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  1. Clerkships

    Super helpful, thanks!
  2. Clerkships

    How do you approximate what percentage of the class you're in? I don't think that information is provided to us, but is it something we can ask for?
  3. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    The word limit is quite short, approximately 150 words/2 questions from what I remember. The questions are just that - generic. Think along the lines of "why do you want to volunteer here" and "what relevant experience do you have"
  4. Grades and being a Lawyer

    Like you said, since there aren't many easily comparable metrics between candidates other than grades, they're generally used to infer that a student is intelligent, works hard, and is able to manage their time reasonably well (according to the student committee at my firm). That being said, students with average grades are also capable of being intelligent and hardworking, just as students with above-average grades are capable of being poor employees (though I would say this tends to be an outlier). I'd imagine this is because grades merely get you in the door, whereas the rest of the interview/recruitment process is where these "soft" factors are assessed. At any rate, 1L "top-ish" student here, and I make mistakes on a weekly basis. More often than not these are flagged by the lawyer who assigned the work, and I'm given the opportunity to address/learn from them.
  5. Awards

    Course awards for what it's worth have not gone out yet - a curious person in my section emailed to ask. I wonder if they plan to wait until students doing remediation have completed their exams.
  6. Anxiety/depression and law school

    This is a bit of a late reply, but I definitely struggled with anxiety and depression before coming into law school, and was able to access supports available at my school and externally that were invaluable in my being successful in law school (both in terms of academics, and quality of life). There are a few resources I'd like to point out. The first is the Law Society's Member Assistance Program that is also available for law students to access. Second, OSAP has a bursary for students with disabilities (including mental health) that you can access if you're eligible, and this can help pay for counselling or other supports if you need them. There will also be school-specific supports that are offered. I can't speak to all law schools, but you're welcome to PM me if you have questions about my experience or want to chat further.
  7. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    I heard that they set up three interview dates for first interviews - this past Friday, yesterday, and today. Unsure if it was just for that particular position or for all of them, but I believe this was for tax.
  8. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    Personally am between Blakes and Dentons! This is based on a combination of practice areas I'm interested in, conversations with previous students, and visiting the firms. Things may sway in the course of interviews though and I'm open to that.
  9. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    I got an ITC from Blakes as well a couple hours ago but just a heads up it was in my Spam Folder
  10. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    I haven't yet!
  11. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    ITC from Bennett Jones this morning.
  12. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    ITC From Davies as well! (Osgoode)
  13. Yeah I figured it might be a silly question, but I don't know much about how things work and figured it never hurts to ask! Thanks all.
  14. Hi all, I was admitted to Osgoode and was waitlisted at U of T. I know Osgoode is an excellent school, and I'm very excited at the prospect of attending. One friend of mine in a similar situation opted to not firm accept at Osgoode (yet), and has decided in the likely event that they do not hear from U of T, they will rewrite the LSAT and work/reapply for the following year. My question is, is the professional advantage conferred by attending U of T over Osgoode in terms of finding an articling position/meaningful employment in Toronto substantial enough to justify considering reapplying? The prospect of a gap year (I'm currently finishing my undergrad) doesn't phase me, but I am curious as to what people's thoughts were around this. Thanks in advance!
  15. Ottawa vs Osgoode

    After chatting with students and alumni from both schools, I accepted Osgoode today! Appreciate the feedback