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  1. TWU and the SCC

    You're right. My mistake.
  2. TWU and the SCC

    Has to be rendered by next Friday (June 1) or McLachlin's vote doesn't count...
  3. Chances? 3.95 153

    Fair re: leaving Ottawa. Re: Ottawa and Bay St: I know numerous people that are working at national firms from Ottawa. Many Ottawa students could compete for 'Bay St' jobs but choose to work in government... But if you don't want to go to Ottawa, you'll need to get that LSAT to around 160 (for Western or Queen's), which shouldn't be too difficult...
  4. Chances? 3.95 153

    Decent chance at getting into Ottawa late in the cycle. Obviously not guaranteed because of your LSAT score. But I know a few people with low 150 LSATs that got in by virtue of their excellent GPAs. EDIT: But I would retake the LSAT if I were you. I increased my LSAT from 154 to 160 in a approximately one month last year. (I got a 154 in December 2016 and a 160 in February 2017. I didn't start studying for the February exam until I got my score in early January...)
  5. Summer before Lawschool?

    You can chill during the summer after 1L too. I'm doing the exact same thing this summer that I did last summer...
  6. A Current 1L's Honest Review of First Year at uOttawa

    I wish it was worth more. It was the easiest 1L course.
  7. A Current 1L's Honest Review of First Year at uOttawa

    You don't often interact with the administration... They send you emails about upcoming applications (i.e. internships, et cetera). You either apply or you don't. Aside from that, I didn't interact with the administration once in 1l... EDIT: Clearly some students interact with the administration more often (e.g. those with access and equity claims).
  8. Western vs Queens when you have no interest in corporate law

    Queen's has the Government of Canada externship program. That's why it was near the top of my list.
  9. You want to litigate? choose Ottawa Law.

    Daimsis sure looks like he's enjoying himself. As he should be; he's a great prof.
  10. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    It's a pretty pompous parenthetical inclusion. On another note, PuisneStudent would have been a funny username.
  11. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    Perhaps they were referencing judgements of Dickson J. (as he then was)? He was a puisne justice for eleven years.
  12. Chances? (3.57 cGPA / 3.75 L2 / 164)

    In at Ottawa, Queen's, and Western. You'll probably hear in mid to late-April (mid-May at the latest).
  13. A law school in ontario that is tight-knit with a sense of belonging

    A large student population and a tight-knit feel/strong sense of belonging aren't mutually exclusive. I'm currently at Ottawa (the law school with the largest student population in Canada). Of course I don't know everyone in 1L. However, there is definitely a tight-knit feel/strong sense of belonging amongst my law school friend group—which is largely made up of students from my large group. (Ottawa Law splits 1Ls into three or four large groups. Except for your small group class—which is made up of 20 students—all of your core 1L courses are taken with your large group.) This isn't a pitch for Ottawa Law. I'm just saying that you can get that feel at any law school in Canada. Like many things in life, law school is what you make of it.
  14. Sudbury MAG Interviewees?

    Robb last visited on August 23, 2016.
  15. Recommended readings to prep for law school?

    War and Peace. It'll teach you to get through mountains of pages of text.