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  1. Chances? (3.21 cGPA / 3.23 L2 / 165 LSAT)

    If you have a strong personal statement then I think Windsor is your best bet. The rest all depends on your luck at this point because your L2 is not on the rise which is what Western likes to see, but you did compensate with strong LSAT. Try the predictor: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/Prediction2016
  2. LOR - Am I screwed?

    Thank you my friend. Good news though: She finally submitted around 10pm ish but it still says "not received" - probably takes time to load up on McGill's end. However, I know for a fact that my prof followed the instruction for McGill's guidelines for LORs, but I have a suspicion she did not put my last name and first name as the title of the LOR. Will that look bad on my application (that I am not fully following instructions)? lol always one little issue after the other. That's what happens when things are pretty much last minute.
  3. LOR - Am I screwed?

    I told my professor several times to submit the LOR and it seems like she either forgot or she's busy. I did all that I can and I cannot force her to send the letter. It is out of my control at this point. Will McGill automatically reject me? The admissions officer on the phone said it's my responsibility to make sure everything is submitted. Everything is submitted except for that one letter. There has to be some lee-way. They can't automatically reject applicants just because of one petty delay. Supporting documents are due today at 11:59pm (3 hours left) and still nothing from my prof. Thank you for your comments/suggestions.
  4. Reapplication + Letters of Reference

    I called McGill law admissions and they said they automatically take the reference letter from last year if you are reapplying as your information is saved on their system. And that's totally fine according to the employee who answered my call. I am assuming that you can specify you want it off in order to inquire a new/updated LOR (before the deadline obviously).
  5. Lol we are getting two different answers here.
  6. 4.0 cGPA 154 LSAT - Should I retake?

    UOttawa loves cGPA so they will take you. Other than that, increase your LSAT (160+) and I can virtually guarantee you that you are in at every school in Canada.
  7. Chances cGPA 3.44; L2 3.7; LSAT 152, 154

    Because Windsor is truly holistic. They don't think that grades and LSAT scores define who or what a person is. They also want to give the lower stats people a chance because they know they won't necessarily get accepted elsewhere.
  8. Chances cGPA 3.44; L2 3.7; LSAT 152, 154

    Ya I would like to add that if the OP increases their LSAT to 160+ then they will have a good shot at Western. The OP has a fairly strong L2 and good potential for a stronger LSAT - exactly the two main factors Western looks for.
  9. Chances cGPA 3.44; L2 3.7; LSAT 152, 154

    Windsor is one of the most wholistic schools in Canada so it is difficult to predict your chances. However, your stats are good, but if you also have a strong PS about social justice and demonstrate how you will contribute to their student diversity, then I think you should be fine.
  10. Chances: cGPA-3.3, L2-3.5, LSAT 158

    Windsor is truly a wholistic school so they actually will take everything into consideration. But from first impression, you seem like you have a good shot. As for your LSAT, you are fine for Windsor. They generally want a 155+. For Western, however, definitely go for 160+ because they look at L2 and LSAT and your L2 isn't that strong for Western. For Windsor, you should be fine.
  11. Chances?

    From first impression, you have a great file on you. However, Windsor is a very wholistic school. So just hope for the best.
  12. School submissions

    Ya nvm, it is all fixed now 7 hours later.
  13. 7sage

    I am enrolled in 7Sage Starter pack. All packages are the same, the only difference is the amount of PTs you get and the level of difficulty the drilling questions are. The only one that is a major difference between them all is the Ultimate pack. You get admissions help too - as in they look over your PS and all that. The fundamentals never change, it is just the level of difficulty and the amount of PTs you get is what changes. 7Sage should be enough. They really cover everything. They take you step-by-step. It is really organized and structured I would say. Get the Starter pack. It is doable in 3 months time. The others aren't so doable in three months (because they give you more drills and more tests) and you don't want to burnt-out. Day and night for the past 2 months and I'm only 70% of the way through the starter pack with only a month left for test day.
  14. School submissions

    Did any of you have only a paragraph for any of the questions for Windsor? I get the impression that I have to develop a full story for every question. Don't get me wrong, everything I am saying is truthful and does pertain to me and law. But I feel like 4 sentences for question 1, for instance, is a bit too short.
  15. Ask a current student...

    Do you have to provide reference letters if you are an Index Score applicant? The website says: "Three letters of reference are required for all applicants in the Individual Consideration and Canadian Indigenous Categories. The Transfer Category requires two (2) recommendation letters." This policy has not been changed right?