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  1. Seeking advice from Crowns

    It was a goof. But actually, I have to apologize because this isn't the off topic forum and I realize that my post had the potential to derail what is an informative, on topic thread. Mea culpa, folks.
  2. Seeking advice from Crowns

    Yeah, but some people may not wish to do defence work for moral reasons. For instance, from an ethical perspective, I don't think that I could represent a poor person.
  3. Is law school fun?

    Why, is a job not guaranteed?
  4. Ask a 1L!

    By all accounts, they're pretty much the same. The competition is between London and Kingston more than anything (with Kingston obviously the superior city).
  5. Is law school fun?

    To the OP: Yes, it is fun.
  6. Is law school fun?

    I don't agree with much, if any, of what @Kemair is saying, but I want to throw out props to him for his measured and sober response to the (admittedly, in my view, justified) piling on.
  7. Is law school fun?

    Some people legitimately do get shafted. But as to your example, there is no distinction between merits and social skills. One encompasses the other. If you don't get a job because you're not socially adept enough, then that is failure due to your own lack of ability (luckily, socially inept people can still do well - that's why God invented engineers and public servants).
  8. Billable Hours v Actual Hours

    You're right to be hesitant. As an articling student, there will be plenty of billable hours. Unfortunately, they will be of no use to you.
  9. Is law school fun?

    Well, if you don't join the sailing club, then what's the point in the end?
  10. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Interesting, because there are some senior members of the bar here (not at my firm of course...) who have a reputation for partying a bit more than most everyone else. I kind of get the sense that they're judged much more harshly then the young associates/students who put a few back and holler some around Christmas time.
  11. Suits For Men

    Go to Chris James on Ontario Street if you're in Kingston and interested in made to measure. Jim is knowledgeable and the suits are made by S. Cohen in Montreal. He often has promotions in that price range and I can say that the suits last quite a while (I have a couple that I've probably worn 50 times each with only minor wear on the lining of one of the jackets).
  12. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    All great advice on how to serve a firm well. Just wanted to chime in re: your own professional development: Take some time to learn about the business side of law (both larger picture and everyday administrative functions). In my experience, there are plenty of lawyers (even senior partners) who are willing (and, sometimes, excited) to discuss this. If you wonder why Associate A is billing out a file that Partner B has carriage over, then ask how that decision gets made. If you wonder how Partner X built her practice or became the local expert in insert obscure niche area of law here, then ask what steps she took early on in her career to achieve this. If you want to learn about the compensation structure/career trajectory for associates, then ask (make sure to find a partner who is OK with these kinds of questions...this may be a more appropriate question coming from an articling student, now that I think on it). If you want to know how internal referrals work, or how associates learn to use staff efficiently, or how you position yourself in the local bar to get referrals, or how you reach out to non-legal professional associations to give talks, presentations, etc. then just ask. If you see that there is a lack of x type of solicitor in the area, ask why that is (maybe there's an opportunity for growth there). If you see that Partner C uses a fairly low-cost fee-based model, but he's still among the highest billers every month, learn about how he organizes his practice in order to achieve this. Learn how he built such an enormous book of clients. If you want to know more about the real estate market in the area, find a lawyer who practices corporate/commercial and ask (maybe prices are going up, maybe that means new money coming in, maybe that means demographic shifts, maybe that means big yummy estates, etc.). This is really just a big mess of disorganized ideas spewed out by me while I chew on my lunch, but the point is there will likely be lawyers at your firm (even senior ones) who would be willing to help with the business side of your professional development as well. Make use of them as resources and this will benefit both you and the firm in the long-term.
  13. So... what happens now?

    FWIW - I received a May acceptance to Queen's a few years back with similar stats.
  14. New Call - Not Allowed Signing Authority over Trust Account?

    To the OP, at our firm, although any lawyer can sign off on a cheque requisition, the actual firm cheque is signed by our accounting department (this is both a safeguard and a matter of convenience, as most of these cheques are given directly to the relevant assistant - no need to bother the lawyer who already signed off on the cheque req.). In the case of trust cheques, our accountant and a partner both sign, pursuant to By-law 9. No associate ever signs a cheque at our firm, regardless of seniority (but, as most cheques that we issue are not drawn from trust, partners don't sign cheques most of the time either). Edit: I should add, though, that associates still decide when and how much money is paid into trust by the client and when and how much is used to pay ourselves when Accounts are rendered (assuming the associate has carriage of the file).
  15. New Call - Not Allowed Signing Authority over Trust Account?

    If honour demands it, then what other choice is there?