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  1. In queue since Jan 31
  2. You posted previously that you were accepted to Ottawa - How did you go from accepted to waitlisted?
  3. Waitlisted some point this morning CGPA: 3.36 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 159 My status is indicated as "Waitlist Accepted" rather than "Waitlist Offer". Does anyone know why?
  4. Where else have you heard back from?
  5. As an FYI, I found out through checking uOzone at some point mid day, where my "Under Evaluation" status became "Unnumbered Waitlist". I received an email from uOttawa stating at update to my file was made at 8:02pm that night. After emailing them to express my interest in remaining on the waitlist, they updated my file that day to indicate they received my response. I then again received an email at 8:05pm stating an update was made to my file. So the theory holds true in my case that uOttawa's email server sends emails out around 8pm, but updates are made at various points in the day.
  6. I don't think so. Here's the exact wording: Status: Unnumbered Waitlist You have been placed on the unnumbered waitlist. Please confirm your interest to remain on this list by sending an email to [email protected] before the deadline date of Wednesday, May 10, 2017 otherwise your application will be cancelled. As you can see, if someone chooses to not be placed on the waitlist, uOttawa cancels their application. So it's more of an internal process to see of those people they might offer acceptance to if the spot opens up, which of those people are interested in maintaining that opportunity. As PavetheWay mentioned, if someone was already accepted to Osgoode for example, and would rather go to Osgoode than uOttawa (but might have kept their application open just to see the result), at this point they might choose to email uOttawa and say they are no longer interested. Hope this makes sense!
  7. Waitlisted sometime today. No email yet, just checked uozone: CGPA: 3.36 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 159 FYI: It says I have until May 10th to send them an email confirming my interest.
  8. In the same boat. I've applied to Ottawa, Queens, Western and Osgoode and have been pending/in queue/under evaluation at all of them
  9. Do all/most Ontario schools have an April 1st deadline?
  10. Who else hasn't heard back at all from any of the schools they've applied to? When do rejections start coming out?
  11. I wrote at uOttawa in September in DMS 1140. There's no time projected, and the only clock in the room is in the back of the room. The other room people were writing in I believe the clock is on the side near the front. I suggest bringing your own watch regardless. They give you a 5 minute warning and that's it. If you're looking to do some PT's it may be hard as those rooms are typically occupied.