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  1. 4.0 cGPA 154 LSAT - Should I retake?

    In at Ottawa.
  2. No dashes in personal statements?!

    Beat me to it. The incorrect employment of em dashes, en dashes, and hyphens annoys me far more than it should.
  3. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    Yeah that was essentially my intention upon entering law school. I talked with an ADM and a director general and they said that a JD and a few years of experience as a lawyer would allow me to obtain an exec position with the feds relatively quickly.
  4. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    Wise words, Jaggers. I am someone who entered law school not knowing whether they actually want to practice law long term. However, I've always maintained that I want to be called and practice for a few years. After that, I hope to transfer back into policy. Hopefully - as numerous senior bureaucrats suggested - my JD and a few years of legal experience can help me climb the ranks in the federal civil service.
  5. Unconventional Careers/Usefulness of JD outside of practicing law

    I've heard it from numerous non-practicing lawyers...
  6. Dear vs Hi - OCI process

    Make sure that you conclude your email with vale rather than sincerely or regards.
  7. Waitlist 2017

    Congrats Pernicious! See you next week!
  8. Reference Letter Before/After App Submission

    The OLSAS's reference letter process was awful last year. Neither of my referees received emails from the OLSAS instructing them to complete the online form. (I clicked the 'send email' button a month before the deadline and submitted my entire application a week before the deadline.) Both of my referees had to print out the form and mail it to the OLSAS. Fortunately, the OLSAS extended the deadline for reference letters by a week or so. Hopefully the've worked out the kinks for the 2018 cycle. All this to say, send the OLSAS emails to your referees earlier rather than later...
  9. Internships

    Same question.
  10. Orientation

    So we haven't received much information re: Orientation. Can any former or upper year Ottawa students provide some insight into what usually occurs during uOttawa's orientation days? I found the link to the 2016 Orientation (https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/sites/commonlaw.uottawa.ca/files/orientation_2016.pdf). However, with the exception of a luncheon on the second day, last year's schedule was devoid of social events... It just consists of numerous workshops and talks (not that there is anything wrong with workshops and talks). However, i'm just curious: is there a social facet to orientation? Or are the social events informal functions organized by the CLSS? (An acquaintance of of mine who attended uOttawa Law years ago said that there used to be a function at the Ch√Ęteau.)
  11. Chances

    Depends on the school. For Queen's / Western, it's your last two years of undergrad (so yeah - your third and fourth years). Ottawa doesn't care about L2. They only look at your overall cGPA.
  12. Chances

    Yeah you're in at Ottawa with a 3.65 / 160. You're also in at Queen's and Western if you're L2 is 3.7+ (and it sounds like it is). No need to re-write the LSAT. If you're gunning for Osgoode or Toronto then I'd re-write. But with your numbers, I'd be confident applying to Queen's, Western, and Ottawa. A higher LSAT might get you a quicker decision but I doubt it would make much (if any) difference for uOttawa. EDIT: You might not get in early on in the cycle (i.e January/February), but unless you butcher your statement or are unable to procure solid LoR, I can't see how you wouldn't get in by March / early April.
  13. Chances

    An 80 doesn't necessarily (and likely doesn't) equate a 3.7. You have to convert each undergrad course from a per cent grade to a cGPA grade and then take the overall average. I got into uOttawa with a 3.53 cGPA (81.2%), 3.7 L2 (83.1%), and a 160. Ottawa doesn't consider program difficulty. (To my knowledge, the only school that does is U of T.) You have good extracurriculars. However, those only matter to a certain extent. cGPA and LSAT are more important. That said, I think if you had an 80 average and a 160 you'd have a decent shot at getting in. Ottawa really values a high average though. It would likely be late in the cycle. I don't think increasing your LSAT would matter much for Ottawa. It would definitely help for other Ontario schools though! In particular, with an 80 average, a strong L2 (3.7+), and a 160-165 LSAT, I would think that you'd be fine for Queen's and Western.
  14. Living in Aylmer/Gatineau?

    Why would you need French to live in Gatineau? I lived in Gatineau without being able to speak French...
  15. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    I was practice testing around 160 prior to my write in December. I just got over anxious on the day of the test for some reason. (I don't have a history of test stress.) Obviously I also studied a lot more in January. Really focussed on understanding the LR. Didn't really study LG. Was averaging around -9 on LG in the lead up to the February test. I kind of just gave up on it after a few weeks of study. Probably dumb in hindsight. But I didn't feel like studying for it and I knew that I could get a 160 by just killing LR and LG even with a subpar games performance...