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  1. Transfer 2018

    I just got my offer letter today and I will be accepting to transfer. I had mostly B's and compassionate grounds. My file was finished 2 weeks ago. Good Luck
  2. No, I'm looking at Western Schools, not Ontario.
  3. I'm wondering how much the law schools look at compassionate reasons? I am finishing 1L at Uottawa and had a very sudden family tragedy this year. I am going to be applying to transfer to two law schools that would allow me to be closer to my family. My grades seem to be pretty average when compared to others in my class, would the schools consider compassion over grades when transferring?
  4. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    just got accepted to Ottawa and now i am torn
  5. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Has anyone heard from Ottawa yet?
  6. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    For those going to PLSNP did you use the same references as when you applied to school?
  7. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    HI everybody just wanted to let you all know that i got two responses this week! I got a no from UVic yesterday and a Yes from UofM today. Very excited. This forum has definitely helped me through the last couple months waiting.
  8. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I'm applying to UofM, UVic, Ottawa, Western and Queens. Maybe i should add in some more options just to be safe. IDK
  9. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Hi all, Just got my LSAT score back and am a little disappointed. What are my chances with the following stats; aGPA: 3.3 L2: 3.0 LSAT: 154 There is currently a waitlist to take the LSAT for December in Manitoba so i'm a little stressed about it right now.