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  1. Elite Extracurriculars

    I beg to differ because, as a Torontonian, you've clearly come down on the wrong side of this issue.
  2. Elite Extracurriculars

  3. Elite Extracurriculars

    Of course your love of 19th century French impressionism has been of no use to you. It is so very...pedestrian. The German outsider movement is much more telling of the human condition, in vogue with Canadian law firms and, I may add, a fair bit less presumptuous than your own sentimentally bourgeois preferences. Good DAY sir!
  4. Elite Extracurriculars

    It probably goes without saying that anyone preparing for OCIs is going to want to know a bit about horse racing. Edit: in fact, basic equestrian knowledge is obviously a must have.
  5. Elite Extracurriculars

    I wouldn't consider any of these to be elite. Pretty much everyone I know in my white fancypants neighbourhood is involved in them.
  6. Giving away a lawyer firm website

    I am aware of one or two (ancient) solicitors in rural Ontario who do not even have internet capability at the office... Edit: in retrospect, I believe they have internet, it's just that the lawyers themselves don't have computers.
  7. Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    What??? NO. Since when?!
  8. Negotiating Salary outside of Toronto

    Can't help re: salary (as I'm in a somewhat different market), but props to the OP for having a good sense of where he actually wants to be and taking steps to steer his professional future into the direction he envisions (weirdly, to me, it seems like not all articling students do this, or even realize that they have to).
  9. Typing speed

    At our firm, most of the lawyers (even young ones) dictate on the computer and have their assistants transcribe. Typing is tedious and so terribly passe.
  10. Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    Agree. It's not about law students vs. lawyers. It's about sitting next to people and talking to them face-to-face vs. internet arguments.
  11. Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    Mostly law school was apolitical in experience. Most students go to great lengths to avoid adopting solid positions on anything and, in the end, who really gives a damn about Trudeau and Trump? I just want to build my practice and make money so I can buy my wife some pearls.
  12. You're quite right. I think during the drafting stage, it may have read "specific members' chances..." Hardly an excuse, I know, but this is why they make us article.
  13. I thought this was a thread speculating about the chances of specific members' getting banned.