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  1. legal podcasts

    I like A Podcast Called INTREPID By Craig Forcese and Stephanie Carvin.
  2. To the 1Ls, on the occasion of their first exams

    What do you know, got a B on my torts mid-term... Thought for sure that I would get a C. Thanks again for the encouragement!
  3. Does your French REALLY matter?

    It wasn't meant as a shot against McGill Law's Dean or his friendliness. Sorry if my use of the terminology 'crack down' came across as harsh. (I'm sure he is a perfectly friendly fellow!) I just meant that the Dean was trying to ensure that the Faculty actually ensured that its students speak French (as they're supposed to)... EDIT: However—to avoid future confusion—I'll edit my word choice to reflect my intentions.
  4. Does your French REALLY matter?

    French matters if the ad-com senses that you aren't competent. However, if you are a competitive applicant and the ad-com has concerns, someone will just call you for a French interview. If you went through French Immersion and not merely Extended French (i.e. Ontario's Gr. 5-8 half-day/Gr 9-12 quarter-day French program), then you should be fine. I know people with shaky French who've successfully interviewed and have recently been admitted (i.e. over the past five years). As for if you're admitted: I've been told by a McGill Law grad that once you're in, you can avoid French like the plague for the entirety of your degree (or I guess I should say degrees...). That said, he's a bit older (graduated in the mid aughts). I've also been told that the new Dean is trying to ensure that Anglophones are actually competent in French. Not sure if this is true. Perhaps someone who went recently can comment... (As I don't attend McGill Law, you should take what I say with a grain of salt.)
  5. To the 1Ls, on the occasion of their first exams

    Thanks for the encouragement. Out of curiosity, do 1L mid-term grades appear on your transcripts post-1L? Say you get a C on a mid-term, but manage to get a B in the course overall after a stronger final exam performance. Would your transcripts show the mid-term + the final mark or just the final mark? I know it doesn't really matter because the final grade is the important indicator. I'm just curios...
  6. To the 1Ls, on the occasion of their first exams

    1L at Ottawa. While the archaic feudal English terminology was irritating, I found my property final easy. Contracts wasn't bad either. Torts was killer. Not looking forward to Jan 17...
  7. Is it important to apply to 1L recruit?

    So you wouldn't really care if the student spent the summer working in a legal related position? Just that they had a job?
  8. Is it important to apply to 1L recruit?

    I am in 1L and I intend to work this summer. However, I do not plan to apply for legal positions. I intend to return to my former seasonal position. (It's a fairly laid back non-policy/non-legal Government of Ontario position.) Should be fun!
  9. 4.0 cGPA 154 LSAT - Should I retake?

    In at Ottawa.
  10. No dashes in personal statements?!

    Beat me to it. The incorrect employment of em dashes, en dashes, and hyphens annoys me far more than it should.
  11. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    Yeah that was essentially my intention upon entering law school. I talked with an ADM and a director general and they said that a JD and a few years of experience as a lawyer would allow me to obtain an exec position with the feds relatively quickly.
  12. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    Wise words, Jaggers. I am someone who entered law school not knowing whether they actually want to practice law long term. However, I've always maintained that I want to be called and practice for a few years. After that, I hope to transfer back into policy. Hopefully - as numerous senior bureaucrats suggested - my JD and a few years of legal experience can help me climb the ranks in the federal civil service.
  13. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    I've heard it from numerous non-practicing lawyers...
  14. Dear vs Hi - OCI process

    Make sure that you conclude your email with vale rather than sincerely or regards.
  15. Waitlist 2017

    Congrats Pernicious! See you next week!