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  1. which schools would you recommend???? where did you come from and why did you pick ottawa?
  2. surprised... it might be your CGPA which is low but still..
  3. congrats! if you don't mind me asking, what did you highlight in part B and can you speak to your ECs? (maybe IM me if that's more comfortable?)
  4. that sounds awful! i can't sleep with noise like that going on! damn
  5. hey is there easy access now? lol. also, how paper thin are the walls?
  6. yes 2. calgary seems like a fantastic school but it's far.
  7. where have you gone to school before?
  8. GUYS how do you provisionally accept a school???? is this through olsas?
  9. folks, i am most likely not coming to alberta for law school anymore (from ontario) so a spot should open up soon. lost my deposit.
  10. accepted last Thursday with a 157 lsat. CGPA 3.3 Last 2 is significantly higher: 3.7ish (maybe a bit lower) MA 3.8ish strong educational background and experience- if you wanna know just PM me.
  11. are you an ontario resident?
  12. Good luck! you've earned your spot and i hope you flourish
  13. I haven't decided yet but I know I will be rejecting Windsor.
  14. Accepted off the wait list today: LSAT 157 CGPA 3.3 L2: around 3.7 i believe MA 3.8-3.9ish Lots of ECs, work experience and I included a diversity statement. Not sure why I was wait listed since my personal statement focused on social justice and human rights. Will be declining for another school. Good luck to all those waiting. I hope my spot opens up for someone truly deserving
  15. I've chosen U of Calgary.... so a spot will open up. Congrats everyone!