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  1. Transcript Bias?

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. Transcript Bias?

    Hello, I am in my last and final semester. The sole purpose of taking this last semester is to boost my cgpa in an attempt to increase my chances for law school. However, that is not the issue. The issue is that I am debating if I should take a second year course called "Bioethics". So will law schools frown upon my transcript if they see a second year course in my 4.5th year? I already finished all of my credits for my major and minor so this semester is all just electives to boost my average. I already took one first year course in 4th year and this will be my second 2nd year course in 4th year. I am switching out of a third year course into a second year course because it: (1) fits my schedule a lot better and; (2) the third year course turns out to not be what I was expecting (a psychology course more so than a religious course even though the course is placed under the "Religious Studies" faculty). In terms of fourth year electives, I already took all of my mandatory fourth year classes. Fourth year classes aren't the easiest so I don't want to put my cgpa at any risk. The general consensus is that first year courses in your 4th year looks disproportionate to your level but what about a second year course? So in conclusion, will I be looked at as taking the "easy way out", or am I safe to take a second, second year course in my fourth year in hopes to boost my average? Stats: cgpa 3.0 / L2 3.40 / LSAT writing in December / ECs, LORs, and PSs are strong Thank you for clarifying.
  3. Rejected from Windsor 2017

    Wow well this is inspiring. I strongly believe that Windsor is holistic and likes to give the weaker applicants a shot at building their future legal careers. Especially since other schools would most likely reject us. How were your ECs and your PS? Looking forward to your reply.
  4. Application Feedback

    I feel you my friend. PM me and let me know what they say. Both you and LegalArmada have fairly low stats which is kind of a good thing for UWindsor. Windsor is very holistic and they have accepted people with lower stats than both of you. Some of the lower applicants were not even Access. With that being said, I really do have a suspicion the PS and ECs played a role here. If we were talking UOttawa or McGill then I would say it is more the CGPAs in this case over the PSs and ECs. Please do call and clarify though! As an applicant who has spent several months and several dollars through this process, it is your right to find out.
  5. Application Feedback

    It was probably your PS because a lot of people have been accepted to Windsor with lower stats than you.
  6. Application Feedback

    I got feedback from Windsor. You have to call and ask after the cycle has finished (which it did and now they are beginning the next cycle). To be honest though, they are really busy so they might not give much feedback. But at least it gives you an idea. What are your stats @LegalArmada @HP7? Maybe I can help since I got feedback. For me they said to up my LSAT (recently just signed up with 7Sage's core curriculum to up my LSAT) and CGPA (I am currently taking an extra semester to boost my average) which I already knew. Apparently everything else in my application was judged as "good". I wonder if they still have your applications form the previous cycle or if they have them automatically erased? If it is erased then they can't give much feedback but if the applications are archived for a few years then I believe you guys can still get feedback.
  7. What LSAT score would I need? [3.69]

    Ok so before I get into the Windsor aspect here, I just wanted to say that your stats are great. I do think you have a good shot at other schools as well. So don't put all your eggs into one basket. Now as for Windsor, you really just need 155+ and you are good, considering your stats. My friend got into Windsor with a 3.7 CGPA and a 155 LSAT. Her LORs, PS, and ECs were all very average. I mean sure, aim for the stars. Don't settle for less (I am talking about your LSAT here) but as you aim for the stars, do know that there is a minimum too. So try not to go below 155 and you should be safe. This is also one of the most wholistic schools on the charts. So LSAT is only a factor here. If you are PTing at low 160's then don't beat yourself up. You are on the right track. Turning my attention now to @Danny257 - If you were not an Access applicant, then you my friend, were one lucky candidate. I guess every school has its outliars (again, assuming you were NOT Access). So please do clarify. That way, some of us will not get false hopes here. If you were not Access, then I am expecting literally every aspect of your application to have been impressive to compensate for your your LSAT (LORs above average, PS above average, ECs above average, and CGPA above average for Windsor at least).
  8. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Ya that's what I meant. Thanks for reiterating.
  9. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Ok maybe it was exaggerated because they could have been rejected due to a weak PS/LORS/etc... Anyways, OP has nothing to worry about. 99% of schools in Canada should be willing to accept. I do even think U of T can be a shot. Doesn't hurt to try.
  10. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Ya I agree.
  11. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Everything is looking good to me. The only thing that MIGHT set you back is the lack of EC's and work experience. Some schools like to see that you are able to work and study at the same time. Time-management skills. Because in law school, you will need those skills. By second year and on you need to be able to work somewhere and keep up with the academics of law school. From my understanding Windsor is big on social justice and the contribution to society, grades aren't the top aspect they look at, in order to give others a chance. And again, Windsor wants to give the weaker applicants a shot, so they tend to decline the top applicants like you. So in regards to Windsor, you may be held back. But with those stats, you won't be desperate for Windsor as other schools will most likely take you.
  12. Chances? 3.95 CGPA, LSAT 154/155

    I would say McGill and Uottawa are your best shots. Bring up that LSAT and you will have even more doors open.
  13. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    Unique circumstances as in Access category or aboriginal status type of thing? Besides that, I am surprised you actually got waitlisted with those stats. You made it pretty far compared to other people with those stats. Still, don't give up though if law school is truly what you desire.
  14. Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    You probably posted somewhere already but, what are your stats? To comment on your feelings: It is absolutely disappointing to wait several months only to find out you're not in. Don't give up my friend.