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  1. Hey everyone! I just had a quick question with how my GPA would be calculated if I applied to U of T law. So right now I am studying at UBC and I got credits from studying the IB in high school so I planned to graduate in 3 years. The thing is, I decided to do co-op during my degree, meaning that I would graduate in 4 years. So, lets say in my third year I did a semester of co-op in the fall and a semester of classes during the winter term, would that count as one of my years in the Best out of three for U of T? My schedule would look something like this 27 credits from the IB 1st year: Full time student 27 credits 2nd year: Full time student 30 credits 3rd year: Co-op term and then school term with 15 credits 4th year: Co-op term and then school term with 15 credits. I hope I was clear and good luck with admissions to all of you!