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  1. Probably dumb question

    You've also forgotten the most potentially embarrassing part, which is when you go for the hug and are publically rejected by the recipient as she squirms to turn it into an awkward two-hand shake.
  2. Tangentially related rant: I can't stand lawyer profiles on firm websites that use the third-person (but which were clearly written by the lawyer him/herself) to compliment the lawyer on his/her "unique" abilities, civic-minded generosity, or upright character. It's especially annoying when the profiles talk about things only the lawyer could know, like what inspires him/her or how he/she feels about clients. I get including things like reported cases, actual achievements (things like levels of court attended, if you're a certified specialist, etc.), or even soft things like firm philosophy, but yeesh chill out with the self-compliments. General rule: If it would be unseemly for you to write it in the first-person, then don't write it in the third-person. Aside, there is a small local law firm that has an otherwise acceptable profile of one of the partners, except that it meanders from third to first and back to third-person again, clearly the result of a poor cut & paste job of new text added after the fact.
  3. DAMMIT you're right about the edit. I wish I were so clever, but I just pressed "enter" by accident.
  4. JD is like a typical undergraduate degree, except for the following two distinctions: 1. It takes less time to get a JD; and 2. You don't actually have to do well in the JD program to be awarded the degree. In fact, you could do almost no work and fail to comprehend every subject area by any reasonable standard and the curve will still take care of you.
  5. How much do real estate lawyers make in Canada

  6. 0Ls: do this.

    Epeeist, you cad! Your penchant for irony will land you in hot water one of these days! Of course, no, it is never appropriate to condescend to other types of people (even if a common enough practice among the nouveau-riche). But I am no petit-bourgeois; I come from the school of noblesse oblige, a fact I think you'll agree is quite evident from my "4L" post-nominal. Your Humble Servant, Mountebank, the most Honourable of Honourables
  7. 0Ls: do this.

    Employing the "L" designation is the only proper form. I myself use 4L when conversing with tradesmen and the like, so that they may govern themselves accordingly. It's the very same reason I have them use the side entrance, away from the viewing public. Masters and servants, and all that. Dictated but not read, Mountebank BA, JD, 4L, PC, KBE
  8. TWU - The Big Show

    Ugh sitting justices shouldn't be giving interviews of any kind.
  9. TWU - The Big Show

    Wagner is a funny name.
  10. PD events - how do you find yours?

    Love. Your avatar.
  11. It also helps prevent incontinence later in life. Preventative c-sections are the way to a drier tomorrow, ladies!
  12. Am I the only complete failure here?

    I've got a couple buddies in the same boat as the OP, friends who I know are just as attractive candidates as me or most anyone else in my cohort. Of course they're not failures. They seem to have drawn the short straw and it's just the worst. Nobody thinks any less of them because most of us have a sense of "there but for the grace of God." It's just hard to know what to say that won't be redundant, patronising, or generally unhelpful. I hope people who find themselves in the same position as the OP understand that none of their peers view them as failures, even if they may feel like it (as any of us probably would, in the same situation).
  13. No 2L Summer Job

    OP, I've never worked a day in a law firm and I had no trouble securing articles prior to the commencement of 3L. Just make sure you do something this summer that you can talk about in interviews, if asked.
  14. Subletting in Kingston?

    Sydenham Ward is definitely the place to be, if you can afford it.
  15. Queen's vs Western

    I miss Manson.