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  1. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    Congrats! Do you mind if I ask if you applied as a SK resident or not?
  2. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    Do you know how long she has been away for?
  3. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    It's really disheartening how no one has been accepted of the waitlist yet..
  4. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    Has anyone in the waitlist received acceptance offers yet? If not, anyone knows when we should start expecting the waitlist to move?
  5. Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    Anyone know if they are still offering spots on the wait list or not?
  6. Accepted at Dal 2017

    I emailed Rose and got the same reply as lindsn. It's surprising that she's telling some people May and others June/July.
  7. Accepted at Dal 2017

    Do you know if anyone has been rejected or waitlisted yet?
  8. My bad, I thought you were asking about the June 2017 LSAT. For the September 2017 admissions, June 2016 LSAT can be used but not June 2017. As realpseudonym mentioned, you can use the LSATs for the past few years (generally 5 but for Dal it seems to be longer).
  9. They won't look at it for the 2017/2018 application. The last LSAT that they count is the February one.
  10. Has anyone had any experience in regards to how universities regard terms that were successfully petitioned to be cancelled? (especially if the marks achieved till that point in the term still shows on the transcripts aka 3 F's and 2 D's)
  11. Chances: 164/3.4

    I think you might just be on the border line. Province? LoR? Softs? PS?
  12. LSAT: percentile or score?

    I honestly can't tell if you are serious or not... Let's say I have a gpa of 3.3 and an LSAT of 165 (90th percentile). If I use the score, I'll have an index score of (3.3/4.3)*0.6 + ((165-120)/60)*0.4 = 76.05 but if I use the percentile, I get an index score of 82. Taking DAL as an example, I will then have a great chance of getting in if they use the percentile but practically no chance if they use the score so it makes a great difference.
  13. LSAT: percentile or score?

    sorry, i forgot to add a + sign. I am pretty sure UVic uses percentiles, but Calgary uses the score. I might be mistaken about Calgary but the stats that they show on the website has the scores.
  14. LSAT: percentile or score?

    Oh ok, thanks for the info. I really hope that you are correct.