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  1. I was practice testing around 160 prior to my write in December. I just got over anxious on the day of the test for some reason. (I don't have a history of test stress.) Obviously I also studied a lot more in January. Really focussed on understanding the LR. Didn't really study LG. Was averaging around -9 on LG in the lead up to the February test. I kind of just gave up on it after a few weeks of study. Probably dumb in hindsight. But I didn't feel like studying for it and I knew that I could get a 160 by just killing LR and LG even with a subpar games performance...
  2. This morning 3.53 cGPA 160/154
  3. Thanks - figured it out.
  4. Old thread - but I have the same question. Has anyone paid the deposit yet? I know it can take 4 or 5 business days. (I only paid it on Thursday.) But I was wondering where I am supposed to look for confirmation that uOttawa has received the funds?
  5. I wonder what's taking McGill so long... They get fewer applications than Toronto, likely have one of the highest yields in the country, and they didn't have to deal with the OLSAS delays that hampered the Ontario schools' review processes. Perhaps they simply conduct a more rigorous/holistic review? Can anyone shed some light on this? Toronto issued nearly all of its offers by the end of March and it gets way more applications.
  6. Can some moderator merge these two rejection threads? Afternote - Thanks WJ! mod edit: done. chronology might be a bit awkward but it's better to have all this info in one place. -WJ
  7. I still like your chances, Pernicious. In the mean time, head to the Senate on Clarence (even as a Leafs fan, this place is amazing!), have a couple of beers, and watch Karlsson et al. take on Crosby.
  8. Yeah to be honest I probably wouldn't have went anyway. More so just an ego thing haha
  9. Too bad they couldn't have waited until April or May to put this on. It's also too bad that they couldn't have another Open House for those who were accepted later...
  10. I had a two page résumé when I was applying for summer jobs in undergrad... Although I haven't yet started law school (I start in September), come time to apply for summer legal work / articles, I can't see how I would be able to properly convey my experience to potential employers with a one page document.
  11. Oh I'm not saying that you were discussing it. I was just saying that it if it were one of those two agencies, it would advisable to be cautious about discussing the fact that you've applied for a job with them. (And you are being cautious - which is good!) I essentially meant that your decision not to disclose the agency in question was / is a good choice!
  12. CSIS and CSEC… If your interview is with one of the two aforementioned agencies and you're directly asked if you've applied for additional schooling, I'd say that you have to tell them that you've been wait listed by uOttawa Law. This is especially advisable because if you get far enough in the evaluation process, said agencies will perform extensive background checks and they will conduct a polygraph. If you don't get into law school and you get to the stage of the evaluation where these checks are conducted, they'll find out that you applied and will likely be annoyed that you withheld the information. If it's any other agency, I wouldn't tell them about law school. EDIT: Also, I know that you've already said that you don't want to disclose the agency to which you've applied. This is especially advisable if the agency is either of CSIS or CSEC. They don't like candidates to talk about their applications (especially on social media/the Internet)...
  13. I'm completely ignorant on the topic. However, if your intention post-JD was to get into policy work, wouldn't an MPA/MPP be better than an LLM? Or does it depend on the type of policy work?
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to apply to the joint NPSIA program in the first year of your uOttawa JD? I know that this is possible with U of T's joint JD/MGA (Munk School) program. However, I can't find any info from Carleton or uOttawa...
  15. I too am looking for a place and a roommate. Bachelor / studios are pretty darn expensive. Unfortunately there hasn't yet been very much discussion on the 0L Facebook group about housing. I assume it's mainly because many people have provisionally accepted their offers and are still holding out to see about other schools.