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  1. Improving Your Application for Articling

    I am going to have to agree with you on this one, and I am in the generation who seeks online gratification from everyone. I don't see the point in adding an interviewer on LinkedIn. You're not friends, you're not colleagues, in fact, the only reason you're aware of the others existence is through the compulsion of the hiring process in introducing you.
  2. LPP

    Where on earth did I say that? I am more than aware that diverse individuals can have superb grades, and quite often do. But sure, we can have it your way and abolish all forms of affirmative action for starters, and why not deconstruct diversity based hiring processes? Because, of course, people can be diverse and have good grades so why are they even necessary?
  3. LPP

    "It is possible in some instances - in others, the person may see the benefit of having the diverse candidate and want to give them the edge. It depends." - Providence Who knows, maybe law schools see the benefit of having a diverse candidate?
  4. Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    How are RA positions for 2L students? Are they posted on the Source when the time comes?
  5. Brown and Burnes

    Step 1) Scroll one tab over to the left from that link, and then scroll alllllll the way to the bottom of "our team". Step 2) If you've made it this far the next step is a tricky one. At the bottom I see several recent calls that would very likely love to get together to chat about the firm. All jokes aside just do that. I have reached out to summer students and recent calls and they're extremely willing to speak to you about all aspects of the firm.
  6. What do you study to get the most out of your study time?

    I read everything twice....
  7. Drafting a Master Service Agreement

    For students who are going to make a living via their reasoning skills I don't really see why much of an explanation is necessary. I mean sure it might take some constant reminders to some of the thicker headed individuals but architectural engineering students aren't out designing and signing off on buildings so why would a law student think they can give legal advice or provide services.
  8. Improving Grades in 2L

    I think it needs to be said that you’re already an above average student. Yes it is always good to want to improve on your grades but honestly I would be weary of changing much of what you’re currently doing because it seems to be working if you’re top 35% of your class.
  9. US Law Professor Writing California Bar Experience

    A professor, who has not be on the learning end of the classroom experience in 20 years, finds the bar prep course is not tailored to his learning style? Go figure.
  10. Law Firm Volunteer

    Although you probably won't have any luck with landing a position I cannot see it doing any damage by asking. Worst case scenario they say no and they may even remember your name one day as one student who was willing to gain some experience in the field. I have tried to volunteer as a law student and even I've generally been told no. However, just as mentioned, when speaking with one lawyer's legal assistant about an actual summer job she said she recognized my name as someone who had emailed them prior about assisting the lawyer with his practice. Didn't get the job..... but still it certainly didn't hurt.
  11. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Just stop. Don't waste your time trying to do this because you will almost surely be wrong. Take the application process one day at a time.
  12. Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    OttawaU students can take French courses for no extra charge at the university? Can someone confirm this for me?
  13. 2L Transfers

    Dean's List student (83% average) from another, yet smaller, Ontario school. Need to try to maintain some anonymity if possible.
  14. 2L Transfers

    I can confirm, I am excited to say I’ve received an offer today.