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  1. Kamloops to Vancouver

    Hi Provelt, Thank you for your advice! Yes good grades are very important- but we all live different lives with different priorities. Visiting Vancouver as often as possible for my personal reasons is one of the top priorities now and I would gladly take A over A+ (or B over B+, haha) to spend more time in Vancouver during school years I will keep your advice in mind and try my best to get as good grades as possible for my future law career
  2. Kamloops to Vancouver

    Thank you very much for this information MissJE! Greatly appreciate it.
  3. Hi guys, I live in Vancouver and I anticipate frequent trips to Vancouver during the semester. How's driving to Vancouver, if any of you drive to Vancouver often, and how's the road condition to Vancouver during winter time? (Is Coquihalla Hwy always in a bad condition?) I would like to spend as much time as possible in Vancouver due to personal circumstances but have no clue how the classes and course loads are going to be. Do professors upload their lectures online so students can listen to their lectures without attending classes, or is class attendance mandatory? Is it a realistic plan to travel to Vancouver often- twice a month at least? Thank you.
  4. Appreciate your comment, LawSchoolHopeful2017! I believe my MA will be considered as one of the softs I have. I ended up applying after reading a post on Accepted 2015 thread- it's the year I applied and got rejected. It was a post written by a guy who made it with exact same stats as me that year, but with much, much more softs. After a year and half since then, I now have very similar softs as him too- so fingers crossed! Best of luck to both of us.
  5. Chances [154 LSAT, 3.35 CGPA, 3.45 L2]

    Hi Brooklynne, I have a very similar stat as you, 154 lsat and 3.45 l2, 3.36 l3. I applied in 2015 for class of 2018 with this stat and got rejected; I was working full time at criminal justice related field at that time (less than 1 yr experience), had research assistant and law firm internship experience, and bunch of volunteer experiences. I'm trying this year with a bit more experience and MA. Please keep us posted on what TRU says!
  6. Accepted to TRU 2017

    I saw your other posts and thought you have a very good chance with your amazing GPA. Glad to hear that you are accepted!
  7. Hi guys, I can't even decide if I should apply to TRU with my stats... need your opinion! If I apply, I'll apply under Special Circumstance category (health issues throughout the undergrad), but still my stats are very bad. CGPA 3.16 LSAT 154 decent ECs though, working in government, criminal-justice related work experience, law firm experience & research assistant for a year. Volunteered with refugees, immigrants, youths and animals. MA in process with 4.0/4.0 CGPA. I'm not sure how far these things will take me though. I have applied to TRU in the past when I didn't have my ECs and MA and got rejected, which makes me very reluctant to apply. Has anyone seen people getting acceptance with bad stats & decent ECs? Thanks!