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  1. my new mantra for the next 2 weeks: "It's okay, even Uriel got a C..."
  2. ^ this. Look, they realize that you just went though a gruelling and nerve-wracking test. I think, even if they look at it, they'd be less critical if you accidentally answered a different question coherently vs answering the actual question in a completely incomprehensible way. I wouldn't stress.
  3. TWU and the SCC

    Well, even though it's not a satisfying distinction by any means, the legal system has historically been an agent of discriminatory and harmful practices against minorities (since a lot of those issues were about rights), so you can see why the problems might arise to a greater extent for practitioners of law vs practitioners of medicine, maybe. I don' think this would ever work, or has even been suggested, because TWU's argument kind of depends on it being a foundational value/religious underpinning to their school. If they start carving out exceptions, then what's the point of this whole thing? What are your concerns about federalism? The fact that education is a local matter for provinces to regulate, or that law societies should be able to decide on a province-by-province basis?
  4. TWU and the SCC

    Really? Who are these people? There can be issues about threshold as to how many people might have feel adversely, who is being impacted, what constitutional rights are involved, etc., but to say the the law society has absolutely no ambit to protect its profession is probably not correct. And no, I don't think the Law Society can actually object to the Covenant. Like I said, it's legal. The school has a right to do it - it's part of their religious values. And as Jaggers said, there's no point in separating out law students from the rest of the students. If you can't challenge the policies of the school as a whole, you can't challenge it for just a law school. Even if the law societies succeed, there's still technically nothing stopping TWU from opening up a law school and churning out students with qualifications and a degree that's good anywhere but Ontario (if LSUC succeeds). So it does come back to the law societies' rights to protect and regulate the profession, but it's a question that's not entirely clear at the moment.
  5. TWU and the SCC

    But let's say that something would negatively impact the public trust in the profession (or it's general reputation), in a way that is unrelated to competence, and assuming it could be proven, does a self-regulating professional body have a right or an obligation to do something about it? I still think that's the main question here, and not how much the Covenant sucks.
  6. TWU and the SCC

    Well the question was really more about to what extent do the law societies get to regulate/have to accommodate institutions that want to produce law students. Talking about TWU's "discrimination" basically is just trying to justify the law societies' positions. In terms of just legal rights, I think TWU probably comes out ahead, because its clear they have a right to set up their own rules, even if they are discriminatory. The law societies' right to not accredit institutions because they don't like them (even if it's for a good reason) is a bit more precarious. It really depends on whether or not you can prove that the public's faith in the rule of law and lawyers in general will be damaged somehow - which is what the intervenors were for - and whether the law societies' mandate is to protect that. Like I said, it'll probably come down to external factors. It never helps when one is so clearly on the wrong side of history, even for the religion that they purport to be defending.
  7. TWU and the SCC

    I'm just going to go ahead and predict that the SCC is going to decide against TWU, based on the direction I feel the SCC has been heading recently. LSUC is discriminating against TWU the same way that TWU is discriminating against certain segments of the population. That's to say, nobody's stopping anyone from getting a degree - the students can simply choose to go somewhere else. The law societies are using the self-regulation, protecting confidence in rule of law etc justifications, and TWU is using the freedom of religion justification. Maybe they're balanced-ish? But if you add the public concern/equality angle, I think it might tip the scales... Personally, I'd probably crawl under my bed and hide if anyone ever asked me to decide something like this.
  8. TWU and the SCC

    All the intervenors are going tomorrow? Do they make any significant impact on judgments? Is it worth watching?
  9. TWU and the SCC

    Is anyone else watching the stream? It's pretty nerve-wracking. Some of the judges are going pretty hard at TWU's lawyers.
  10. I think cancer treatment is a pretty good explanation for why your grades are a bit low. But if your EC's are otherwise a bit sparse, you'd still need to bump that LSAT up as much as possible - Western likes LSAT scores. You have a chance already, you'd have a better one if you clear 160, and if you're closer to 165, I'd move it up to "good chance". You probably won't need above 165 unless your screw up your PS or your profs write you bad letters. But it's hard to say for sure depending on your competition from year to year.
  11. Law school and exercise

    I should point out that my lack of sleep isn't entirely because of stress or panic. It's because I've had to learn time management over the past few weeks, and as a consequence I do have some stuff to catch up on. The time management is getting better, and so is my ability to "learn smarter", but I haven't hit that sweet spot it. Some of my time is wasted on "me" stuff, and some of the lack of sleep is just being unable to shut my brain down in bed/melatonin cycles being off. [edit: when I say wasted, I mean actually wasted, and not saying any personal time is a waste. I need to manage my personal time too so that what I'm doing is adding value to my mental downtime, which it isn't always at the moment] But the lack of sleep is having an impact (though maybe not significant) on my learning, and certainly on how much I'm enjoying my day. So I'm actively working on it. Off to bed!
  12. Law school and exercise

    lol it's fine. I'll just re-hijack it when I get around to exercising, which will probably happen at some point. Right now my goal is to develop a comfortable sleep schedule...or just, get enough sleep on most nights.
  13. Law school and exercise

    OP check in - current time spent exercising 7 weeks into law school: N/A
  14. School submissions question

    Yeah just make sure you go back through your text and replace all the punctuation that's been stripped out.
  15. Looking for some guidance

    Above just answering Providence's question about whether the OP has volunteer experience. Um...which part of it is making you ill? Is it the people you work for? The work itself? The very fact of working for other people? An absence of respect? The lack of upward mobility? Intellectual stimulation? Compensation? Or, to put it another way, do you know what kind of law you're going to practice if you could get into law school? Where you're going to work? You have a "dream" right now. How defined is it?