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  1. 2L Transfers

    I am applying to transfer to Ottawa. Has anyone received any responses for the 2L transfers yet?
  2. Competitive moot - not selected: forget about litigation?

    You came up short once and you're considering abandoning litigation? You are just panicking. Just use it as a learning experience and move forward.
  3. sources for (law) interview practice/learning?

    Just to add to this, I did a 1L interview with a government agency and the questions were not substantive. They even informed me prior to the interview that the questions will absolutely not be questions relating to substantive aspects of the law. So, depending on your year of study, and of course the government agency, some government interviews may be easier than the daunting ways they are perceived.
  4. People's names and addresses are also published in a phone book, but what does that have to do with anything?
  5. First things first, it is not a Lakehead law grad, it is a third year student. Second, the process isn't just one wherein your friend picks and chooses whoever he or she wishes and they get the student to do unpaid work for them. The process is much like a draft, and if I recall correctly, there are plenty of employers who apply for students but do not get them. Nonetheless, to answer your question, I would email the law school with an email from the school's website and ask them how to get involved in the procedure. I know who you're supposed to contact but I am not posting this persons personal information on an anonymous messaging board. Just call the school.
  6. Accepting a Job in a Relatively New Area of Law

    How can the expectations be more than a newly minted lawyer when you have already told your possible employer that you have no direct experience in the area? I think you seem to be overthinking some of the situation because, to me, that seems contradictory to state that there are going to be advanced expectations even though you've been direct about your level of experience. If you're hired and then questioned on your capabilities they're the clueless one and not you because you've been honest about your limits. It seems that you want the job, and I have no doubt you're qualified to do well, plus it's clear your possible employer thinks so as well or they wouldn't have offered you the position at all. If you want it go for it, and if you're comfortable where you are then don't, its as easy at that to me.
  7. Thoughts on Windsor for criminal law?

    Your username is misleading then
  8. Summer before Lawschool?

    Don't bother reading any of the pre-law books that are suggested unless reading them eases your 0L anxiety. My recommendation would be to just read something you enjoy. I read basically all of the suggested books and once I finished reading them I basically never thought about them again. If you honestly think you're going to sit down in your first midterm and write an exam answer based on what you remember from "getting to maybe", which you read 4+ months prior, you are some kind of insane.
  9. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    Yes of course I did not mean to sound like I was agreeing and stating that a B- is horrible because I truthfully think it is not. It is literally one minor mistake per exam that bumped them out of the B range, and one slightly larger misconception that is stopping them from receiving a B+, and both can definitely be overcome. I was only asking my question because normally you read threads like this and the pessimistic "realists" jump in to state that no one can land an articling position anywhere in Canada unless they have A+ grades and can illustrate their lineage to Bentham. Now that I re-read through this thread Im actually pleased with the optimism and encouragement that was dished out to the OP. Also, thanks for the clarification with regards to the true importance of 1L grades. I guess depending on the person, and their aspirations, 1L grades have a shifting scale of importance and I should have realized that initially. Edit: As a side note, everyone speaks of grades as per a letter grade, but I am graded on a percentage scale. Anyone care to elaborate on a competitive CGPA for a 1L percentage wise? I am only asking because clerking was mentioned and I really want to clerk.
  10. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    From having conversations with upper year students I have been told that 1L marks are extremely important, but within this thread there seems to be the opposite opinion. Is it that 1L marks are extremely important for the OCI process but if one does not do as well as they hoped they nonetheless still have tons of opportunities for improvement in the following years for hiring outside of OCIs?
  11. Law and Religion essays

    She turned me into a newt...... I got better
  12. This is actually extremely insightful to me because, as a 1L, I have already written cover letters for many applications, and each one seems to approach the situation from an entirely different angle. I find that its easy to get into a train of thought that pertains to a specific skill, or field of experience, and next thing you know you're a page into the cover letter after mentioning one item. I like that this template has general structure, but is nonetheless concisely addressing the firm and what you can actually bring to the table. It leaves out the useless nonsense that I appear to be the master of.
  13. Transportation - Getting to Thunder Bay

    Depending on how much money you're willing to spend, and how dedicated you can be to your studies on the road (im personally awful), I think it can definitely be done. During first year we had Fridays off all year long so you have a "long weekend" every week. If you can actually do readings and assignments in the airport, and more importantly you can do them well, I do not see any reason why it couldn't be done despite it costing a small fortune for each flight. But nonetheless I caution you to focus on your schoolwork as it must be your priority. It may sound harsh but you're going to have to forget about your past relationships for a small period of time when its scholastic crunch time. This is even more so if you're actually a practicing lawyer pre-trial who is basically working 24/7 in preparation. This is not to say you must literally forget about them, but you will need to focus on your schooling because, for better or for worse, it is the paramount consideration in your life once you begin.
  14. Transportation - Getting to Thunder Bay

    Do you mean the work your optimistic self tells you to do, and then you get home and your books lay idle for the entire week? But, just to give another perspective, if one wants to go home over either reading week it can easily be done and you will not be drowning in work either before or after the break to do so.
  15. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Anyone heard from Employment & Social Development Canada? 1L and 2L positions.