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  1. I wouldn't worry too much -- my formatting was hot garbage and it appears not to have prevented their colossal mistake in accepting me.
  2. Two points: First, it's comparatively unlikely that you'll manage to average 175 or around that in practice tests. And, it's also unlikely that that's what you need. If you managed a 170, you'd certainly be a good candidate for Toronto, and a very good candidate for Osgoode. Second, if you can afford it, you have time to spare. You can continue to work on your practice tests, and make a decision much closer to the test date.
  3. Accepted to U of T 2017

    I had an out of service number on my OLSAS profile and received an email fairly promptly requesting another number for them to call. Also received an acceptance email that night. I'm not sure if it would be different had the number been in service but wrong, but there's at least something to go on. Edit: just saw that your number is out of service. Given that, Isuspect you'd have received an email had they tried to get in contact.
  4. Accepted to U of T 2017

    cGPA: 3.74 LSAT: 169 Decent ECs, I suppose, and a tolerable MA.
  5. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Accepted today. cGPA: 3.74 LSAT: 169 Along with a good MA, and a few fairly robust ECs.
  6. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    In on the 7th. cGPA: 3.74 LSAT: 169 Along with a good MA, and a few fairly robust ECs.