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  1. Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone here had any insight regarding living at Alumni Hall or Canterbury college? I'm currently trying to decide between the two!
  2. The Dilemma - [Windsor now or York/Queen's later?]

    Hey guys thanks for the replies I'll answer a few of the questions here: First time writing LSAT? How were your PTs? In the link I attached, it mentions that I made a few transcription mistakes and my actual score would've been around a 163. I studied for about a month for that, and I am taking an LSAT class atm. My PTs were around 160-164. Is the Master's useful? Do you get paid? I graduated with a degree in biology, the master's focuses on teaching business/corporate related knowledge and skills to people of a scientific background. I do not get paid unfortunately, on the contrary it costs about 31k including textbooks. I am interested in it, but the collective costs of both this and law school are a little scary. The program is 8 months of coursework, 4 months (almost always paid) internship. The general consensus among graduates I spoke to is that it'll most likely lead to a 60k+ job (added this last sentence to help future readers, why I would even consider this). Am I an old man? While I feel like one a lot of the time I'll be turning 23 this year, if that impacts any of the advice. In regards to West Wing and Studio 60 I'll give it a shot after I finish up Samurai Jack.
  3. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Accepted as of March 28th cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 150 Undecided regarding the offer
  4. Hi everyone, To start off, here is a little background on my position http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/46809-my-funny-story/ . cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 150 Somehow I got accepted to Windsor Law a few days ago, which is great but it also introduces a new issue for me. I am slated to write the LSAT again in June to improve my score, and I have I always wanted to attend either Queen's University or Osgoode for Law school. I eventually want to work in corporate law and from the research I have gathered I still have a chance of getting a job if I attend Windsor, however the other universities place more (maybe due to some sort of bias in the class, who knows for sure). I've also been accepted to a one-year master's at UofT starting this upcoming September. I really have no idea how to proceed, I am being advised by family members that I can transfer to my desired university after a year at Windsor, but I would much prefer starting and finishing at the same law school. I also sort of have a blank year, where i mainly just travelled and lived off my own savings, and I wonder if this might hurt me when I'm re-applying. Any and all advice is welcome, thanks!
  5. Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    Just wondering, did they send an email to notify you?
  6. Any chance? Cgpa: 3.63 lsat: 150

    Thanks guys. Yea it's my OLSAS GPA. I'm sending an appeal to handscore my LSAT at the moment, I'm hoping it goes my way and the new score is reported before Ottawa throws my application away.
  7. My funny story

    Thanks a lot Yoni and everyone for your support . I'll send the appeal off in the mail this Friday, hopefully I'll here back soon.
  8. My funny story

    So I just got my December 2016 score back and it was a 150. That's not funny, I'm still a little in shock. This was the first time I wrote the test and was confident that I scored at least a 158. When I checked the answer sheet and my scantron I realized I just ruined my life. For sections 2 and 3 I missed a question, so all the answers I put down were for the following question, ie. put answer for #4 on scantron #3. I could've gotten a 163, and with my 3.63 gpa, gotten in somewhere. oh well there's goes another year.