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  1. Linear Games/Line Games/Sequencing Games/Ordering Games. Logic Games for Dummies calls it "Line Games" and 7Sage calls it "Sequencing games." Most people call it Sequencing since most people just follow the free logic game explanations on Youtube or their app.
  2. Ya because your ECs and LORs are great according to you which gets me slightly worried because I have strong ECs and LORs too. And Windsor is the most appreciative school when it comes to ECs. I had them email me and tell me that and I also believe it is indicated on their website. I assume your PS was social justice tailored since you have all those ECs. But some schools take the grammar and punctuation seriously. I know Western does.
  3. Talk to either Mary or Francine. They can help clear things up. I can honestly speculate all day here and that would be annoying and all theoretical for nothing. Because your CGPA is really high and Windsor usually likes to give the lower guys a shot. Your PS might not have been on point. Your LSAT brought down your competitiveness but for Windsor maybe that is a good thing because most schools would like your CGPA but then change their mind once they see your LSAT, so thats where Windsor would like to give you a shot. Anyways, every time I call Mary she is helpful. So I hope she will be able to assist you as well.
  4. What are your stats? To be honest though, calling Mary Mitchell is your best bet.
  5. Ya sorry I didn't mean to say minimum requirements. I should have said that he is competitive enough for them. I have seen people on this forum with lower stats than Aller36 yet still get accepted this cycle. Anyways this is a Windsor page right now and I mentioned Uottawa. My bad. Just PM me if you are interested in discussing this further!
  6. Hmm, weird. Maybe your PS then? Because besides that, you have all their minimum requirements. Anyways thanks for clarifying!
  7. Did Uottawa accept you, if you applied there as well?
  8. Yes of course! It is part of their job no? It would be ruthless to reject a candidate who paid a hundred dollars plus and then tell them on the phone that they are on their own. Not helpful in my opinion. Anyways, does not hurt to call and ask if you really want law school in the future.
  9. E-mail and online portal for most schools. Usually the e-mail will also direct you to check your account/online portal.
  10. Even though your LSAT score is slightly lower than their average, you still compensated with the strong connection and the above average B2. So if this is a wholistic school, then it might have been your PS. In any case, what I recommend is, call and ask to see where you went wrong/how could this application be improved for next time. If law school is truly what you desire, then reapply with Doreen Petrow's advice. Below is her contact info if you are truly interested in a second shot at USask. Best of luck!
  11. Hey there! Try playing around with this website: I hope this resource helps!
  12. Hope is not lost! Still a chance left because of those provisionally accepted people. All the best.
  13. Stats? @DLM93 and @Officer27 Thanks for sharing.
  14. Still awesome! What was your cold diagnostic, if you did one?
  15. Wait so what was your 4th test score and what was your actually test day score?