naturally I have turned here.
  15. 7SAGE is BY FAR the best online LSAT prep tool. I wrote the LSAT 3 times over a 1 year stretch before I got a decent score (164) and 7SAGE was one of the most helpful resources, although I also used an LSAT prep course. I wouldn't recommend using 7sage by itself and to supplement you studies with an LSAT prep course, if thats possible, although there are people who have only used 7SAGE and done really well.