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  1. Gah - so much movement and I'm still 'Under Review'. I spoke with the admissions department though. Apparently the class isn't full. It is still possible to get accepted without being wait listed. I don't think anyone will be accepted off of the wait list until all of the packages have been assessed. Not that that helps me much. My numbers are similar to those of many of the people who've been wait listed. So at this point, I imagine that my best case scenario is an acceptance off of the wait list. But if you have stellar stats and are still 'Under Review', there's still hope!
  2. I would think that some offers may trickle out early next week (hopefully even tomorrow). As SirBroccoli noted, apparently applicants who were accepted after April 1st have two weeks to respond. There was a swath of acceptances released exactly two weeks ago (April 13th).
  3. Now that the wait list has started, I wonder if any offers will be given to applicants who haven't first been wait listed? At this point, is a wait list position the only avenue to an acceptance?
  4. I suppose that the end of May makes sense. Waitlist started around May 10th last year. The cycle is at least two weeks behind this year… But yeah - I can't wait for this wait to end. It's excruciating. Not knowing where i'll be in September is also making it difficult to secure employment for the summer / possibly the next fifteen months, if I have to reapply next cycle.
  5. Meaning the wait list won't go out until late May?
  6. So do we think that yesterday's slew of acceptances was the last before the striking of the wait list? Or were those the acceptances that would typically be released in early April? I think that someone mentioned here that Ottawa's wait list isn't going to come out until mid-May. Hopefully a few more acceptances will trickle out before its creation!
  7. I'm in a similar position… Touch higher cGPA, similar L2, and a 160 LSAT. Is the 163 your only attempt? If you have a lower score that is dragging down your LSAT average (like myself), you'll be further back in their queue. But the high score is used at the time of decision, of course. I'm told that Queen's is slow even in normal years. And with the OLSAS delays, everything is behind by a couple of weeks. Oh well - I guess pending is better than rejected... I think that you're in though. Don't see Queen's rejecting a 163/3.7 L2. Might just have to wait a week or two. They sent out quite a few acceptances in late April / early May last year.
  8. Although residency is sufficient for hiring, the Government of Canada generally gives citizens preferential treatment. As is noted on the listings for the two open counsel positions, "preference will be given to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order".
  9. Queen's isn't really vague. The website states, "The Admissions Committee initially considers the average score for the ranking of applicants for scholarship purposes and ordering review of the files for decision by the Committee. The Admissions Committee will rely on the highest score achieved at the time of the admission decision".
  10. Apparently Ottawa sends out offers on weekends. I didn't know this until recently. But the last three acceptances posted on were issued in the evening on the weekend. I didn't know that this could happen. Needless to say, I've now started checking my portals on weekends too.
  11. On an unrelated note, hopefully this (in addition to the OLSAS delay in December) is at least partly what is causing a delay in post-April 1 acceptances. From looking at old accepted threads, it seems like there were fewer acceptances near the end of March / in the first week of April this year than in past cycles.
  12. Well I'm just shooting out ideas. But as I'm not privy to the inner workings of admissions departments, I suppose that it's merely conjecture. In reality, I guess it's not very likely… I'm hopeful though! There hasn't been much action of late on (acceptances or rejections) for numerous Ontario schools. I know that admissions officers have other duties aside from assessing applications, but they must have been reading some applications recently... As they haven't been releasing decisions, I think that it's possible that they are simply stashing them for a larger wave post April 1. EDIT - We also have to factor in the December OLSAS delays. I still maintain that this is delaying the entire process. If you read historic threads on, it seems that there were many more acceptance/rejections in March than there were this year. I'm holding out hope that this means there will be more acceptances in April than is normal for the month.
  13. Re: Ontario schools - probably not until next week. It seems like it takes OLSAS a few business days to acknowledge that applicants have updated their accounts (in this case accepted/rejected their offers) and subsequently inform the respective schools. The schools then need to update their rankings before they can proceed with more offers. Hopefully some schools have a pile of applications that they have already assessed and they are just waiting to see how many spots will open before notifying applicants. Nonetheless, I don't anticipate many more acceptances for a week at least. Although that doesn't stop me from checking my portals every hour on business days haha.
  14. Yeah that must be the case. Based on previous years (and this year for that matter) once your file is assessed, you should be a lock at Queen's with a 3.7 L2 and a 167. Odd that it hasn't happened yet… You should be in during the first April wave.
  15. Was that 167 LSAT written this past February? Do you have a previous lower score that's bringing down your LSAT average (which Queen's only uses to rank applicants for consideration)? Otherwise, I'm shocked that you haven't yet been admitted...