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  1. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Did BC really need another law school? We have three.
  2. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    Got the waitlisted email from Doreen. No Sask. connection. B2: 3.87/4.3 LSAT: 158 I have been accepted to TRU, so I won't be asking to be waitlisted. Good luck to the rest of you posters.
  3. Waitlisted to Manitoba 2017

    I was in the 30s
  4. Waitlisted to Manitoba 2017

    I will be removing myself from the wait list as I committed to TRU today.
  5. All posted on UsedVictoria.com, here is the link: http://www.usedvictoria.com/p/dylanspecter
  6. Rejected 2017

    Rejected on April 13th cGPA 3.4 L3 3.67 (4.33 scale) LSAT 158
  7. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Accepted today! WOW! cGPA 3.4 L3 3.67 (4.33 scale) LSAT 158 I will be accepting, good luck to everyone still waiting!
  8. Next round of acceptances

    Yup. Me.
  9. Chances: cGPA 3.4 L3 3.67 (4.33 scale) LSAT 158

    I am still waiting to hear. Do I still got a chance?
  10. Rejected 2017

    Thanks pal. Maybe TRU? You get an email with a PDF attached.
  11. Rejected 2017

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words. Completed green on Jan 9th. Rejected today.
  12. Rejected 2017

    i'll start this up: Rejected this morning cGPA 3.4 L3: 3.67 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 143, 158
  13. Waiting game.

    I'm going to straight up assume that most schools are waiting for the Feb LSAT results. A lot of schools have been dead silent for weeks.
  14. Waiting game.

    quiet monday today, on to tomorrow