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  1. Clerkship at the Ontario Superior Court

    Yeah I guess there is that. Not my thing but okay.
  2. Clerkship at the Ontario Superior Court

    What’s with this clerkship thing. Strikes me as lamentably boring.
  3. U of T admission chances/review

    You’ve got a reasonable chance. Mind you will likely need a quality personal statement.
  4. Office Romance

    Of course...it almost invariably causes problems.
  5. Means little to me. I don’t have much faith in the judgement of the general population.
  6. It’s awesome how eloquent some of the posters on this thread are...that and the support they get for their contributions.
  7. Sums up your argument perhaps.
  8. Sorry to hear. In my friend group we are very supportive of each other and from time to time that includes positive comments about our respective careers. I thought that was part of being a friend. Guess I’ve overstepped by complimenting my friends on their successes. From now on I won’t give a shit about their careers. I’m sure my friends will appreciate my ambivalence and reciprocate. You need new friends dude. Might give you a better perspective on life
  9. More’s the pity. I can’t for the life of me imagine why. Glorified mechanics...
  10. Worried B- student

    The market is good right now. Be positive...get out there and make it happen.
  11. Spend much time in the States? No surprise in that and no reflection on the U of T or Toronto.
  12. Wow... that’s pretty petty. Bartenders?? Are you for real. Having a bad day...or is it life??? I’m certain I have never told a bartender what I do for a living. My friends, family, work associates etc. all provide more then the necessary confirmation that I made a good career choice. Sorry to hear your don’t receive the same validation. Can’t do much about your family but you might look to a different group of friends.
  13. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    That’s the point it is of some significance. No one is claiming it’s the only consideration. Of course not because the ranking of law schools is inherently at least in part subjective. Like of hard science to ranking doesn’t mean it has no utility I’ve hired many law students. For me school attended was and will continue to be a material consideration.
  14. You’ve got to get out more. All kinds of validation in my life for choosing a legal career.
  15. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    Nothing wrong with ranking. Should be more of it. There’s nothing imaginery about them. I know many people who selected law schools based on ranking and it impacts hiring and about everything else you can imagine about a legal career.