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  1. Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    Don't cancel your score. Schools will still see you wrote twice and you will learn nothing about your performance. You can basically finish your applications this summer if you want to free up time to study in the fall. Let your references know you will be asking them now, and then send them the reference link as soon as OLSAS opens up for next cycle. Write your personal statement this month. You can tweak it/write additional sections for each school once OLSAS opens up. Regarding the test: spend your time on LG to get your score to -0 or as close to that mark as possible. This is possible. From my own experience, I was heading into a September write with a 159 under my belt, but that was with a ton of correct guesses in LG. I had been muddling through some large blue prep book on my own, and had no clue what I was doing. I met somebody who told me that I should withdraw from that session and write in December after perfecting LG. He also recommended that I try the LSAT trainer. I followed his advice and scored much higher than 159.
  2. UBC vs. Queen's

    There is literally no point* in living in Vancouver unless you're going to stick around for the summers, so I would take that into consideration. * - I guess you could get up to the city mountains a couple times as a law student with the odd trip to a bigger hill. In that case, there may be one point.
  3. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I think Rower did what you described but was burned because transferring converted his or her high marks into Pass/Fails, which hurt the OLSAS cGPA calculation.
  4. Travelling for OCIs

    I'm sure this is a re-post, but I can't get a search for "OCI" to bring back any results. Has anyone here had to travel to another campus for OCIs? I feel like I've seen this mentioned previously. I emailed Career Services at my school, but I'd love to hear more details about this from the board.
  5. Law Academia

    I think the poster means becoming a professor instead of becoming a lawyer.
  6. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Call them on Monday. I'm a 2L at Ottawa.
  7. Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Same block fall and winter.
  8. ...which is an actual joke.
  9. If I'm reading that correctly, the result was that fewer people were screened in generally? That's not surprising actually. I can see a scenario where a familiar-sounding name could tip the balance if a candidate was on the bubble. No names would make for a much more clinical exercise.
  10. Agree with everyone saying take a break and work at LG and LR. RC is the hardest section for most of us and hardest to improve. If you're not getting -0 or -1 in LG every time and a high test score is crucial to your application, you should eat the fee and write in the fall.
  11. Side note: Lenczner announced this week that they will be removing the names from all documents during the screening process. Very interesting. With a bit of a background in recruiting I'm very curious to see if this will catch on. I think it's a good move.
  12. Trew trying to scare everyone.
  13. Interesting. I have had only excellent experiences with my advisor at Scotia so far. I'm moving my line from TD to Scotia because they agreed to give me much more money at the same rate (prime + 0).
  14. I think the point of that message is that the right person to discuss this with is an advisor. You probably won't find much information here about what happens to your LOC when you take a year off because most law students don't take a year off and don't know what will happen.
  15. 2L Transfers

    If you're just joining us, you'll notice that the courses are very much picked over. Don't let it discourage you. 3Ls have told us that lots of things change before the school year and most people get more or less what they were hoping for. Many upper years are currently enrolled in one extra class so they have more time to decide what they want to take. They will all be dropping one class, so that will open up a ton of seats. Many upper years will be competing in moots in the Winter semester. A moot takes the place of a class, so many seats will open up in the winter. If you wanted to do a clinic, the application deadline was extended to July 23, so there is still time to get an application in. The clinic takes the place of a class in the Fall, and perhaps the Winter as well.