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  1. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    Queen's is the superior institution. It is the school of gentlemanly pursuits - take note of the world-renowned rowing teams and its extensive roster of private sailors. It is no coincidence that the law of the land is aptly referred to as the Queen's Law. Oil Thigh! Oil Thigh!
  2. I get the sense that pantsuits are viewed as somewhat dated. I see a lot of blazers and skirts, but almost no women in pants (and, then, it's only ever the more senior lawyers). Is this correct? Note that I didn't fully appreciate that there was a distinction between suits and dresses/blazers until I read this thread...
  3. Should I change into a dress before an in-firm dinner?

    I should normally like to change into one of my smoking jackets for any firm event after 6pm. I hope this is helpful to you.
  4. Just recall that most law students are absolutely terrible at math, and at the same time most of them pass the exam.
  5. When to Start Articling

    I'm guessing it's around the beginning of the second week of November, as this year it was the second week of August for the June call.
  6. TWU - The Big Show

    Quebec is a silly place.
  7. Articling and Reception Duties

    I do plenty of clerk/secretary work. It's a good education in case I end up going solo one day. It also helps me to better understand what the clerks are up to generally, especially for those times when I do receive admin support (because I know first hand how much work goes into even ostensibly simple tasks).
  8. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    I believe it. During jury selection, I actually got annoyed that one of the alternates chose to affirm. "Ptthft, you just had to use this opportunity to make a point, didn't you? I'm glad you'll be dismissed later today." I recognize it was unjust, but I still felt it. I mean c'mon lady, just conform like the rest of us (I also recall that she had unnaturally coloured hair, but that may be an affectation I invented after the fact).
  9. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    I recently had the good fortune to observe an interesting jury trial (although, as the only person observing for most of it, I felt like a creep lingering in the back. At one point early on, the judge asked anyone in the gallery who was a witness to please leave, and when I didn't he gave me a look like, "what are you even doing here?"). Anyway, I was surprised to see that every juror (and I'm pretty sure all the witnesses) swore on the Bible. It was almost quaint, seeing all those good Christian folk take their oaths at the courthouse. Pretty sure the opposing side's main witness lied through his teeth the whole time, notwithstanding. Like, literally lied about basic facts not in contention or in any way relevant.
  10. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    Down with the Queen! Unless that's illegal to write or somehow breaches my ethical obligations, in which case, God save the Queen!
  11. Lawyers with accents

    Sometimes I talk in a Spanish accent to get my wife in the mood. It hasn't yet worked but I enjoy doing the impressions.
  12. Lawyers with accents

    Your American accent is not as bad as you think it is. Your "British" one is distracting and, to my ears, much more foreign sounding. Further, as I am a lifelong speaker of the Queen's English, and I have rendered my opinion thus, I would consider this matter settled now and for all time.
  13. Vacation

    Articling students get time off to write the bar exams, usually two weeks but it depends (most people I know still got paid for this time, which normally takes place before your articling term begins, but I understand that's less common than it used to be), but other than that whatever else you get is between you and your employer. In talking with other students, it seems like two weeks paid vacation is customary (as taking more requires an abridgment anyway), although some firms are pretty flexible as to what constitutes a day off.
  14. Law school bullying - thoughts?

    I've experienced law students who claim they go the extra mile, claim they are more diligent and intelligent and caring than most other students, and believe they are bullied and undermined by people around them in positions of power as a way to rationalize their failures. So in that sense, the article isn't surprising to me at all. More directly, from my own experience, law school wasn't any more hostile or humiliating than any other school (and a good deal kinder and gentler than any place outside of school).
  15. Probably dumb question

    You've also forgotten the most potentially embarrassing part, which is when you go for the hug and are publically rejected by the recipient as she squirms to turn it into an awkward two-hand shake.