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  1. Mountebank

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    Ah, in which case the answer may well be interesting. But still, I think, hardly an important, unanswered question in the context of the TWU challenge. I presume it has something more to do with living and studying in the faith community rather than some desire to study an evangelized version of Canadian law. Not sure that this would have been particularly good for the evangelicals who would have attended, but that's not my business.
  2. Mountebank

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    Probably because in a free society, that question is irrelevant. We don't need reasons to permit things. We only need reasons to ban things.
  3. Mountebank


    Yeah, but the problem with your line of reasoning is that it would force us to consider more critically the efficacy of our bar admissions and law school "grading" scheme as rigorous screening tools...which, I mean, it's kind of tradition that we all maintain a few fictions regarding those as well.
  4. Mountebank

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    That's a good point - no one should just assume. That said, even someone as junior as myself has met with a couple students in this capacity and I always keep what's discussed private, both as a courtesy and because I don't totally get what the point would be otherwise.
  5. Agree with the above advice regarding finding non-billable educational things to do, but just a note that, if you're just starting your articles, you may find that things pick up fairly quickly within a month or two
  6. What is a..."lunch hour"?
  7. Mountebank

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    I still think the khakis and shirt are perfectly acceptable, but I wouldn't be weirded out by a suit in that context. However, given that some people are more conservative in this regard, the suit is the safer bet all things being equal. Edit: but the associate should not be meeting you at the office anyway. The point of going off-site is to keep the chat casual and off the record. Bringing it into the office adds a formality that kind of defeats the purpose IMO.
  8. Mountebank

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    For a casual coffee chat in summer, cool non-jacketed non-sweating student is one billion times better than drenched and nervous suited up creep. Edit: just to be clear, my suggestion here is that men who wear suits to coffee shops, and who aren't in the middle of their work day, are rightfully viewed as aberrations. I'M LOOKING AT YOU @thegoodlaw!
  9. Mountebank

    Drafting a Master Service Agreement

    Agreed. I think as long as the relationship is clear and everyone is onboard with it being treated as a normal retainer then there's often no issue. But it depends on the people. I have some friends I'd never do any work for, and others for whom I'd do their Wills or a residential sale no problem. But never for free and obviously never on the side. But, yeah, I have no idea how a lawyer could ever represent friends or family in a litigation matter (unless it's something like traffic ticket court just for the lolz).
  10. Mountebank

    Drafting a Master Service Agreement

    I don't totally agree with this re solicitor work. I do simple transactional stuff for friends, as do most solicitors from time to time. I just think you've got to be above board re file opening and docketing and, of course, they have to pay.
  11. Mountebank

    Multiple employment offers

    ...what is set date court?
  12. Mountebank

    Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Anyone who would trade windows for anything is a vampiric cave dweller. I have the smallest lawyer office in the building, with the oldest shittiest furniture in the land, but the big windows running along the whole south-facing wall means none of that matters. Sure it gets a little warm on sunny days, but I just turn on my fan and I'm laughing. To the OP, my experience is the same as most. Drab lawyer offices running along the walls, with a bullpen of staff in the centre, and slightly nicer client-facing areas on the main floor.
  13. Mountebank

    Legal Clinics

    As in all things, impressing women would be a legit reason as well.
  14. Mountebank

    Suits For Men

    Black always looks either way too formal or way too cheap.
  15. Mountebank

    Job Satisfaction: Love and/or Money [spliced]

    Law wasn't my first choice, but it was the only thing I figured I could do and also make some money at. I'm getting called this month and have been working the last few weeks on setting up my practice (inside of a firm) and am excited to start my career. I'm glad and thankful that I went to law school, but if I had money in the first place, I wouldn't have gone through it all. My main thing is I want to provide a comfortable life for my family so that my kids can devote themselves to things like music or painting or history and never have to worry about it. And, if I could actually do that then I don't know how I couldn't love my job.