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  1. Revised Waitlist Chances?

    109 on the revised Waitlist? Are you in Ottawa?
  2. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    I just wanted to point out a small misconception. It’s true our numbers are getting closer and closer to number 1 but spots are filling up at the same time so it balances things out. So if you can’t make last minute arrangements or have no intentions of accepting your offer because you aren’t looking into another cycle or just dropping out all together, then please be considerate and get off the Waitlist. It speeds up the process for us waiting and for the adcom. May even speed up the process for those who can’t make last minute arrangements - gives them a bit more time to make arrangements. That’s what really clears up spots as we get closer. Also, if you already accepted and have doubts that you might drop out of the law school through out the semester because it’s “too expensive” and/or it is “too hard” then you also took up spots for someone who could have used the program more seriously. If you have a medical issue or a family issue, things that are out of your control, then I have sympathy. Whether those reading this decide to take this offensively or not, I am just trying to facilitate the process for the adcom and those who are committed to law as well as desperately waiting. We are reaching the end of the cycle and we need as much cooperation as possible.
  3. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Pistachio is talking about his initial number. You are talking about your revised/updated number.
  4. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Revised list? Or was that your initial number and accepted?
  5. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Yes. Stay calm. Look at last year’s thread. The only time you should be concerned is if you are 50+ on the revised list and do not live in Ottawa.
  6. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Just wait. You’re getting an offer soon.
  7. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    What was your initial number and what number are you now?
  8. Chances 3.73 / 154

    My friend got in during the month of April with a 3.73 and a 146. Her softs were all strong tho, I’m assuming. It’s really subjective. Just apply and keep your options open. See what happens.
  9. LOC with no co-signor and poor credit score

    It’s not only about him. It’s about the others on the waitlist too. In any case, two other users already discussed that the comment wasn’t necessary. We don’t need more people criticizing. P.s. RBC does something called a “Projected Income”. Inbox me and we can set you up.
  10. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Straight to the revised list unless you want to specify that you no longer want to be on the list - Then you would have to email the adcom and notify them. At least that’s what I was told over the phone last week.
  11. Line of Credit

    Law school students don’t need LOCs. RBC does something called a “projected income” which means they estimate how much your potential income will be after law school and that income is assumed to be enough to pay off your debts. PM me for more details, or visit your nearest RBC.
  12. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    Here are some reasons why the adcom might be giving vague answers: - Do not want to give wrong info so they don’t want to be held liable. - They probably get tons of phone calls per day considering the size of the waitlist, and many of those phone calls are the same questions from different people. Can be annoying and exhausting. Especially when you have other work to do. - Applicants who call might be making their own conclusions from that call and/or exaggerate or misunderstand what was said over the phone. - You might have gotten a more helpful person over the phone at the time. I think there is more than one person who can pick up the phone. @Hopeful3101 they do not re-rank people in the sense that the person ahead of you on the initial list can be behind you on the revised list. They re-rank based on how many people have accepted their offers or dropped out the list. For instance, let’s say you were 60/298 on the numbered list, and then 30 people accept or drop out, then you will be 30/298 now.
  13. Disappointed Cycle?

    Good lsat but L2 is weak for a 3.3. 3.7+ would have given you more leverage. Other things might have played a role too such as PS and/or softs.
  14. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    @saraeliz Hard to say. It fluctuates a lot depending on the applicant pool. There is never really a fixed ratio. You can call adcom and ask and they will most likely tell you the same thing.
  15. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    The only reason why it turned into disdain is because of exactly this. These kinds of derogatory replies. Here is my conclusion, lessons can be learned from both sides. Me, I need to stop talking to you because we always end up fighting and it goes nowhere. So I’m gonna stop. You, need to watch your attitude. I didn’t fight back offensively. But some people with bigger egos than me might fight back. I didn’t mean any harm. I just wanted to simply clarify what’s up with phone calls. I had a feeling an argument was gonna happen. I should have known better. I feel like mods will eventually see this and I just want to apologize in advance. Things never go as planned 😅