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  1. I actually have a post very similar to yours. Posted several months ago. I personally used the LSAT Trainer and it is a successful book. He is the co-founder of Manhattan prep, so he knows what he is talking about. I never used the PowerScore books myself, but I have not heard any bad reviews about them thus far. In fact, all of my friends that used PS have increased in their scores, so I am assuming PS successful as well. I just found the LSAT Trainer to be better since it has all the subjects in one book so it is easier to carry around, whereas PS you have to buy separately. So more money and more carrying around to do. In the end of the day it is a personal opinion, they are both great. In terms of how to study for the LSAT, I would start off with learning the basics by reading and doing the drills through these types of books, then proceed with doing timed practice tests and learn through experience and time pressure. In the end of the day that is what the LSAT is, so get used to the testing conditions.
  2. From my understanding single JD does not take February LSAT but Dual JD does. But anyways, thank you, I will contact Stephanie.
  3. If you live in Ottawa, and you are killing the LSAT (160+), please personal message me.
  4. Oh ok, but do any of you know what's up with the law Writing Sample that I am apparently missing? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I have not completed my LSAT yet?
  5. Well I have the Canadian citizenship. What do my classmates have to do with this?
  6. I just received an email from the University of Windsor that I am still missing the following document(s): Law Writing Sample (Dual JD) ‚ÄčIs this because I still have not written my LSAT (I am writing on February 4th)? Thank you for the clarification guys!
  7. Wait so I have a 3.50 B2. So what would that be on a 4.3 scale?
  8. Yes they changed it, it used to be in Brooks now it is in Fauteux
  9. So they just take your highest grades based on the amount of credits you have completed?
  10. Does Manitoba Law take entire CGPA? How does this work? And what does everyone in the accepted threads mean by "Drops"? Thank you for clarifying.
  11. From my understanding they just take what they see and move on as there as a bunch of other people waiting, unless you cancelled your December score then they will wait for your next score (which you didn't cancel so that isn't your case). So in conclusion, they will just take your December and make a decision from there. Your CGPA and L2 are good, not excellent, but good. If you get 155 to 159 on December LSAT you might get waitlisted. 160+ and you should be in for UOttawa.
  12. Apparently it is not 100% correct, but that is what everyone seems to be using.
  13. Wow, I never knew. Great to know! May I just ask where did you get this information from?
  14. I was thinking that Windsor would be accepting of the transfer as you would already have studied with Windsor and have some of their credits for a start.
  15. Thank you for clarifying. Not too late to apply is it? My B2 and L2 are the same at 3.50. Worth a shot or forget about it? ECs and LORs are very strong.