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  1. Love. Your avatar.
  2. It also helps prevent incontinence later in life. Preventative c-sections are the way to a drier tomorrow, ladies!
  3. I've got a couple buddies in the same boat as the OP, friends who I know are just as attractive candidates as me or most anyone else in my cohort. Of course they're not failures. They seem to have drawn the short straw and it's just the worst. Nobody thinks any less of them because most of us have a sense of "there but for the grace of God." It's just hard to know what to say that won't be redundant, patronising, or generally unhelpful. I hope people who find themselves in the same position as the OP understand that none of their peers view them as failures, even if they may feel like it (as any of us probably would, in the same situation).
  4. OP, I've never worked a day in a law firm and I had no trouble securing articles prior to the commencement of 3L. Just make sure you do something this summer that you can talk about in interviews, if asked.
  5. Sydenham Ward is definitely the place to be, if you can afford it.
  6. I miss Manson.
  7. Apart from being financially ready for the cost of law school, there's no preparation that's necessary or even useful. I don't know whether it's dangerous, but IMO you won't have the skills or background knowledge you need to properly understand and contextualize what you're reading, so you might as well just relax and/or make money. Acceptance to law school is the biggest barrier into the profession (apart, arguably, from the cost); as you've been accepted, you're all set.
  8. You, sir, are a terrible salesman.
  9. FWIW, I didn't incorporate any ECs or personal interests in any part of my application and it all worked out.
  10. Brag. I had no time at the end, but I also felt like the pace was alright and I wasn't too rushed. Especially the second half, as I didn't have to pee as badly.
  11. I have taken this as legal advice and will be relying on it henceforth!
  12. I'm bringing in egg salad from two days before. I hope no one minds
  13. Well, this thread is kind of like a baseball game. While it's fun to watch the whole thing as it's unfolding, you're never going to spend more time than it takes to watch Jays in 30 after the fact.
  14. I was worried this thread would take a sober turn after a while once more posters started coming out of the woodwork. But thankfully, it's just sexist pigs and shrill harridans all the way down.
  15. Whenever I encounter a group of mixed gender, I refer to them as "ladies and germs" and wait for applause. Thanks folks, I'll be here all week.