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  1. Legal Clinics

    As in all things, impressing women would be a legit reason as well.
  2. Suits For Men

    Black always looks either way too formal or way too cheap.
  3. Job Satisfaction: Love and/or Money [spliced]

    Law wasn't my first choice, but it was the only thing I figured I could do and also make some money at. I'm getting called this month and have been working the last few weeks on setting up my practice (inside of a firm) and am excited to start my career. I'm glad and thankful that I went to law school, but if I had money in the first place, I wouldn't have gone through it all. My main thing is I want to provide a comfortable life for my family so that my kids can devote themselves to things like music or painting or history and never have to worry about it. And, if I could actually do that then I don't know how I couldn't love my job.
  4. Rules and Bylaws Section (Bar Exam) - Read It?

    Read them.
  5. Will Ontario Overhaul its Licensing System

    The article stinks. It's poorly structured, barely informed, stylistically impotent dreck. But it highlights an important issue and, in any event, I had taken the OP's post as being made ironically when she said it was "phenomenal". I'm still pretty sure the above-post was tongue-in-cheek, so please no one disillusion me. That said, any article that highlights the LSO's inadequacies is worthy of dissemination, so I support this thread notwithstanding.
  6. The lists are not equally long. Groia for treasurer!
  7. Will Ontario Overhaul its Licensing System

    Can confirm both that I received this and that it was silly. Ugh if I have to read one more sales pitch for the Pathways to the Profession Pilot Project, I'll quit and go to med school. Edit: re the OP, any option that proposes adding more simulated learning and/or reducing practical on the job training is idiotic.
  8. Firm doesn't hire back any students

    I have no reason to believe that those two hires were not uniquely qualified for the jobs they were handed. Although when you're a founding partner and the hire is your own child, the distinction between nepotism and a family business gets blurred I think. Edit: I didn't really make it clear, but that first sentence should be interpreted as being accompanied by a sly wink that suggests I have many reasons to believe just that.
  9. Firm doesn't hire back any students

    The smaller the firm, the more hirebacks can fluctuate for other reasons - I know of a mid-size that didn't hire any a couple years ago (when normally they would hire at least one or two) because two of the more senior partners each had a kid who decided they wanted to join the firm that year. So the outsiders got bumped.
  10. Screwups and Faceplants

    That's why the counsel of perfection is to wink at the judge often, just to cover yourself.
  11. First Jury Trial

    I was told by the feds that eliminating protections for accused persons will end racism.
  12. I've had no exposure to plaintiff-side, but I think this is one of those areas where it's difficult to give a reliable career projection (a few years out, I don't know that many PI lawyers make straight salary, unless you're doing insurance defense).
  13. Why not write while pregnant regardless? She can still re-write later if it doesn't go well. If she elects not to, then she's just limiting her options (and I echo the sentiment that writing while pregnant must surely be easier than writing shortly after birth).
  14. You'll likely meet your principal on your first day. Don't contact him ahead of time.
  15. Suits For Men

    Well, you're still honeymooning. Actually, she doesn't iron them - only washes (I maintain that it is ludicrous to buy shirts that require ironing). And re: the money, the truth is I like to complain about it, but it's rather more our money. Losing control over my own income is basically the price I pay for the clean shirts. In my view, equitable and satisfactory to all parties.