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  1. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    I just got the notification via email. Weird that they do both mail and email...
  2. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    By mail do you mean actual physical mail? or email?
  3. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    thanks! That’s what I figured. I was wondering whether the awards would show up in time for applications.
  4. 1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    Have people been notified about the Dean's Honour list for 1L? If so, what was the cut-off?
  5. Queen's 1L grades - propsects for OCIs?

    Honestly wasn't trying to brag! The 4.0 scale to me is weird and foreign. But by the sound of it, I don't have much to worry about. Also, I've heard that NY jobs require top marks, and I have no idea what exactly that means!
  6. Queen's 1L grades - propsects for OCIs?

    The reason I asked is that everyone in law school is used to getting good grades, that's why most of us get in. I don't know what an "average" 1L student gets - the curve is not perfectly correlated with actual GPAs. Also, my undergrad GPA was a converted 3.39 - hardly spectacular - which is why a 3.64 to me sounds foreign. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hi guys, So 1L was quite an experience, and overall, I am happy with how it played out at Queen's. In terms of grades, here is what I got: Intro to Legal Skills : B+ Torts: B+ Property: B+ Criminal: A- Public: A Constitutional: A Contracts: A My CGPA is 3.64, which was brought down a bit by ILS. I'm definitely happy with my grades, but I just don't know what to expect since law school grades are relative to others and I haven't spoken to anyone else in my class since leaving Kingston. I was wondering what my chances are for OCIs, targeting corporate commercial. Looking at Bay Street or Ottawa, maybe NYC if feasible. All thoughts or comments are appreciated!
  8. Chances? GPA 3.61/4.0 LSAT 165

    subjectively I think you'll get accepted - I got in early with a 3.39 and 165.
  9. Chances? 165 + 3.21 cGPA, 3.47 L2, 3.53 B2

    I was accepted last year in early February with a 3.39 and 165 combo - it all comes down to your personal statement!
  10. cGPA 3.4/LSAT 166 Chances?

    I was offered admission a while back with a 3.39 and 161/165 LSAT scores (from Feb and June 2016) so I wouldn't give up just yet! My ECs weren't spectacular either. I think they're just backlogged this year, as are most schools which explains the slow responses.
  11. Business/IP law at Queen's

    Can anyone speak to the courses and "streams" that tailor towards business law and to IP law? This is a major area of interest and it seems as though it's not that prominent at Queen's as opposed to say Western. Could somebody speak from experience (or research) on this? Thanks!
  12. Rejected at U of T 2017

    Rejected 3.39 cGPA 165 With special considerations
  13. Accepted to U of T 2017

    For everyone, or for your application?
  14. Chances? cGPA 3.39, L2 3.83, LSAT 160

    I was accepted on February 3rd I believe. I applied in the access category. It's so hard to determine when decisions come given the number of applicants, but I spoke with the admissions manager during the welcome Day and they said that they rank files based on GPA and/or LSAT and review going downwards. So if both GPA and LSAT are middle of the pack, it makes sense that your file wouldn't be reviewed until the middle of the cycle.
  15. Chances? cGPA 3.39, L2 3.83, LSAT 160

    Hard to say - I got in with a 3.39 and a much lower L2, 161/165 LSAT. Regular ECs and good LORs. Did you have any special considerations?