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  1. If you do decide to do that, I think you would have the designation of being the first person in history to Transfer from Queens Law to TRU.
  2. I don't know how your school does it but, at my school getting caught with an academic violation resulted in one of three things.1) Expulsion if it was really bad. 2) If it was bad, but not enough for expulsion, they would note it in your transcript and flag the course in which it occurred. 3) If it was minor and y our first offense they would simply make an internal note on your record that only the university staff could see, and the only consequence of that was that in the future you could not petition the grade you got for that course or try and have it struck from your transcript. However, any grad schools that you apply to would not be made aware of any of this as it would simply be an internal university note on your file. So I guess the answer to your question is what does your school do for academic violations and what did they do to you. If it was something similar to option 3 at my school, you are fine.
  3. Well if it makes you feel better, you're probably already a lock at U Ottawa. Your extremely high GPA and sub-par first write LSAT score are right up their alley.
  4. All things being equal, I would advise writing the June sitting of the LSAT, even if it means waiting, simply because that's the only sitting where the exam begins at noon rather than 8am. For me that made a huge difference, especially considering the fact that i didn't sleep the night before I took any of my 3 LSAT writes.
  5. Thanks!
  6. No
  7. Just got my letter of admission via email. B2 3.94/4.3. LSAT 164, Ontario Resident
  8. Just received a nice letter of admission from Wanda. 3.8/4.3 with drops, and 164 LSAT over multiple writes. Ontario Resident
  9. UPDATE: Just got my first Admission to New Brunswick. After uploading my final 36 credits (3.73/4 olsas) from this year my GPA with drops to UNB was 3.8/4.3. My Olsas GPA has been bumped up to a 3.3. To date I have been rejected from U of T, Calgary, Ottawa, and Windsor. I am still waiting on Dalhousie, Osgoode and Saskatchewan. Unless I get an offer from Dal or Osgoode, which I know is a long shot, I will be accepting the offer to New Brunswick. I hope this information helps people calculate their chances in the future
  10. One thing that hasn't been suggested that, that served me really well towards the end of my studying, is to work on your mental endurance. I don't know about you, but I would tire out a bit on the 3rd and 5th sections and those would typically be my lowest scoring sections irrespective of what kind it was. So I began writing all 5 sections consecutively with no break, or writing 6 sections with 3 before and after the break, in order to increase my mental stamina; and I think that was the single biggest thing that helped me improve my score in the final weeks.
  11. Im confused about this as well. One of the 4 Ontario Law schools I applied to already gave me a response over 6 weeks, rejection from U of T, yet OLSAS has yet to update that response in the 'offers/choices' section. So I don't know if schools are still working through OLSAS this year. Moreover, the GPA listing that was on the first page has disappeared, so I don't even know what the point of submitting grades again to OLSAS would be as it seems highly unlikely they would calculate those grades and pass them on to the law schools at this point.
  12. I wrote the LSAT three times and I cancelled my 2nd score because I felt like i just completely bombed the LG section. My first score was 155, and after i wrote the second time I knew there was no way i had improved my score, so i cancelled. Luckily I nailed it the 3rd time and scored 164, which was actually higher than i had ever practice tested, I think my highest was 163. So ya just keep at it and don't be afraid to write it again as most schools will simply take your highest score, I think U Alberta is the exception
  13. Thats the best GPA I've ever seen.
  14. I think your kind should be dragged outback and shot. #academicpurity
  15. The only school that you might have to raise your LSAT for is Osgoode, otherwise you are pretty much a lock at Western, Dal, and Queens.