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  1. Hey all, I'm hoping to attend Osgoode next year. I'm wondering what I should be doing in order to make myself as good of a candidate for the criminal law intensive program as I can. Any tips on what they look for in terms of grades/extra-curriculars/volunteer work? I understand the program is competitive, so I want to begin prepping as early as possible.
  2. Extremely strong ECs and references from law school deans and judges who have served as profs in my undergrad. I got a 152 on my LSAT in February (despite studying very hard for it -- will obviously be rewriting in September before applying). In your opinion, what is the absolute bare minimum I need on the LSAT for me to get automatic admission?
  3. LSAT help? 152 on first write

    Thanks so much for these responses, you guys! I've gone through all the Powerscore Bibles and the Kaplan textbook. Logic games is absolutely my worst section. However, I am consistently scoring pretty well in both logical reasoning and reading comp. I think I'm just psyching myself out because I was so thrown off by how poorly I did on my first exam. Anyone have any resources they can share? As well, could anyone suggest how many hours I should be doing a week? I probably studied about 200 hours between Sept 2016 and my write on Feb. 4. Should I do 200 more hours between now and Sept. 24?
  4. Hi all, I'm in the process of studying for my LSAT, which I plan on writing in September. I scored a 152 on my first write in February, which was devastating to me, as I had not done that bad on any of my practice exams. I have a 4.0 GPA from UBC, and I have extensive extracurriculars (many of which are in the field of criminal justice) and will be getting a reference from a Dean of Law and a provincial judge, who I have taken classes with. My goal is to get into Queens, and I understand I need nothing less than a 159 to be considered. I just don't seem to be making any progress. It is incredibly frustrating that I study my butt off every day, and really don't seem to improve at all. Can anyone offer any advice or help? I really need to score a lot better in order to get into a good school.