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  1. Changing Programs

    This will not be an issue. It's not something which needs explaining.
  2. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    Goes to the point that you should attend law school in the Province, or if possible the City, where you hope to practice.
  3. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    Odd...I always understood that the U of T was a top Canadian university. Seemed trite in my social group. This long before I was considering law school.
  4. Will I be accepted at McGill?

    High probability of acceptance
  5. What are in-firm interviews like?

    You get to expound at great length about yourself...enjoy.
  6. Best as I can tell it's avoiding a dramatic reversal of fortune. As in don't start stringing together D's or such.
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I've always had the impression this was at least in part intended to reduce the opportunity for certain students to obtain competing offers. No second interview, no invitation to lunch or dinner. Generally that would not be good news.
  8. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    What post-secondary education have you completed?
  9. What is Osgoode best known for?

    Being the 2nd best law school in the GTA.
  10. U of C v. U of A

  11. Queen's vs. Dalhousie

    Kingston will provide more of the small college town experience. Better for road trips also.
  12. In-Firm Interview Schedule

    As noted if a firm is sufficiently interested they may occupy a good deal of your time net of interviews. Strikes me that 5 is about right as a maximum. Heard of people doing more but as I recall they had some regrets.