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  1. Looking for some guidance

    Above just answering Providence's question about whether the OP has volunteer experience. Um...which part of it is making you ill? Is it the people you work for? The work itself? The very fact of working for other people? An absence of respect? The lack of upward mobility? Intellectual stimulation? Compensation? Or, to put it another way, do you know what kind of law you're going to practice if you could get into law school? Where you're going to work? You have a "dream" right now. How defined is it?
  2. Looking for some guidance

    In terms of admissions, I agree with what everyone else says. But your post...yikes. Here's what I've gathered from your post: you think that becoming a lawyer -> improves your self esteem -> makes you happy. If this were an LSAT question, it'd probably be one where you'd find an error in logic somewhere. But generally, law school isn't a particularly happy place for mature students. I'm a mature student who is very much enjoying law school, but I can also "pass" for a member of the dominant age group. I don't know if I'd enjoy this place at all if I were twice as old as everybody else. Then there's the articling, where you'd be working for someone probably much younger than you at ~50 yrs, keeping in mind that getting an articling position from overseas will be pretty tough to begin with. Which isn't to say that you shouldn't do it, but you've got to find a reason other than self-esteem (which I link to the similarly problematic concept of "prestige" i.e. making oneself feel better in comparison to other people). I mean, do you enjoy the work you'd do as a lawyer? Does the work itself make you happy? If not particularly, do you have any other sources of happiness? Your best case scenario will be to get into a Canadian law school, and I hope you can, but it almost certainly won't be fun or make you particularly happy. Plus law school itself is stressful and tough, and you'd be using all your savings. There's no other way to improve your self-esteem?
  3. Bundle of rights!! I'm moderately stressed already but having a great time.
  4. Undergrad Taking 4+ Years

    I took six, including some absolutely dismal not-even-close-to-passing years and I still found my way to a law school. But I'd recommend trying to get your shit together asap if you know where you want to go. Not everyone is lucky enough to be slow and dim in everything except what the LSAT tests for.
  5. Waitlist 2017

  6. Should I change my phone number?

    If I had been more prescient, I would've bought a more memorable 416 # before mine stuck. It's probably not too late to do so but I'm used to mine now (like an old robe).
  7. Should I change my phone number?

    Do they even give out 416 numbers anymore or do you have to buy them off of someone?
  8. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    On my first pass over your post, I thought your tip was to use your beer cartons as a table for your textbooks... But since you're a week ahead of me I suppose I'll defer to your judgement re: priorities.
  9. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    What. do you have against the Eaton Centre?
  10. You should watch some of her stuff on YouTube. She will often draw parallels between current events and other moments in political history (she's a massive history nerd). Basically she's a font of barely useful trivia, like certain other people who attended better schools than I did...
  11. Yeah I totally forgot about that. You're like the Rachel Maddow of explaining things... Nvm!
  12. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    It's not my first choice either, but you could've at least brought something more substantive to the table Well, to be fair, BQ is probably too drunk for "substantive" right now...
  13. I wish I had an epeeist in my group that can just be expected to explain everything. Or look it up, learn, process, and explain it to me in contextualized bite-sized pieces. /lazy
  14. *quickly Googles Ghee on the off chance I might be called upon to discuss it someday*