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  1. You're very welcome man! The admission committee allows for a maximum of two pages in length. See here for the complete list of required documents. Personnellement, je ne vois aucune raison de ne pas utiliser tout l'espace qu'ils te permettent. Aussi, réserve de l'espace pour une mise en forme formelle (date, destinataire, signature, etc.) I'll contact you through private message after posting this. I would be happy to take a look at your statement and help you as much as I can if you want me to All the best!
  2. Hi @naobrs First of all, I also strongly disagree with @katurian and agree with @BlockedQuebecois 1. Travelling a lot doesn't necessarily mean one comes from a privileged background ; 2. Travelling a lot doesn't necessarily mean you travelled instead of working. I have travelled a lot too and always kept working while doing so (I was working online). No one ever gave me a single dime to pay for my travelling expenses and it didn't stop me from backpacking through 20 countries in less than 3 years and living in Mexico for a whole year. I would like to take a moment to say that making such assumptions about a person is not only not impressive at all, considering our interest in law, a discipline that requires that we always examine facts instead of assumptions, it is also disrespectful for the person who takes the time to respectfully ask a well-crafted and totally legit question. That being said, I do agree with @katurian regarding the fact that ''simply showing that you have travelled does not show depth of multicultural experiences''. ''Travelling'' doesn't mean a lot by itself. In your statement, make sure to elaborate on how these experiences helped you ''grow as a human being''. Don't be afraid to elaborate a lot, even though you'll likely fill your 2 pages up really fast I personally did elaborate on my travelling experiences in my personal statement and was accepted at McGill. I'm obviously not suggesting that elaborating on these experiences got me in, of course not. However, I do think that the experiences you mentioned in your previous posts are valuable and should definitely be included in your personal statement. Once again, just make sure to demonstrate the value of your experiences. Don't just enumerate them. Finally, I don't want you to get your expectations too high, but I do think you have an interesting profile for both schools. I'm obviously not part of any admission committee, so don't take my word for gold, but I personally feel you'll be accepted to both schools. Once again, that's just my personal feeling. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch. It'll be my pleasure to help All the best and good luck!
  3. Hi! If you haven't done so already, you should join the McGill Law Class - Admitted 2017 Facebook group and ask your question there.
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. I wouldn't reach any conclusion too fast, personally. While I'm not part of the Law faculty admission, and therefore could be completely wrong, I think you still have a very good chance of getting in, considering your stats and ECs. I also highly doubt the faculty accepts enough people to fill up the class before April 1st. Reviewing about 1500 applications and narrowing it down to more or less 200 admissions has to be incredibly time consuming, especially considering the subjective aspects of the process. I would be surprised if McGill could go through all the applications and decide who's in and who's not that rapidly. I can only imagine how stressful the waiting must be. However, I think you really just have to be patient and keep waiting. If your stats were less impressive, I would probably tell you your chances are slim, but again, given your stats, I wouldn't worry too much I don't know how true this is, but I heard your personal statement makes a huge difference in the faculty's selection process. E.g., if you have wonderful stats but a terrible statement, you hurt your chances a lot, while if you don't have impressive stats but a wonderful statement, you MIGHT have a chance to get in. I assume you did your very best to write the best possible statement, but considering this, would you think you have any reason to believe it wasn't ''good enough'', if that makes any sense? I have a little anecdote that might help you feel better. My own father was admitted to his law faculty only ONE week before the beginning of his first semester! He had, obviously, abandoned all hope of getting in by then and was in total shock when they called him to give him the news. While I understand this happened over 30 years ago, that a lot of procedures surely have changed since then, and that he was not applying for McGill, this goes to show you should never abandon hope! Once again, I'm sure you'll be accepted Again, please keep us posted
  6. Félicitation!!!
  7. I'm not 100% certain, but I think you can do your interview on Skype if you can not attend it physically
  8. Wow! Bravo pour ta cote R de 35,3, c'est très impressionnant! Beau travail! Félicitation aussi pour ton acceptation! Bien hâte de faire ta connaissance
  9. Fair enough! Thanks for answering and congrats again on your admissions!
  10. Just out of curiosity, can I ask why U of Ottawa is your first choice? ps. Congrats on both admissions
  11. Haha! I totally feel you! Before receiving my acceptance letter, I was doing exactly the same and was going completely nuts I personally received an email from [email protected] before seeing any change in Minerva. Make sure to keep an eye on your mail inbox too haha! Good luck!
  12. I would be surprised if you didn't get in with that GPA Also, your ECs are far from being mediocre. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. I think it's a matter of time before you receive your acceptance letter Keep us posted!
  13. Please disregard this. I failed to see that a group already existed here --> All the best!
  14. Please disregard this. I failed to see that a group already existed here --> All the best!
  15. Hi all!! If you were admitted for the 2017 fall semester and have accepted the offer, please join the McGill Law Class - Admitted 2017 Facebook group. Pour joindre le groupe, vous aurez besoin de votre courriel McGill, que vous devriez normalement avoir reçu via un courriel intitulé ‘Welcome to McGill!’ peu après avoir accepté votre offre d’admission. Use this group to start knowing your upcoming law school colleagues and to ask any questions that may be on your mind. Looking forward to getting to meet all of you and once again, congratulations on your admission! Tout le meilleur! Alex / Gerwulf