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  1. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    Intend to Call.
  2. Osgoode (big scholarship) / U of T

    I thought it was Lakehead that had all the polar bears...
  3. "Under evaluation"?

    Uozone is down right now. (current uOttawa undergrad)
  4. How many programs are people applying to?

    There's an earlier thread here:
  5. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    It would depend on the specific program, and I don't know what they're majoring in.
  6. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    General education requirements, I imagine. Even if bfaveri was majoring in something they loved they'd still have to take those courses to earn a bachelor's.
  7. How to pick an Ontario law school?

    I was originally going to suggest that you focus on Ottawa because you want to work there but then I saw your reply. Focus on your undergraduate degree instead. Find a program you genuinely enjoy and see it as an end in itself, not simply a step on the way to law school. If you take something you genuinely enjoy there's a good chance you'll have higher marks (which will make you more competitive for law school).
  8. program information

    Most people just do the JD. The JD/political science and JD/commerce joint degrees are only offered in French; how good is your French? (French immersion is possible for the political science/commerce part of the joint degree but as far as I know the law degree must be done in French.)
  9. course list

    There is a list here: http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/info/regist/calendars/courses/CML.html
  10. 10 reasons not to go to my school.

    Could someone do an updated list for McGill? The last one is from 2011.
  11. TWU - BC lawyers vote against approval

    I'm not sure that "forcefully impose" are the right words to use when she voluntarily chose to go to TWU; Ms. Davison could instead have chosen to go to a secular university and then spread her religious beliefs. In addition, pretty much everybody who goes to TWU are people who already hold those beliefs; you can't forcefully impose a set of beliefs on someone who already holds them.
  12. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    I know that we'd need a study permit/student visa to legally go to university in the States. How long does it take for the visa to be processed and for you to receive it?
  13. Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    Do you think it would be feasible to add some non-law extracurriculars (sports) during law school? If not during 1L (because I'd be getting used to law school and all that), during 2L? Or would it be best to focus on academics? I've noticed that I tend to do best academically when I have some form of break or distraction from the work and assignments.