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  1. Chances? (3.02, 3.3, 163)

    I had a L2 slightly higher and a 167 and was wait listed and then rejected in September 2017. But was accepted to several other Canadian schools.
  2. Accepted to UNB 2017

    Just to give everyone an update: I emailed Wanda to inform her that I was declining my offer and I got an auto response back saying she is out of the office until June 6th and that no other offers will be sent out until then. As well, she said that all offers/waitlisted/rejections will hopefully finish in the next two weeks.
  3. Accepted to UNB 2017

    Accepted to UNB today but will be declining. LSAT 167 not sure of my UNB adjusted gpa but 3.33 on 4.0 scale.
  4. In Queue 2017

    A letter of continued interest is popular for American law applicants who have been waitlisted. It's sent to admissions to express that the applicant is still very interested in attending that specific school.
  5. Just the second one from what I can remember.
  6. Rejected 2017

    Rejected today, no email but checked my online portal. September LSAT 160, February LSAT 167, 3.3 gpa Accepted to TRU and U of S, waitlisted at U of C
  7. You need to go and get passport photos done and include them when you mail your acceptance. Doreen will email you a varification when your acceptance is received and processed. I haven't had a status change online but I did receive my login info/ student number by mail.
  8. Rejected from Windsor 2017

    Rejected today. 3.3 gpa, September lsat 160, February lsat 167. Have been accepted to 2 other schools so far. Good luck everyone!
  9. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Going to be withdrawing my application in favour of U of S. Good luck to those still waiting!
  10. Accepted to USask 2017

    Is there a Facebook group for the 2017 incoming class?
  11. Accepted to USask 2017

    Accepted earlier today B2: 3.3ish LSAT: 167
  12. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Accepted today, wrote the Feb LSAT. 3.3 L90 and 167 LSAT.
  13. Chances? B2 3.3, LSAT 165

    I'm in a similar boat to you, I have a 3.3 ish best 2 and a 167 lsat. Good luck!
  14. Yeah I just heard back from admissions and they said the same thing. Thought it was worth a try haha!