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  1. Windsor Rejected 2018

    So ya either people aren’t going out of their way to post rejections or it could be a bunch posting at once later on because many of us are still pending review and waitlisted.
  2. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Just two people rejected on this forum thus far? Really? Is Windsor accepting a bunch first then declining the rest?
  3. Accepted 2018

    Wow I have the exact same stats, except lower cgpa. Edit: Just had to point that out LSAT?
  4. Accepted 2018

    Access? I thought Windsor doesn't have access? I called and asked several times actually. They only have "General" and "Aboriginal/Indigenous".
  5. Application Status

    Wow thanks! That clears things up a bit. P.s. everyone else please post your stats. It just helps to know if people from all levels are pending or is it just the weaker or higher stats people.
  6. Application Status

    Thanks @WindsorHopeful and @SlickRick Everyone else, also post your stats.
  7. Application Status

  8. Application Status

    Still pending. cGPA: 3.01 L2: 3.50 LSAT: Sub 150 Strong PS, LORs, and ECs.
  9. Referred to Admissions Committee

    That is me. But yes, what you are saying is also true. Edit: It is possible that the adcom didn't even get to us yet as they have over 1000 applications to go through and the process has only been 2 months now. So 60 days (thus far) versus 1900 applicants (in total).
  10. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Not necessarily. From my understanding they collect a bunch of waitlisted people first then accept based on who has the higher stats in that waitlist. They don’t necessarily go in order from who got waitlisted first to who got waitlisted last. It’s a process of elimination at that point. Call and ask to make sure though. I think you are asking a reasonable question for many people who will, and are, being waitlisted.
  11. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Also pending. I have this theory where Windsor is accepting all the "competitive/strong/good" applicants first, then rejecting whatever is left, once all spots are full. So I feel like a bunch of rejections will come out at once. I see on the forum at least, that many more acceptances have been made over rejections. And this site is mostly anonymous so I don't see why people would be embarrassed to post their rejections.
  12. Accepted 2018

    Ya that is fine. I guess your spot at Windsor will just open up for someone else since you already accepted a spot for U of T.
  13. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    You're absolutely right. However, it may be the only choice left for some of us. The consensus is that the Dual is easier to get into than most other schools in Ontario due to its high cost, that not many people are willing to pay/put themselves in debt for. I say you are right, but if one is desperate for law school and his/her stats are weak enough to a point where he/she may be rejected across the board, then pursue the dual. The debts (for some of us, some out there are fortunate enough) may be worth it as this is an educational purpose and can be a long-term investment for his/her success and future careers. If money isn't an issue for them, then hey, by all means. One less issue to worry about. All the student has to worry about at this point is getting good grades and finding a job.
  14. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    Windsor is on a rampage: - Breach of privacy - Rejecting people already (Rip LegalArmada. Gone but never forgotten) - Myuwind doesn’t seem to be letting people access their accounts - Several people still pending review despite all of their documentations and scores being ready Don’t get me wrong, I still hope Windsor is my future.
  15. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Kind of off topic but, what’s your nationality if you don’t mind me asking I love the way you use the English language haha.