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  1. Non-existent lol
  2. Does anyone have any experience living in Gatineau or Aylmer and commuting to uOttawa via public transit? The rent in Gatineau is soooo much cheaper from what I've seen and I'm wondering how feasible this is to do without a car. Is it easy to travel to Ottawa? Does it take long? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
  3. Anyone still in queue? Or is queue over now that it's July
  4. Can anyone comment on this? I have also not heard back from my scholarship/bursary applications. When will we know if we've been awarded anything?
  5. So are saying that there may be even more spots open than I thought?! *prays to a higher power*
  6. Does anyone know if the class is full yet? Or a rough idea of how many spots might be left? There are 249 members in the FB group, and I know that it might not be representative of the class size ... but I assume (rightly or wrongly, I don't know) that it can't be that far off. Its technically the last week of the regular cycle, and I've seen a number of rejections on here ... but no acceptances Been in the waitpool for months now
  7. Are you saying that there will be no more offers made until after the 3rd/4th of July?
  8. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Hey! I had the same question & I called Ottawa yesterday. The man on the phone explained that you only need to enrol in the SG course for the fall and that will automatically register you for the winter term as well. The only course you need to register specifically for the winter term is the thematic course. Hope that helps
  10. Trying to decide on which block I should enrol in for 1L tomorrow and can't find any info on these two profs: Christina Black (Contracts) Jacqueline Huston (Dispute Resolution) Has anyone had either of these profs before? Any feedback opinions on them? Any insight into what these profs and their classes are like, and their tests/level of difficulty would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Does anyone know if there will be any more offers made before the 22nd of June? I'm in the wait pool here, patiently waiting and praying for a miracle
  12. Ok! Thank you for the information
  13. Congrats on your acceptance @sueme123!! Can I ask how they notified you? Was it via email or just an update on OASIS? Also ... around what time would you say you were notified? My understanding is that OASIS updates after 5pm daily, but curious as to whether that's right at 5pm or anytime after that & into the evening. Thanks and congrats again
  14. Thx @lindsn!
  15. Thanks for the update! When did you receive that email from Vicky? I'm hoping some of those offers come from the waitpool cause I've provisionally accepted another school ... which means I only have until July 4th to hear from Osgoode since my provisional acceptance will turn to firm on that date!