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  1. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

    Sure it's anecdotal but based on working with numerous US attorneys in over a dozen states and more then my share of time on the ground there etc. etc.
  2. Choices but strongly considering UofT

    Huh...since when does law school come with guarantees.
  3. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

    Yes both are excellent schools. No McGill does not have bigger profile etc. in the US than the U of T. Yes if you are talking US hiring you are better off attending a top US school.
  4. U of T / Osgoode

    Well if cache includes location then pretty equal...hmmm not so much. One is located centre ice in Toronto and the other well no. These things matter. Including for getting jobs.
  5. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

    Who cares what a few random students think. In the US business community Toronto matters and Montreal much less so. This is reflected in the relative status of McGill and the U of T.
  6. U of T / Osgoode

    Agreed and for so many reasons starting with location.
  7. Accepted to U of T 2018

    Do you need intend to practice in Montreal?
  8. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

    Speaking as someone who spends much of his time working all over the US I've got one word for this post relative to the McGill - U of T comparison in terms of profile/respect in the US...incorrect. Neither has big profile but Toronto means something in the US and Montreal not so much and increasingly the same applies to these two universities.
  9. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

    Simple. Where do you want to work after you have finished school. Attend the law school in that City.
  10. Should you go to law school?

    And if you're lucky or unlucky enough that your practice requires travel there will be weeks when you are on every minute of every day except when you crash for the night. Welcome to 100 hour weeks.
  11. Could use "seedy" "dangerous" "trashy" "decrepit"
  12. Yeah I can think of other words but okay let's go with "weird quirks".
  13. I hope it's really nice...you will be fine if you never leave it.