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  1. How large of a deficit would a 2L transfer student be in with regards to networking or for applying to 2L summer positions in the Ottawa area? So basically did you make any significant relations solely in 1L that any transfer student would miss out on?
  2. The majority of people live close enough to the school that they can walk to school, which rules out the dreary possibility of having to rely on Thunder Bay transit. You can start to look anytime if you are eager. Students post in the Facebook groups when they are moving out of their houses, and I know of people who took over upper year students' leases because the upper years have 1 semester of placement and as such they don't require year-round housing and sublet instead. However, I wouldn't worry too much about not finding housing. The houses don't miraculously fill up with people before the school year as they would in larger universities. Plus the law school is not near main campus so it's only law students searching for housing in the area.
  3. 1L Grades and Summer Jobs

    Question with regards to 1L summer recruits - How can the firms view/ request 1L transcripts when 1L is not even finished? Am I missing something here about the process... Or do the firms wait until the April grades are finalized then hammer out the recruiting from a tapered down pool, which was narrowed due to the applicants resumes/ undergraduate transcripts?
  4. Current student here, and I was accepted last year into the program. However, I cannot comment on the acceptance process accurately as the entire process (due to OLSAS) last year was extremely bizarre with the very first rounds of acceptances for most schools only beginning in January, which is a month later than "normal". Nonetheless, if I were forced to make a prediction I would also surmise that there will be a fairly large acceptance bracket to occur soon as there seems to have been little to no activity in the acceptance thread for around a month.
  5. To the 1Ls, on the occasion of their first exams

    Although I am not a professor, and only a 1L student, I would undoubtedly agree this is the best strategy as well. Unless what you are conceding to is completely irrelevant. However, even then I do not believe you will be docked marks solely for discussing something irrelevant but you will just not have the proper time (or space) to discuss the contentious issues the professor wants you to discuss and that's where you will see damage to your grade.
  6. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    Ah, I knew I had read that thread at one point in my lurking days but I could not find it so I decided to make my own. Thanks everyone else for the advice! I was generally curious to as if the "random" emails would throw some people off if it was out of the ordinary, but I'm getting the sense it's quite common. Yes by local I do mean the community I grew up in and went to high school in, so my interest in working in the area will not be shocking to the individual by any means What exactly was not that great about the experience? Was it the lawyer you worked under, or just the general experience of working for a small-town sole? I was generally interested in working for a sole due to the 1 on 1 relationship which I personally believe could lead to a better experience, but I guess it truly depends on the sole you're with at the time.
  7. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    I'm at the point where I would like to start searching for a 1L summer job, and I am curious to as if it is acceptable to cold email local firms or local soles to inquire about 1L summer positions. Does anyone have any experience with this in smaller communities? Or have any tips about do's or dont's, which would be much appreciated. For reference the locality is a smaller Northern Ontario community Cheers
  8. 1) Not sure but I have spoken with a few partners at some local firms and they have stated its really quite comparable to the larger Ontario cities. Also, we had a small presentation with a superior court justice, and he stated the same thing as well. He also mentioned that the rumor of the small city paycheck isn't necessarily true by any means. 2) We have an IP club here but I have absolutely no clue what they get up to 3) Ill let you know when it is time for me to get a first year associate job 4) I actually just did my undergrad in Ottawa and know several people in the program. If you are looking to work at a small private practice firm I would vouch for Lakehead. Albeit I am not sure of the Ottawa curriculum but small firm practice, and solo practice, is a part of the mandate here. This is especially true if you want to remain in the Northern Ontario region. 5) ESL is not a problem. There are a few people here who speak French, Spanish, etc. One of the criminal law professors is Brazilian I think so she speaks with an accent if that's what you are curious about haha there is diversity here in my opinion (obviously not as much as the larger cities but that goes without saying) Hope that helps at all
  9. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Congratulations to all who have been accepted! If anyone has questions for a current student I can try to help out
  10. 0Ls: do this.

    I hope I wasn't the only person here who read that with a British accent...
  11. Tech Gadgets for School and Beyond

    0L here but seems to me that schools have been producing excellent lawyers for years and years without these new gadgets so id advise you to save your money because there's most likely nothing that will impact effectiveness outside of your laptop and even that's debated by many
  12. Suits For Men

    Ive actually went and booked an appointment at Sur Mesure as its fairly close to my work already and ill start from there. Heard any reviews about them?
  13. Suits For Men

    Anyone know of any good places for suits in the Ottawa area?
  14. If you bombed the games section you're in great shape to get to 167. I remember my first PT I was lost on games (literally -15ish not joking) and wrote my actual LSAT and got -3/4 just by focusing on it for a few months and watching online guides to solve games.
  15. Should I even try again?

    Absolutely its a huge factor, but in relation to what was said they do posses the ability to score higher than they did if other variables are controlled.