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  1. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    What is this even? What are the criteria? There are firms which wouldn't be "Big Five" by for example number of lawyers but most certainly are by other and perhaps more relevant criteria. Talk Biglaw...most people in the industry get that.
  2. Elite Extracurriculars

    Fair enough
  3. Elite Extracurriculars

    Fortunately that isn't difficult.
  4. 90k in house v 110k at firm

    Probably okay for 6 months so long as you aren't doing objectively bad work.
  5. Another Chances Thread (3.71, 3.87, ???)

    And all of that will be little more then a rounding error for your application. Focus on what matters your GPA and LSAT.
  6. Chances? 3.5/l2 3.73/l3 3.71 lsat 165

    Only an excellent one.
  7. 90k in house v 110k at firm

    Go with the firm. Can always bail later.
  8. Uvic or Osgoode

    Attend UVic. Don't Uproot yourself to attend a school which offers scarce if any advantage over the local school. My only proviso is attend Osgoode if you are seriously considering a move to Toronto.
  9. Ask a U of T student!

    I didn't comment on its quality. I was respondimg to the suggestion that cost was becoming prohibitive by indicating that to date the cost hasn't had an obvious impact on the number and quality of people willing and presumably able to pay. What it isn't is cost prohibitive. Nothing suggests it will be any time soon.
  10. Won't hurt either. Never know what tips the balance.
  11. Queens vs Windsor

    Relatively low admission standards, bit of an offbeat program and well it's named Windsor for a reason. Many different opinions on the impact of rankings on 2L placement and such but not so much as to where Windsor ranks.
  12. Ask a U of T student!

    Despite the cost every year they have many times more people applying then available space and entrance standards remain the highest in Canada. If the costs are trending towards prohibitive it isn't reflected in the quality or number of applicants still able to pay.
  13. Ask a U of T student!

    Wrong again. Been in the parks you mentioned dozens of times. In all seasons although most frequently in the winter to ski. Not a big fan of just looking at a lake. Huge fan of swimming, boating and any other activity that involves being either on or in the water.