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  1. that's a legitimate question... i wonder where the MA is from.
  2. congrats! don't be surprised. you deserve it.
  3. i dig your inclusiveness
  4. wow you're rude. chill out. be nice to people. higher numbers does not make someone better. I got into ottawa and i hope you didn't cause i don't want a classmate like you around.
  5. it's okay, you can rewrite like many do
  6. I'm all for applicants who are not "cookie cutter applicants." Diversity and experience is important, and I acknowledge that sometimes that's more valuable than a degree. But you can also have diversity, experience on top of being a "cookie cutter applicant" if you mean by having a bachelor's degree and better lsat. I'm not sure what you mean by cookie cutter... it would be nice if you can clarify that for me. It's not fair to discount the hard work and time it takes to achieve a bachelor's degree. I don't think a lawyer's opinion on your work will overcome the low lsat. Being too busy is not a real excuse. We're all busy. If anything, since you did not get a BA, you should have made 100% sure to get that great or at least decent LSAT score. Postponing your application until that lsat score is achieved would have been the best bet.
  7. no need to be mean about it.
  8. I agree with the above. One strong letter of recommendation can do what 5 co-authored letter can do, if not better because it would be more coherent. Seems odd that there are 5 authors. But that's not the issue with your application. It's the low lsat in conjunction with no undergraduate degree. from my understanding, to be honest, that seems like a terrible combination. they will overlook one or the other but in this case you do not have either lifting you up. Is there a reason why your lsat is low and why you didn't do an undergraduate degree? You would have to explain why you chose this path... and why you didn't do well on the lsat. it seems like a lot to overcome. at the very least, i would rewrite the lsat. i hope you take this as constructive/honest criticism.
  9. on the list as well. 157 CGPA 3.3 last 2 around 3.7 (maybe a bit less) MA 3.8-3.9 I'm surprised to be on the wait list. I think it's because they are LSAT focused.
  10. which schools would you recommend???? where did you come from and why did you pick ottawa?
  11. surprised... it might be your CGPA which is low but still..
  12. congrats! if you don't mind me asking, what did you highlight in part B and can you speak to your ECs? (maybe IM me if that's more comfortable?)
  13. that sounds awful! i can't sleep with noise like that going on! damn
  14. hey is there easy access now? lol. also, how paper thin are the walls?
  15. yes 2. calgary seems like a fantastic school but it's far.